Soaring over our sins

Wednesday June 14, 2013

[Excerpt from conversation in exercise #4 in a TMI program.]

Joseph, as I go into a higher-speed exploration, I invite you to say anything to me that you wish. I give you my attention.

You may see that you have lost a step [since Joseph the Egyptian]. You are not nearly as pure as you were when “you” were “me” – and the problem with that is that it creates an array of automatic reactions which may seize control in your unguarded moments.

I see that, can I cut them off? Or cut them out?

It requires a decision, but you can soar over all your sins, you know.

Setting my intent.

Making a resolution and keeping it, yes.

You can use your entanglement to criticize your own life, constructively or otherwise.

Ideals can be touchstones.

That’s what saints and heroes are, if they are tied to aspiration.

What am I most importantly missing?

Not too much. Just keep working and living in love.

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