Steiner on afterlife limitations

I don’t have first-hand experience of this, obviously, but the guys have said consistently that the 3D is where we have the ability, hence the responsibility, to change, choosing what we will be. Later we may see better but be unable to apply what we see. A word to the wise?


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  1. Thank you Frank.

    Very interesting matters and a synchronity to me… I am at the time being picking up old books with the same “world-view” as Steiner here. One of my “old” books(in my bookshelters)is titled: Vistas of Infinity: How to enjoy life when you are dead…and upon the same cover is told: “Out of Body Explorations inot Non-Local States of Consciousness and Post-Life Territories”(the author is Jurgen Ziewe).

    And the other book about the very same was written and published in 1954…. by Anthony Borgia, foreword by Sir John Anderson, Bart. (Odham Press Limited, Long Acre, London, U.K.)….And the title: “LIfe In The World Unseen.” BTW: ..if not to recall it all wrong but Charles Sides to have the same book likewise.
    P.S. Charles to have had a VERY GOOD “input” on it lately at his blog-site.

    Thanks a whole lt again Frank for all the good things you do …
    B & B, Inger Lise

    1. I am surprised that people think so. I am sure that Steiner meant it as encouragement to do our work now, rather than put it off thinking we’ll do it later. I wouldn’t have posted something that i thought would discourage or depress people. (We have the news media and every ideology-mad know-it-all on social media to do that for us.)

      So, sobering, yes, I hope so. Depressing? Only for those who think they are helpless to choose in 3D, when in fact we are choosing all the time, if only by default.

      1. I suppose you are right, and I understand the time for change is now. I was just hoping that when my blinders are removed I would gain a greater understanding and appreciation for someone’s position and whatever effect or benefit that position had on my growth. I was not expecting to feel less able to connect in the spirit world than I do now.

        Sorry, Frank. Perhaps this is just not yet clicking for me. Let me ponder it.

        (Also, don’t regret posting troublesome information – that’s usually where the growth is.) 🙂

  2. I find the example given in the Steiner post puzzling to me, or perhaps a misinterpretation. The example portrays the experience of loving another while in 3D to be the same outside of 3D. It’s been stated many times that we do not experience things the same between 3D and non-3D, thus how can one who is no longer experiencing 3D expect to act or react in the same way as in 3D.

    I’ve read that emotion is a 3D experience also. So in non-3D, what is emotion? If we do not experience emotion the same way, then wouldn’t we be able to provide that desire to love more in another way? I have a hard time with the idea that we become fixed in non-3D as we were in 3D. That defies the notion of continuous change. I can see the experience and interpretation differing between the two, and thus change can continue. But to state that ones desire continues as if they are still 3D while non-3D makes no sense to me.

    In fact, one must change their perspective in order to “wake up” in the non-3D (aka. transition). If they choose to believe in a certain reality, they would remain experiencing that reality because of their beliefs. If they can transcend that belief, why can they not transcend their human limitations, especially if it was a belief to create the limitation to begin with?

    I guess I find the idea of anything being “stuck” or fixed to be incongruent with my notion of being an All-D entity.

  3. I’m not so sure that we won’t be able to change after we’re no longer embodied. I think it’s more that we won’t see a need to change.

    In body, we’re still ascribing to the convenient fiction of the individual. And we change in 3D because something isn’t working out for us. Either there’s friction between us and someone we’re close to, or there’s friction within the individual due to the group of strands being held together by the personality that has emerged. I personally will change to relieve that friction or suffering. But once I’m free of the body, once I’m aware of the totality that I am, once I’m in contact with my greater being, the impetus to change might not be there. So it’s not that I can’t change — I’m definitely with Simon, as change is constant — it’s that there will be no need to change. My greater being values my life experience, warts and all, and does not judge it as I do.

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