Where do you draw the line?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

8:15 a.m. Are you intending to go another full session? I don’t object, I’m just surprised. But I was “thinking” about free will while I was in the shower, and I realized maybe it was closer to a download than to specific input from my end.

The point to be made is that the question of free will and predestination (and chance and coincidence and any other formulation) is entirely wrapped up in definitions of who you are talking about and how the process would continue.

I was thinking of Jim Szpajcher and Hank, etc.

Well, let’s say “they were in the thought,” rather than “I was thinking about,” and you’ll get a slightly clearer idea of what really goes on when you think you are doing the thinking but the subject matter comes up on its own.


Here is the immediate point. Let’s use you instead of Jim, if only because you have so many identified associations. We have established that all lifetimes are in the eternal present, hence can interact regardless of 3D chronology. Well, we haven’t established it logically, or empirically, but you have experienced it so it is established for you.

Subject to change.

Sure, but in this case that isn’t going to happen. Anyway, if Joseph or David or the Egyptian nudge you in a given direction, is that an infringement of your free will if you are not conscious of it and so do not give your express consent?

Or, if you take all of your strands as a whole and say, “Anything any of them suggests or nudges me to do is okay because, really, they are a part of me,” then where do you draw the line? What about all the strands they connect to – which in practice means that they too are part of you. and the strands that the strands connect to—

We are all part of one thing, we are repeatedly told.

Yes, although some parts of the whole are much “closer” to you than others, naturally. But yes, where do you draw the line?

And if you draw the line at the limit of your conscious awareness (ignoring for the moment the fact that it fluctuates continually, all your lifetime) – what happens to access to guidance? What happens to being a functioning part of a larger being?

You see, the question looks different – as usual – when you look at it from different angles.

I do. Can I go have breakfast now? See you next time.

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