The Interface: A new way of working

Well, I must say, the process [of working together, Dirk and I] seems to work very well.

Again we say, you[-all] have reached a point where it is worth your while to function together – to co-operate – rather than proceeding singly. More goes on in the cooperation of two or more than appears.

You say that and I hear Jesus saying, “where two or more are gathered –.”

Gee, you’d think he knew something.

So, more specifically?

Your Sphere A – anyone’s of course we mean – necessarily has its eccentric features.

“Eccentric” isn’t quite the word.

No, but it is up to you to find it. So?

Not egocentric, either. I got what you meant: We are each peculiar in the sense of particular and in the sense of different to some extent. So we are not quite reliable. Our signal always contains noise.

Yes, good. And two or more working together will reinforce the signal while the noise becomes less  of a problem relatively.

Only, I get that there’s more.

There is. Two or more of you, working together, in effect channel the sense of the moment; you make conscious aspects of reality that are not partial to yourselves but, in effect, objective.

You mean, I think, that as two or more are able to bring forth messages not particularly personal to them, such as you and I are doing here.

It seems to us that we said just that. However, restatement can’t hurt anything.

I also get that you are recommending to us a new way of working.

Regardless of “new” or not, we do recommend that you at least experiment with this.

1) Form small groups – 2, 3, 4  people.

2) Do this exploring as your small group, as for instance Dirk and you are doing, and Rita and you did.

3) Share your explorations among the various groups.

This way of proceeding offers advantages. It damps the noise (what we might call excess subjectivity). It reinforces a bond among the participants. It offers competing and contrasting visions to add complexity and texture, so to speak.

If done in the proper spirit, you gain first-hand experience of receiving and transmitting, you contribute to a greater body of work, you deepen links among your particular group and also with larger groups. That’s a lot of advantage.


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