Channeling, by Jon Klimo

God bless Amazon and the fact that it is today so easy to buy old books! When I think how many years I prowled used-book stores, searching for certain books I wanted to read! I kept a list in my wallet) and for serendipitous discoveries, it was all so haphazard and discouragingly slow. And now? You wave your wand and there it is, delivered to your door before you finished entering your credit-card information (or so it seems).

Latest gift from the universe, Channeling, by Jon Klimo, arrived today, a mere 32 years after its publication. (OT1H, thank God for the delay, in that I had to find my own way and could not tell myself, “Oh, you just read that in Klimo’s book”; OTOH, I sure wish I could have read this when it came out if it wouldn’t have inhibited me.)

Rita and I used to have discussions about channeling. For a long time, I maintained that what I was doing wasn’t channeling, because I didn’t then recognize that what I thought “channeling” meant was trance channeling, which I knew  was not what I was doing. If I could have read this book in 2001 — which I easily could have done; it was already an old book, published 14 years previously — I would have understood Rita’s point better.

Better late than never. Merely reading the TOC, I am overwhelmed. Before I read a word of the book, already it’s so clear that he really understands what’s involved in the ILC phenomenon, and he has put it in context in a way I never could have done. A sample from the TOC, leaving out detail:

Foreword by Charles E. Tart (who is, of course, the same Charlie Tart who encouraged Bob Monroe, perhaps the only academic to do so).


Section One: The personalities

Channeling as a Modern Phenomenon

Channeling as a Historical Phenomenon

Who does it

Section Two: The Material

What do they say

Who are they channeling

How do they do it?

Section Three: Possible Explanations

Psychological explanations

Biology and physics

Section Four: The Potential

Open channeling

Your turn

Conclusion, glossary, notes, selected bibliography, index

Wonderful! God bless Amazon, and God bless Klimo too. I can’t think of the last time the arrival of a book (which after all is not that uncommon an event for me) has excited me to this extent.


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  1. Yes It’s a classic, no doubt about that. I have the first edition and I know I need the second expanded one. Abebooks has better prices than Amazon generally and I use them more regularly. It was independent originally but I just found out Amazon now owns it or owns a large chunk of it.
    Toronto has always been a great place to book browse, and despite market changes, still is.

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