Only Somewhat Real: Geography and the spirit

Thursday November 2, 2017

My friends, I got the idea yesterday that today’s discussion might be called something like “geography and the spirit,” or “alien life in 3D and otherwise,” or something similar.

Until now we have been describing All-D life as localized – as indeed it is. As your “guys upstairs” told you, there is a non-physical Canada, corresponding to the physical Canada you know of. In your newer understanding, this meant, the non-3D is a part of the same more comprehensive reality as is the 3D, so of course it describes the same physical space. So, if we’re talking about life on Earth in 3D, we are also, therefore, talking about life on the same Earth in non-3D. How else could it be? Indeed, one reason for adopting the terms 3D and non-3D, rather than physical and spiritual, was to emphasize that it isn’t a matter of one realm being here and another realm being somewhere else, and also, isn’t exactly a matter of the non-3D being “nowhere.” Understood?

Yes. I have gotten that fundamental strategy of realigning our way of thinking about things. That’s also the reason for the term All-D, to describe the over-arching reality of which 3D and non-3D are each a part.

As Bob Monroe said, “there” is “here.”

Yes, that made a great and convincing impression on me when I read it in Far Journeys.

But of course, if “there is here” in terms of non-3D being in the same space as 3D, in a very different sense “there” is also necessarily “there and not here.”

But that is a different sense. And I take it you want me to explain what you mean. In the second sense, you mean that just as the 3D world we experience is defined by geography, so necessarily is the non-3D world, only there are different conditions of movement.

You may have to move slower to say things clearly.

Yes. All right, let me center. [Pause] It’s interesting, I seem to have learned a new technique. Okay, trying again.

Let us for the moment disregard the fact that mind has no physical barriers. If the 3D conditions of perceived separation by distance applied to the mind, we would see that a mind anchored to one place – Cleveland, say – would have to travel to visit another place. It doesn’t; we know that. But what I am trying to clarify is that our minds are anchored by their attachment to a 3D-oriented body.

Whew. This isn’t going to be easy.

No, but you will find, a little at a time gets it done.

I guess. So, my non-3D mind is anchored in Virginia at the moment, because that is where its 3D body lives. Yet that mind also connects to other physical locations where other lives were lived – is that correct? So, Egypt, England, other parts of the U.S., places I don’t even suspect? Anywhere a strand lives there is a connection? I don’t have it quite right, I can feel it.

No, but you advanced the argument a bit. The links to other places through other lifetimes is really that those lives are linked to their former 3D existence because, remember, times past don’t cease to exist.

Okay. So, my mind is tethered to Virginia because my 3D body is here. It is also tethered to England and other places because David Poynter lived there. And so on. Does this imply that in the absence of such connections my mind could not travel elsewhere?

It implies that in the absence of such connections it would have to travel, it would not be equally at home, in such elsewheres.

So when we move in 3D, that is why we seem to fit better some places than others? Why some places are recognized as familiar and comfortable, perhaps as exhilarating, and others are not?

You’ve experienced it yourself, moving from your original home through several states until coming to Virginia, and within Virginia moving from one place to another on the tidewater until you came again to John Cotton’s old home.

That I felt even in 1958, passing nearby on Route 29 at age 12.

All right. So that’s the mechanism. And now we take the leap.

Alien? Terran? People talk about extra-terrestrial visitors, and they think in terms of UFOs carrying aliens to Earth. It doesn’t occur to them maybe that many people who are 100% Terran (Earthian?) nonetheless have strands, even dominant strands, that tie them to far star systems.

Perhaps you had better let us try it. For this once, it may be easier.

Consider it a thought-experiment, both for the sake of clarity and in order to lower the threshold of acceptability. In other words, we don’t ask you to believe or dis-believe, only consider.

A mind from the Pleiades arrives at Earth and wishes to explore. How does that mind “arrive at Earth”? How does it – how do you – extend your mental world to places where you are not and have never been? You ride your 3D body there. you explore between planets in the same way you explore within planets, by going there.

You live there. Having once lived there, you find yourself in a web of connecting relationships formed during that life. It isn’t only – as Bob Monroe implied – that you get increasingly fascinated, although there is that. You are also progressively “hooked” by issues that arise, relationships that form, possibilities that seem to be uniquely associated with that bit of terrain.

Then, you die. Now who are you? Are you still a being from KT95, as Bob put it? Are you not equally a person of Earth? And does not any one of your lifetimes connect with all those other lifetimes here, there, and elsewhere, many of them literally unimaginable?

That’s how the universe stays knitted together.

Of course. We keep telling you, in widening contexts, that there are no hard and fast divisions in reality. True, until now we haven’t mentioned that interplanetary lives are part of that rule, but you can only say one thing at a time, and build, and hope for the best.

“You do the best you can.”

So now, who are the aliens here on Earth? And for that matter who are the aliens elsewhere? How can you hedge reality with meaningful boundaries when you realize that (a) geography matters in All-D no less than in 3D, yet (b) it is an absolute barrier no more in All-D than in 3D alone. It matters; it is not an absolute.


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