Learning to manage fluctuations

Sunday, September 19, 2010

5 AM. Pretty fair night’s sleep, after doing some robot work around it with Viki yesterday. I am compiling a list of questions about it to ask. Funny that this is the first time in my life that I have ever thought to ask them. Friday night I took a couple of valerian capsules to see if it would improve my sleep perhaps by relaxing the body, but I forgot to do it again last night, so I have no standard of comparison.

It occurs to me, I should include what I got when I asked, yesterday morning. A funny feeling, to be asking with no very clear idea of what or whom I am addressing. TGU? The body?

[Saturday, September 18, 10:40 AM.]

Why do you cut in and out like this? For no externally obvious reason, from calm to wheezing or coughing and back, sometimes in quick oscillation, sometimes slowly. Why? If I’m not doing anything different – not even thinking, as far as I can tell – why should my health fluctuate? Can you tell me?

Things go on inside beneath your notice, outside your range of awareness. Such natural fluctuations may result in moving your lungs over and under the point of activation.

Well, I admit I never thought of that. I guess I have been thinking it depended on my doing or not doing something or other.

You don’t start up the trouble, do you? You don’t have a whole lot of luck shutting down the process once it starts (without intervention, we mean) do you? So why would you assume you would control or even monitor the fluctuations?

Lack of thought, I suppose. So the obvious move is to establish a chain of communication between such unconscious functions and me as ringmaster.

That’s the idea. Many people do it naturally, they are not even aware they ever did it. But anyone can learn, and it will be of value.

Yes, I should think so. Very well, we’ll work on it.

[End of excerpt]

Okay, enough of that, unless you wish to continue.

Only to encourage you to do some more thinking and note taking about how to teach people how to access and reprogram their robots.


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