A Portal to Myself

My friend Charles Sides has a gift for writing entertaining stories tackling some of the most difficult philosophical and psychological problems and making them not only understandable, but thought-provoking; not only thought-provoking, but funny, intriguing and, in short, warmly memorable.  His first novel, Motorcycle Enlightenment, dealt with a sort of clueless guy, lost in his own head, who begins to figure it out.

This second novel, A Portal to Myself, not yet published, explores the idea of alternate realities. What if you were going along in your own inoffensive but ineffectual way, and — unbeknownst to you — you split into three very different selves, each of whom has the same mixture of characteristics, but with different ones prominent. It’s a very good story, and Charles is putting it up on his blog, bit by bit, as i did some years ago for my first novel, Messenger. Take a look.

Portal to Myself–An Unpublished Novel

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