Certainly a quietly deluxe way to travel upriver, from the night of the 21st to the morning of the 28th..

Our home and transportation for a few days

Our crew chief, who took care of us

Luxor, across the Nile

Our dahabiya had two lateen sails, fore and aft, but mostly we were tugged like this.

Loved the artwork on the bridge we passed under

Dreaming our way up the Nile (photo by Ruth Shilling)

And every meal featured luxuriously great food (photo by Tom Waggoner)

Every so often, “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go” (photo by Tom Waggoner)

And always time for socializing when back on board.

Like any other planned event, at first it seems to stretch endlessly ahead. Then you’re in the midst of things, and then you’re looking back, thinking, “That didn’t last very long at all.”





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