As Ehab would say, Ensa!

Mohammad and Ehab Mahmoud (photo by Tom Waggoner)

Ehab teaching (photo by Ruth Shilling)

Early on, being persecuted by street vendors, I asked Ehab if Arabic had some equivalent of “Enough!” or “forgetaboutit,” and he said, “Enza!” I had to write it down to remember it, but the first time I used it on a vendor, he laughed out loud in delight. A good note to end on, maybe. You’ve seen a lot of posts; you may be thinking, Enza!

All things come to an end (Photo by Tom Waggoner)


One thought on “As Ehab would say, Ensa!

  1. I have enjoyed your Egypt side trail (e.g., the boat pictures, the poem, the inner reflections, verbalizing your processes). Thanks for sharing all of it!

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