We can step through

Thursday June 27, 2013

6 a.m.  So as I begin this day, a new thought. As I have called into active cooperation the healers in my line, so can I call into more active cooperation the writers, thinkers, preachers, explainers. Bertram, Joseph — and David probably — count on both lines.

So, David my old writer friend, my psychic investigator, the only one among us who knows first-hand the stress of living in a modern non-knowing culture, any advice on this? I know your talents and predispositions have helped shape my life.

This is another logical step, of course, and one that would have been magical to me in my active lifetime. What in my day we had to seek with ceremony and ritual and special circumstances designed to overcome not only society’s but therefore our own taken-for-granted beliefs, you can calmly decide to have, and – journey is over! You will admit, the company of so many seekers has been critical in challenging your critical background beliefs, over the past 25 years.

Yes, I certainly see that. Not only the groups in programs at TMI, but the extended group via VML and then TMIE, and so many author friends via Hampton Roads.

You live in the world created by your beliefs, your aspirations, your people and your external stimuli. To change your world, you change one or more category, and all others change to match. Some changes bring discord but it evens up over time, unless you prefer not to choose to stay or change. Remember Faust’s bargain.

Yes, I know. if he was content with any given moment, he would lose his soul to the devil.

Not if he was content, but if he tried to stop the moment from passing. Things pass. That is their nature. It is not in human nature to be turned into stone for the sake of not losing any particular thing that may be in one’s grasp at a given moment.

Sure. I don’t think I can be accused of clinging to the present, exactly! I spent too many years doing just the opposite, wishing the present away. I realize that this is the complementary error to clinging to the moment.

So then, as I said, you can step through to what 100 years ago would have been (was) beyond our grasp except upon occasion, upon the use of concentrated will power at great expense of effort. What we could do only with great effort and for short times, and in special circumstances, you in your day can do as a background to everyday life. Obviously this refers not to you as a special exception but to any in your day whose inclination and training leads them that way.


Training does take place outside of formal settings, you know! What is a life of set intent and openness to spirit, but training? You begin where you find yourself – like Dante in the forest – and you follow willingly where life brings you, you holding your ideal. What follows, is training. That is what brings you to the next step.

I see it. Thank you, you are always articulate. I was going to ask my various other lives with whom I am connected along various threads such as writing and psychic exploration and development (which is why I came to you first) to assist me to do what I want to do, as I don’t seem to have the resources needed to accomplish what I want to do. And you are saying, it is merely a matter of asking, and it will be granted.

Isn’t it always so? but the catch is, you have to know what can be asked for (because it is possible) and what can not (because it is not). If you have firmly in mind an incorrect idea of things and you insist that what you want can come only in that one (non-real, non-existent) way, what can you expect but frustration? But if you carefully remain open to the “how,” the “what” will always be provided to sincere intent.

You know I’m going to share this.

Well, that’s your life, is it not? Once a journalist, always a journalist. You’re just reporting on different subjects.

Yes, it’s better than traffic accidents, hospital reports, and the police blotter.

We cut our teeth on soft objects first. There’s a difference in process between cutting teeth and breaking them!

All right. My thanks. I was going to formally consult others, but I see there is no need. My thanks to all.

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  1. Interesting to think about how they used to do it and what we’ve grown used to now. This post is very applicable to the the writing I’m doing.

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