RFK and the conspiracy

Monday, July 25, 2011

I see – in that not very reliable-seeming book [Bobby and Jackie] – that Bobby never did figure out who killed his brother, because death threats and interference kept him away.

Bobby, if you’re willing to talk, is that much true? You were unable to get to the truth?

I had the general idea. I just didn’t have any idea how widespread the conspiracy was. If I had thought it through, I would have known that they couldn’t let me get into the White House. But as I said a while ago, they were ahead of me. I didn’t think they’d make their play before I had the nomination. That author is or pretends to be so surprised that I wouldn’t take Secret Service protection, as though I was seeking to die. He doesn’t consider, or doesn’t want to knowledge, that I wasn’t in danger from the people, so I didn’t need protection from them – and Secret Service protection didn’t do Jack any good. He wasn’t in any danger from the people either. It was hired assassins who were the danger, and Secret Service protection was no protection against that.

And yes, I saw many a chicken coming home to roost in Jack’s killing. If I hadn’t been Attorney General, some of those rattlesnakes wouldn’t have been poked with those sticks. You can’t attack every evil in society at the same time – and they were not only relieved when Jack was killed, because it got them off my back – they were terrified at the idea that I might get the presidency and go after them twice as hard. Or maybe I ought to say, they would have been terrified, except they were pretty confident they could take me out, as they did.

Your murder – though I think we were all expecting it – took the heart out of us. We gave up, although periodically we went looking for the next savior.

Martyrs are the seed of the church, for good reason. It works in politics too. King Arthur is still remembered, as an ideal, and in a way, who cares how much difference there is between the myth and the main?

In life, you were all energy and force pushing for change. Do you see things differently now? For instance, do you think martyrdom was an intrinsic part of your “plan”?

You are living out one version of reality and that is the version of Bob Kennedy that responds to you. But there were – are – other versions, no less, equally real. Martyrdom was no part of those “plans” because there isn’t a plan so much as a fulfillment of all possibilities. This was a truncated version of life. There were other versions.

One thought on “RFK and the conspiracy

  1. Still wrapping my mind around that last paragraph: “You are living out one version of reality . . .But there were – are – other versions, no less, equally real. . . . there isn’t a plan so much as a fulfillment of all possibilities. This was a truncated version of life. There were other versions.”

    It seems a little bit clearer each time I think about it. I get that there are many many versions of me living all possibilities. The greater being keeps it sorted out. I’m just focused on this one here and now. I suppose I could shift my awareness to another and live there too, but I don’t see the need. I’m fine with the way this one’s going.

    I wonder if, in living each of the possibilities, there’s a point where some of the timelines rejoin — I and another I merge back together? That would explain the occasional bump I feel, that moment of slight disorientation. I’ll pay more attention to those, now that I am suspicious.

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