Transformation and disease

Tuesday July 16

I copied out this quote from “The Dark Night of the Senses,” in Putting on the Mind of Christ, by Jim Marion, that Hampton Roads published in 2000.

“The transformation will unlock the truths, usually trapped in denial, that have to be faced and accepted. In the end, the person, having been set free by the truth, will be far better off emotionally and usually physically (John 8:32). To the extent these negative vibrations are already in the process of being cleared by manifesting in the etheric and physical bodies as disease (disease being one way to cleanse the psyche of them) the advent of the subtle energy flow may have pronounced effects upon the person’s physical health, ultimately for the better. The higher energies will usually clear out the most life-threatening energies first, followed in order by the progressively less threatening ones.” (Page 95)

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