A non-3D vantage point

Friday, July 1, 2016

[An exercise prescribed by Rita on March 4:]

The process of moving from 3D-oriented consciousness to a consciousness not rooted in 3D involves a change in perspective that you in 3D find hard to really envision.

It’s like the Irishman in Abraham Lincoln’s story who told the bartender he had promised his wife that he would stop drinking, and he intended to keep that promise, but he would be glad if the bartender would put a little whiskey in with his drink “unbeknown to myself.”

Well, that’s the problem, in a way, yes. But you have the advantage of also being the bartender.

Well, that’s a thought! I hadn’t considered that.

And if not, how do you think you would be able to understand any of this? But everybody has their own non-3D component, and even if you can’t shift your vantage point to that non-3D part of yourself, you can accept feed from it, Can and do, and it’s a good thing you can!

And that is why we can intuit what we can’t necessarily define or prove or even do more than hint at! That’s Hemingway’s crap-detector, that knows what’s false even before it knows why it knows.

There you go. So now, let go of the sides of the sliding board. It isn’t dangerous, and it is fun, and it was designed to be slid upon, not clung to.

Next time?

We can begin now. Between when you read this (or, in your case, Frank, write this) and our next session, express your intent to let go of the self-definition that says “I am me,” and allow yourself to experience the sense in which it would be better expressed “I am not me.” In other words, you want to experience the part of yourself that has been excluded from your self-definition, the part that was not born into one time and place, that perhaps was never born at all.

Only realize, “you want to experience” still leaves 3D-you as the focus. It’s a tricky redefinition, but you want to experience you not experiencing. We’ll go into it, but meanwhile make the experiment. It begins with willingness, not with technique….

[July 1] 7:50 a.m. Remarkable. Lying on the guest bed, using a sleep mask, I was very aware of the ticking of the clock, and that helped very much. After a couple of minutes of holding myself still, I moved into a quiet calm “higher” (but not spacy) mental state. It was as if I came to a wooden door and instead of opening the door, the non-3D part of me went through it, and there I was in a big square wood-lined conference room, and I was one part of a consciousness that centered that room.

I realized a few things. That is, they became real to me.

I got a sense of our 3D lives as being magnets (though that is not the metaphor I used at the time), extending far beyond my conscious awareness, surrounded by influences, choosing among them, which drew us on to other influences, which we also chose among, without end. It is a very dynamic unceasing process, and it is entirely about our pulling our next environment to us, or you could as easily say it the other way, our pulling ourselves (or being pulled by the magnetism of it, influenced by past choices) to the next things.

Our other connections – “past lives” – are available to us via knowings, not via accumulations of data. We may or may not acquire data to anchor ourselves, so to speak, but we have access to the essence of the being itself, only we need to slow down and sink into it, rather than attempt to view it from outside.

What I experienced is not easy to remember or describe; the best indicator is the sense of calm awareness at the center of all-of-me, not of this one lifetime. If I can keep the sense of it, the feel of it, the access to it, it will be an invaluable acquisition.

I will pass this on to the list for what it is worth. But they’ll have to do the exercise, or these will be only words. Encouraging words, perhaps – at least, I hope so – but, in the absence of the direct experience, that they can have – only words.

If I had to describe the results of the experiment, I’d say it is the difference between experiencing one room, one terminal, and experiencing the center, the mainframe. But these are just words too. It is experiencing the living consciousness, rather than the reflection of that consciousness that is our ordinary life.

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