The influences around us

April 28, 2012 7:10 AM. I spent part of the night with the egg-shaped crystal I have had for some time – I wonder where I got it, and how, and when, but there’s no knowing. I have the sense of a mental slowing down. This will be a good thing.

7:35 AM. So, let’s go. My friends, I presume you have something queued up.

We revert to the image of a mineral as a moment frozen in time, or you might better say, a time frozen in stone. It is the perseverance of rocks that makes the perseverance of moments. Without the mineral kingdom as the embodiment of the forces behind it, your world as experienced would be as fleeting as your dreams, or as the nonphysical world. It was to slow down and crystallize experience that time was created, and the perseverance of quality as represented by the existence of stone is all that makes that possible. This parenthetically is why your ocean dwellers do not live in the same kind of time as you do; the balance of elements is radically different. And those who do not live at all in a mineral-frozen environment, you scarcely perceive.

Again a remarkably densely packed statement.

That is our nature, after all.

Are all rocks and minerals under the Saturn principle of contraction, concentration, then? [I feel conflicting responses.] Let me know how you decide to respond.

One response is, yes, essentially, as gases may be said to fall under the Jupiterian influence of expansion. Another is, this does not matter, being too theoretical for us. Another is, to continue as we were proceeding –

All right, proceed, then.

Given that you must live among radiating influences, your choice as mobile animals is to live here instead of there, or to bring this element instead of that into your sphere.

Live in a power spot, or choose certain rocks and gems to be physical companions.

Yes. Obvious, surely. But don’t think of “your” minerals as if they were pets. Or perhaps we should say, bring to them the awareness you ought to bring to your animal companions. We don’t object to mere words like “pets”; we mean, be aware that animals, vegetables, and minerals may at any time be at your mercy, may depend upon you for life or even meaning (we may explore that another time), but regardless they have their own validity, their own reason to exist. It is true that humans have dominion over the earth. This does not mean they may safely or responsibly do as they please without regarding the welfare and interconnected benefit of all.

Life is a process of expanding awareness as previous ground is assimilated. First you learn that all men are brothers, then you learn that animals are equally your brothers, though in a different way, then you learn the manner in which this extends to the mineral kingdom. Ultimately of course you will live in unity with all these, and then more, but there is no point painting vistas rather than providing firm footholds in the present moment.

Odd feeling, just then. I was a bit farther “beside” the material than usual.

An effect of the stone you are holding in your right hand as you write.

Letting me go farther away somehow.

Concentrating your attention.

To proceed. As you become more aware of your interconnections, your sense of power and your sense of vulnerability expand accordingly. You realize that no man is an island, in ways unsuspected when that phrase was written. You radiate, and so do those around you. There is a continuing dynamic interaction. This is true of the people in your life, and the animals and the minerals and the vegetables. In a larger sense it is true of the influences you allow in indirectly – the books, music, magazines, newspapers – anything you interact with that comes from other minds.

So, if you want help in shaping yourself to your desires, manage the influences around you.

We will not go into this extensively because the more closely you look into it, the clearer it will become that influences of greater and greater subtlety may be perceived. This is worth pondering, however.

Now, in considering how to shape your environment, two possible approaches are, (1) to trust your own life’s purpose to guide you, or (2) to consciously decide and work out the consequences of that decision. This choice is entirely a matter of temperament, or rather of fundamental attitude. Neither is “right” or “wrong.” One will be more comfortable, the other less. We can see no one advantage in going against your natural grain unless you want to, in which case there is some question how much “against the grain” such a new departure may be in fact.

So for me, it is not necessary to learn the various stones and learn their qualities or what they are said to be good for.

You thrive best by letting your nonphysical mind guide you, so that you “just happened” to come to what you need when you need it. Others thrive by reducing such knowledge to orderly system, that they may more consciously decide. Again, neither approach is right or wrong. In our opinion the best approach is a combination, in a mixture that suits you. One person will approach it 90% intuitively and 10% logically, another will approach it with radically different proportions. Some knowledge gives purchase, too much tends to dryness or superstition. But where the balance is struck will vary by every individual.

However the balance is struck, it is worth considering the use of gemstones (or river rocks or anything that appeals) as stabilizers, for that is their nature. You understand?

I think I do. As each holds a moment of time, so to each holds a quality or mixture of qualities, and we can tune ourselves to that string.

Correct. Well done, and enough for now.


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