Hemingway: Life always slipping away

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I hope you are happy, papa. You are, of course, much in my mind today.

Thank you. Understanding is always appreciated; it is like a cat must feel when somebody is stroking him. And you have a saying, don’t you, about getting “strokes” when people complement each other?

I believe you do understand why I had no good choices left, so you understand what my suicide did and didn’t mean to me. But more, you somewhat understand and must put more effort and thought to it if you are going to really understand, that I like other people was a different person at different times of my life. You could say, different every single day, and with the perception of that difference comes a sort of background desperation sometimes, a sense that it’s slipping away, that it could never be held in the first place. That background realization was always there, and it ought to tell you something.

I am sort of distracted at the moment, don’t know why. Fragments of a movie scene again last night (Dead Again).


Until I wrote down the title, the connection hadn’t occurred to me. Okay – since you can probably see it more clearly than I can – what does it suggest?

I can’t necessarily be responsible for your associations! But think of your father to understand me better.

Yes, I get that. Different life circumstances, but a similar wish to enjoy the day rather than living in past or future.

When you realize that your life is always slipping out from under your feet, as a boy you look forward to when you will be a man and can participate fully in life. It doesn’t occur to you that life will still be slipping away behind you. As a grown man you feel the slippage but you’re thinking of where you’re going, what you hope is coming to you. And at some point you see that the best actual action is behind you and the best you can hope for is whatever wisdom you’ve accumulated, plus the use of skill you’ve acquired, plus you can still enjoy lots of things. But if you don’t have any sense that there’s more coming after life, the pointlessness overwhelms you, plus there’s no use just sitting around waiting for death if you don’t want to and aren’t afraid to die.

That monk John Tettemer you read about – he was old enough to be my father, and he died a good while before I did.

In 1949.

Yes. He knew the value of the fact that the present moment doesn’t exist, or is all that exists, however you want to look at it. He set his eyes on eternity because he could see that this life in a body is just a fast ride to there.

So – your life is just an expression of carpe diem?

My life is an expression of living life to the fullest as best I could, physically and mentally. And emotionally. If I could have had a more satisfying framework for the spiritual longing that was at the core of me, I might have been happier, but maybe I couldn’t have done that. You yourself have seen how hard it is to live when you don’t believe in the reality of things.

Yes. So few things are worth much effort, unless I can persuade myself to throw myself into them, and that doesn’t last.

“And that doesn’t last” could sum up everybody’s life, could it not?

Thank you, Papa. Your life certainly was a success in that you gave so much to the rest of us.

It’s funny, isn’t it? You work so hard to succeed and at the end of it, the only thing that matters is your effect on others. Not true, exactly, but in a way close enough.

7 thoughts on “Hemingway: Life always slipping away

  1. Thank you Frank as always.

    Very nice to reread the “old” materials.
    Hm, wrote to Charles Sides last week about “Carpe Diem” oddly enough(and seeing your email this selfsame morning/today)…and thinking the very same.

    P.S. I`m still reading & following yours all the way….lol

  2. Interesting to me that I find Hemingway’s worldview here completely wrong … while the post is more useful and meaningful than most of those I agree with. It pushes me to understand why do I disagree, what is my viewpoint, and can I articulate it?

    I’d rewrite the next-to-the-last sentence as
    “You work so hard to succeed and at the end of it, the only thing that matters is how you’ve ‘grown’ your soul.”

    1. Jim? Very inter-resting thank you.

      I`m very much “involved with” several Seth-groupings and to become more and more interested in how our conscious mind works(“the TIME-factor”).
      Last year bought A seth book “The Personal Sessions” Book two of The Deleted Seth Material.

      Witty enough that particular book telling & explains a whole lot about it….something I was asking for to know in many years.

      And something else VERY interesting told in the same book, session 605, and quote Seth:
      “..if you are greatly interested for example in history, then the inner self brings you the information you need from all of it sources. Under certain coditions you may be propelled throug the coordinates and find yourself inthe era in which you are interested(as Frank do). The CONSCIOUS INTENT however directs the kind of material you recieve.
      If you have no interest in such things no henomena will occur strong enoug to impress you in the waking state. It is very possible then to be building a civilization that in your terms you are now studying, to be interpreting ancient records (f.inst.Egypt) that you yourself may have written, to be digging up roads that you yourself may have written.
      This applies to your own historical time as well as to others.”
      – And here comes something very interesting: “As other layers of course your civilization is already in the past, as in others your civilization does not yet exist. The bleed-throughs however mean that each people according to their characteristic, interests and activities, attract certain ideas(ideas are not dependent upon time and space according to Seth)both from the future and the past, and there is constant interaction. Because of this even the past as you think of it, as I told you, is never done and completed, but CONSTANTLY CHANGED(underlined in the book)by your present and future,”
      And further Seth is telling: “The Pyramids exist as other than physical matter, but it is ony as physical matter that you perceive them. There are several important issues connected with the pyramids that are not as yet understood. The symbols upon tem often were meant to be SOUNDED(underlined),the sound setting up reverberations. Some of these would automaticall open up many doors, eadin to as yet undiscovered secrets—but only for those who understood the use of sound(the E.C. Readings told exactly the very same). THE EGYPTIANS THEN WERE ALSO HELPED, AND TOLD HOW TO CONSTRUCT THE PYRAMIDS…..Then, Jane told to have thevisions about the construction of the pyramids and she told: “…something about how they prepaired the air first, for the construction of the pyramid. Now I`m getting the feeling of a awful lot of people, chanting—thousands of them—this still has to do with the pyramids. I feel that a whole mass of people would visualize a pyramid in their imagination,” Jane said, ” then through their chanting,the use of certain vowls and pitches, they actually changed the air where that building was going to be. They made a boundary in the air,” she said, making angular gestures, “a cohesiveness, from this imaginary structure. Then they had certain kind f tuning forks, then some kind of instrument. The noise of the chant was like something that you`d use to turn on this instrument—when the chant got to a certain pitch it turned on this instrument; and it somehow intensifed and focused sound to what we would call an incredible degree—broke it down and then focused it in certain directions.” You could move vey heavy objects with it. The objecs were LEVITATED(underlined)—raised up in the air, no matter how heavy. They only needed to be GUIDED(underlined)by people to some degree. Many men were used to guide them but not to lift or carry them. The sound instrument had a fantastic cohesive effect that bound atoms and molecules together.” “And beside that the instruments also set up some kind of extra charge that we don`t understand yet, around objects that were so constructed, like the pyramids,” Jane continued. And further she continued: “Doors and passageways inside the pyramids will open through the correct sound messages and signals, and were designed ONLY(underlined)to open if those correct signals were given.”
      This sounds really weird” said Jane, THERE ARE INVISIBLE PYRAMIDS(underlined)—we just can`t see them.” These pyramids were constructed in such a way that they reflect everything else, so that when you look at them you don`t see them as objects. – Wait, I`m not getting this right…they`re perfect camouflages of wherever they are, but certain sound pitches make them visible.”

      P.S. Jane telling we are catching glimpses of them as UFO`s…they`re UFO`s but changing shapes.

      Okay folks. There is much more within session 605…but ending it now(smiles). BTW: Frank? This is reminding me about what is told in the old testament about “The fall of Jericho`s …The Jewish peoples marching 7 or 8 times around the walls of the Citadell(or Fortress)with a Sound of Cymballs and strong Trumphet blast.
      Anyway, I`m at last, to become “a true believer of the methaphysical science,” if anything that is…. LOL.

        1. Thank you Frank, and all of you, learning all the while by to read(as long as to eyes that is, my eyesight is told to becoming bad)…quite a shock because never to have had any trouble with it before thou.

          And, here the other day watching some old TV-shows with the popular Scandinavian(all three countries)”channelers” or Mediums. One of my favorite among them all is Lena Ranehag, a Swedish medium often seen on TV.
          BUT, what especially caught my attention when to listen to Lena Ranehag this time around was what she told “a client” where she went about “to cleanse” a haunted home/house there – as the house owners told to have doubted what they to have been experienced in their own home of “the spokey shadows by the unseen guests.” …and Lena told them: ” Never doubt your OWN experience(s), because your experience(s) are indeed REAL to YOU – “AS YOU ARE THE ONES TO EXPERIENCE THEM.”
          With other words: Your experiences are yours, despite of what somebody else might telling you otherwise.

          Oh well, well, how MANY TIMES not been told: “Trust yourself.”

          P.S. As for the visible & invisible Pyramid-connections with the matter and non-matter(atoms & molecules made into objects)….to recall one of the wild fantasy movies called: The “Indiana-Jones” adventures( funny screens from back in the 1980s, if to recall ?), where one of the movies were about to search for “The Ark of The Covenant.” The story in the movie was about, the long hidden, Ark of The Covenant being A HUGE POWER PLANT/ DEVICE with a huge unknown energy, capable to annihilate the whole world…..And when thinking it all over, at all times, the legends about “the hunts” for The Ark of The Covenant to has been described in the ancient annals(as well as a mystery told in the bible). And now wonders if the Ark of The Covenant can be a remembrance of the Egyptian “INSTRUMENT” to perform “Levitation” of everything, and since Alantis?
          Seth told in the end of session 605(the deleted personal sessions):
          “Time can “appear” as sound. Sound can be used to set apart certain elements from others, to isolate them from others, and on the other hand to bind elements also….Sound`s properties are not understood. I want it specifically noted then that sound can be used as a binder or as a separator of elements. It can be used to open up pathways within dimensions, both microscopic and macroscopic.”

          ….and wishing all a nice day & weekend….B & B, Inger Lise(see you later on)

      1. Thanks so much for this, Inger Lise. It fits exactly with what I’m working on–not just our changing past and future but how we do it. I’m always grateful for your input.

  3. I’m always known/felt that the stones for Stonehenge were moved into position in the same way that Inger Lise said the pyramids were built — by sound. My guidance told me, rather offhandedly, that it was a project for some teenagers who were learning the skill. The adults liked what they did. It was aesthetically pleasing, so they would use it for gatherings and celebrations.

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