Announcing the latest — and final? — Rita book


My author’s copies arrived last night.

Available from Square One books, or online from Amazon, and hopefully soon from the TMI bookstore, though they don’t yet know it’s out, this book was slated to be published last September. The delay makes the final line of the acknowledgements, “Particularly Bob Friedman, who sees the value in the material, and sees these reports through publication,” both more pertinent and more poignant.

Herewith, some info. :

 Change Your Viewpoint, Change Your World

 You know the questions:

 What’s the meaning of life? Does our life matter to anyone or anything beyond this world?

What follows death? An afterlife? If so, what can it be like?

What is it all about? What’s it for?

These are religious questions. The world’s scriptures are, among other things, models of interaction between the physical and the non-physical aspects of the world. people have been bringing back descriptions of the afterlife for uncounted thousands of years, but the descriptions don’t match. Why? Because what we can report depends upon our particular mental processes.

But can we make sense of mankind’s often contradictory religious traditions, without jettisoning our intellectual and critical functioning? Unfortunately, in our time neither science nor religion gives us a credible picture of the meaning and nature of life, nor a picture of the afterlife that we can relate to. How do people in an afterlife spend their time? What is it they do, and why do they do it? What (if anything) is their relationship to us?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ask these questions of someone there? Or, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to listen in, while someone else did? This book is a record of just such communication. It is the fourth volume of conversations I have had with my old friend Rita Warren after she died. First came Rita’s World, in two volumes, then Awakening from the 3D World.

It’s All One World reorients our ideas of life and the afterlife, or the natural and the supernatural. It consists of four sections: who and what we are; life and the afterlife; the limits to the reality of the world we experience, and – shortest but perhaps most important – where we go from here. This little book gives you everything you need to see life not as it appears but as it really is, which means seeing yourself not as you appear to yourself, but as you really are. And this is not the end of your journey, but the very beginning.



5 thoughts on “Announcing the latest — and final? — Rita book

  1. I appreciate your notification here.

    I have benefited from you and Rita sharing your relationship and work with many of us here. I remember the processes here on the blof as the 4th book came forth many, many months ago. I also remember the sudden transition to Nathaniel as an ending appeared with Rita, which eventually (but not right away) seemed to naturally unfold from the time with Rita. All of that was a new experience for me, and I often use this particular experience as a personal reminder that the non-physical is continually working with me and those around me.

    I will be buying this book and re-reading the material. Thank you.

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