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Saturday, May 1, 2021

5:10 a.m. Very well, my friends. Shall we continue? You seem to be following your own thread, your own line of inquiry.

We are merely pursuing the question of influencing. How one influences others and is influenced by others.

How we interrelate, I suppose you are saying.

Well, it is hardly a one-way street, influencing. It couldn’t be if you wanted it to be, no matter how autistic, nor how dictatorial, one might be. No one in or out of bodies can be (or should want to be) immune from being influenced, immune from influencing. Does a finger on a hand begrudge the fact that blood circulates to it, through it, and from it? Could it possibly function, could it continue to exist, in isolation? Many of what are seen as the ills of 3D life stem from the fantasy of isolation, from a refusal to participate fully in the great exchange of energy.

Especially given that there is no true external, as you put it, only a seeming external world.

Not that you are putting it badly, for we know that you understand us. But you are leaving room for others to misunderstand, either deliberately or otherwise.

Why would they misunderstand deliberately? Wouldn’t they merely disagree?

How do you misunderstand gravity, or electricity?

Well, for that matter, how do you disagree with them?

You don’t: You disagree with the effects you dislike, with connections you prefer not to see. Someone who proceeds from a distrust of life is going to have to choose between

I’m getting this all balled up, I can feel it. Try again?

We say, There are no accidents; everything is connected; what seems external to you is only somewhat external, but is more accurately seen as part of you manifesting among parts of others (shared subjectivity, not a solid exterior objectivity) that may be put to use to increase your understanding. We say, live life more abundantly by continuously reducing your barriers of fear and perceived separation.

Well, how can someone react to that message and at the same time cling to contradictory understandings of the world and their place in it? If you have acquired a vested interest in believing that life is (or ever could be) truly unfair when judged in toto rather than from a limited view point in one time, one space, you will either have to give up that belief or decide to keep it or believe yourself to be unable to give it up. That is, you will have to either deliberately or unconsciously choose to cling to your limiting beliefs, or let them go.

Richard Bach says somewhere, “Argue for your limitations and they are yours.”

Exactly. Now, we are not saying that such a change is always freely natural. Sometimes it may seem like a leap in the dark, or even as abandonment of common sense, or a contradiction of a view of reality that is more persuasive, and in those cases the individual may refuse to change and perhaps they are right to refuse to choose, because perhaps at that moment they would be unable to truly grasp the alternate view. They would release the piece of driftwood they cling to, but would be unable to climb into the lifeboat. Clumsy analogy, true, but the idea should come through. But for those who could successfully make the transition, a much more satisfying life would result. Our concern is not particularly that not everyone can sign on to our view of the world, but that some who could, dare not. Still, it is their choice.

Now, this relates directly to where we began, the unavoidable and in face desirable fact that you and everyone you know or hear of or don’t know or don’t hear of are all part of the same one thing. We have said it repeatedly, and only a few, perhaps, have ever actually absorbed the message, but it is the first thing you need to know if you are to escape the self-made construction that says you are “only” this or that, that your life is “only” this or that. The difficulty is not in our saying it, nor in anyone’s reading the words or hearing them, or seeing them manifest in the world, but in people’s willingness to accept them as real. It is one thing to play with words; a very different thing to take them to heart and allow them to change your life.

You – we – are all part of one thing. You may conceptualize this in many different ways, and how you do so says more about your mental habits and your own self-accepted limitations (boundaries, container walls, cells either prison or biological) than about the reality. If you believe in God, this says God is in everything and you are part of God. If you don’t believe in God, this says nature is all there is, and you are part of it.

Opinions – conceptualizations – can differ widely, but reality remains. How many times have we reminded you, reality contains all contradictions, but is not self-contradictory.

This all seems very clear to me.

Well, we said you understood it. We are merely trying to be sure that others may, if they wish to.

Hmm. In this light, influencing and being influenced have to do with our openness, don’t they?

Of course they do. Openness facilitates communication, and benefits from it.

The usual reciprocating process.

You will find that life works that way. Feedback. Remember, for illustration – “As above, so below.” Anything we describe, you will be able to find in quite mundane examples. Can you find in nature anything that exists in complete isolation from its surroundings? Of course you cannot, because how would you observe it?

Thank you, Mr. Schrödinger.

Nonetheless, it is true, and if it were not immediately obvious, a few minutes of thought would demonstrate that anything that existed truly in isolation could not be observed, let alone measured.

Now, we could pause here or continue.

Let’s go on for a few more minutes, anyway, since I gather you don’t think this covers the ground.

It could form a unit, so we would have been content to pause. But let us add, then, that freedom to choose means freedom to influence, because your life cannot fail to influence others, whether you – or they – realize it or not. People influence in various ways, and to various degrees. People are influenced to various degrees depending upon where they are in their lives. But the influencing and being influenced goes on continually and automatically, as boiling water continuously and automatically moves its molecules around. (Even cold water does the same, of course, but the boiling is more easily visualized as motion and interaction.)

I suppose it goes without saying – but I don’t know that I ever consciously thought this before – that our freedom to create ourselves is also freedom to decide how we will influence others.

That’s the idea. Now, your lives are not there primarily for the purpose of influencing the world. John F. Kennedy, Hemingway, Mother Teresa, did not come into the world primarily to serve as beacons to others, but primarily to live their possibilities. That fact that living their possibilities changed the world does not change the fact that their first responsibility was to themselves, to their own 3D-plus-non-3D selves. And it is the same for everyone. Do the job that is right at hand – choosing who and what you are going to become – and you automatically also change the world, regardless if the world ever hears of you.

And now we shall pause.

Our thanks, as usual, for this very interesting couple of thoughts. Till next time.


3 thoughts on “TGU on influencing and being influenced

  1. I have read most of your books, till about a year ago I would have said that I agree with 95% of it, and it left me feeling warm safe and confident about the afterlife. Since then Ihave read through the Wes Penre Papers on line free PDF downloads and his most recent summary of his works in a published book called Spiritual Handbook for the Twenty First Century.
    Penres research made me greatly troubled and challenged, but I have reached the stage of acceptance of that his work is the cruel truth of humanities predicament at this time, and that your work has behind it the influence of a malevolent alien invader force ( AIF) perpetrating a Cosmic Con in the after live realms to get our willing concent and resistless participation in their prison planet project.
    The Gnostic Gospels describe the same prison planet administered by Archons, who are-cons. Carlos Castenedas work is about training spiritual warriors to battle against Cosmic Predators. The book Alien Interview by Lawrence R. Spencer paints the same picture as Wes Penre.
    My own experience in having to contend with malevolent Jinn served to destroy the warm safe confidence and fully wake me up to the prison planet reality. Any body can see for themselves dark smoke like wisps, when reading a kindle in a totally dark room with the kindle light setting turned down to 5 or setting 6.
    This experience forced weird memories to resurface about similar glitches from the past which carry a similar horror.
    I believe the intent of your published works is good and seeking truth, but we are all bullied and taumatised into complacency in accepting the Comfortable Cosmic Con instead of the horrible truth.
    The most common and universal myth of antiquity is Divine Twins, today kept as a symbol on traditional Baltic roof gables. The incarnate Soul and the watcher Spirit as described in the book of lamb spring (alchemy) and the soul as the Tonal and Spirit as the Nagual in Castenedas terminology. Along with the horror of the Jinn, I have experienced unbelievable acts of my twin Spirit revealing its capacities, leading to a much welcomed return of a state of warmth safety and confidence but with my truth, and defiantly not yours.

  2. “You will live in love, and will continuously draw nearer to all people, to all animals and birds and fishes, to all things created, to all things not physically manifest. You will rejoice in what is, and will not fear the future, even as you work to affect that future in what you do and – more vitally – in what you are.

    “Or – you will express the other side of the polarity and will live in fear, and soon in hatred and despair. You will divide, and divide, and divide, until you whittle away your standing-place and are alone in a howling wilderness.

    “You will contribute toward the creation of a new consciousness – for that and nothing less is what is at issue here – or you will lose yourself in a wilderness of repelling mirrors behind which (you will fear) are unnamed horrors.

    “This is the challenge of your times, nothing less.”
    Edited from “The real challenge of our time”, Frank DeMarko blog post 12/6/18, from material received 2/17/06

    “ … alone in a howling wilderness” and “ … unnamed horrors” got my attention when the Frank/TGU mind brought this chillingly lyrical post through, so guidance and I have had an ongoing discussion about this message. It took me a while to understand the love vs fear challenge/tension will not disappear with the ‘shift in consciousness’; indeed, it may strengthen/deepen.

    So my question/concern has been how to deal with the fear, as so graphically conveyed in this post. None of the options I saw:
    – ignore manifestations of the fear
    – confront it and push back
    – sing “Kumbaya” and hope/pretend it will go away.
    felt right.

    Working with guidance on this post shows me another option: use (my) inspiration from/resonance with such expressions of fear to manifest my own expressions of/for inclusiveness, unitary existence, attraction, interpenetration, oneness. This post is one such expression.

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