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Friday, December 14, 2018

4:35 a.m. More on success and societies? On the challenge of our times? On overlapping societies?

Yes. As we said, we have barely begun. Different societies allow and encourage and almost require different abilities to emerge in the individuals comprising them. But this is far from a simple statement, given that the individuals involved are themselves communities learning to function as a new unprecedented individual. That is, learning to synthesize background experiences, abilities, tendencies into something necessarily unique. Now, something new is not necessarily something unprecedented – hence our earlier discussion about mind crystallizing or not. But, sometimes they are. That’s the goal, you might say, not only of an individual’s existence but of a society’s existence, of humanity’s (or other species’) existence.

It isn’t “all about you” in any 3D sense.

Yes, that is the insight my characters come to in Dark Fire: It isn’t the 3D but the non-3D that is central to existence.

But let’s remain on firm ground, so to speak. Your lives. That’s what concerns you – and rightly so – when you are in the body. Only, once you make the Copernican Shift and put your full self in the center of your life, rather than only the part of you known or knowable to 3D senses and 3D logic, you are in a different mental world, a truer picture. Similarly, once you put your society (your civilization) into the center, rather than you as individuals, you see the limits of what is called individualism, the distorting effect that always follows putting an unreality in the center.

That isn’t quite clear to me.

You can easily see that societies built upon false premises cannot help be distorted in their beliefs, practices, perceptions, priorities. But recognize, that goes for yours too. you can’t judge the truth of information by whether it does or doesn’t conform to what seems reasonable within the confines of your society’s assumptions.

Sure, we know that.

You do not know that. You know it sometimes; you know it sporadically; you know it – so to speak – in one corner of your mind, while other corners believe other things. Nobody is always a sheepdog or even always a wolf. In some circumstances, anyone will be a sheep.

By which I take it you mean, we accept unthinkingly more than we realize we do.

Yes. It’s necessary, you can’t doubt everything. But it is worth remembering that you do so.

This was alluded to in Dark Fire, too.

There are many ways to slip disturbing truths into entertaining stories – or, willing trances, call them.

Now, when we use the word “society,” we are folding several meanings into the one word, with confusing results:

  • Your civilization
  • Your part of that civilization (that is, your nation or state)
  • Your ethnic and linguistic subset of that part
  • Your particular family background
  • Your community of being (strands).

Is it any wonder that so tangled a mass of cross-references, continually sliding in your mind, results in confusion of thought? So, it is not surprising – shouldn’t be surprising, anyway – that each of you distorts your society’s false premises in your own fashion. However, it is also true that each of you brings in your own sliver of truth in your own fashion. Such is the value and the disadvantage of individual lives lived in a given time and place and forwarded (so to speak) into the non-3D as a new unique vantage point.

I’m struggling to see the connecting thread here.

Live your life from a new point of view, receive an entirely different understanding of what is going on.

As you were giving that to me – or as I was writing it, pick one – I heard, “Not me, but Christ in me.” St. Paul, I think. And the connection is?

He was experiencing life beyond the 3D, coursing through him as he continued to live, transforming his life.

I doubt he saw it that way.

In point of fact, you have no idea (in 3D terms, anyway; in your 3D mind) what he experienced. But this you know: He was transformed.

Yes, that’s obvious. I have thought, no matter what else we know or think we know about Jesus, we know that he or something about him entirely transformed ordinary men and women.

That’s what happens when your 3D life opens to the non-3D to which you are intimately connected.

Powerful statement. What can we do to be similarly transformed?

You can’t expect a 21st-century phenomenon to be identical to one experienced centuries – millennia – earlier. The connecting point is not phenomena, but essence. Every external society is different, as is every internal society.

Stop here. The message will be more easily received by not being connected to more.

Okay. Thanks as always.


12 thoughts on “More on societies

  1. Thanks Frank – What`s told above gave me some “AHA`s” – But do you know what? Since being deeply into the Seth Books & Materials lately (and the nice peoples there), BUT (do not know if I`m in opposition to everything at the time being, because I have felt to become “BRAINWASHED” one way or the other by all “the knowhow Leaders” among the groupings. I can see of course they have studied and practized the Seth materials a very long time… BUT, as all of us are unique (as you & Rita & TGU always refering to), and likewise Edgar Cayce… I have FELT lately (many a time) about “the Leaders” trying do CONFORMING us into “the one and only TRUTH” which obviously to be “the God of Jane” (Jane as Seth/God). And that`s NOT what Seth says at all. Many even worship Jane & Robs home in Elmira, NY.
    Hm, to me it seems you can do the comparison with the peoples going to a Chruch or a Temple, or a pagan site of worship in ancient times.
    And if you are to mention anything good done by any religious peoples or Christ (according to Seths` the religion, all religions are superstition and fakes/ falsery — And according to many “knowhows”, you`re a fool if to believe anything what`s told about Jesus Christ. And/-or even to believe anything told about the religions.
    And when I`m telling “ALL THAT IS” must be intertwined wihin “ALL THAT IS,” and cannot become separated from “ALL THAT IS,” as far as I am to understand it –!!! Hitting my head with a hammer if not “ALL THAT IS” including ALL CREATION as useful???
    ….and then I`m becoming “bombarded” with the Seths sessions telling (if then telling ALL THAT IS INCLUDING ALL THAT IS) about all the bad things about the Religons there is to find….Basically told by Seth: “You are your OWN Creator” – You Create your OWN reality, period.” And everything happening “In The Moment Point.”

    Gosh! I have got a headache! Must go to find myself a meditation-place (after Lunch). We are “baby-sitting” this week-end for our 9 year old granddaughter and dog, called “Milla”.

    Oh well, my Reality as such. LOL, Inger (smiles after all).

  2. Well todays post really packs a punch. Especially in context of all the other stuff flying in the air of our lives now. From what Inger Lise says it sounds like there’s some inner tornado that pulls up and smashes all that is loose. Oh, what feeble constructs I have relied on. If these same winds are blowing in those who have less inclination to look inside, I wonder how they deal with it. Thank you Frank!

  3. Frank, can you remind me of where “our earlier discussion about mind crystallizing or not” is? I’ll go look for it, too.

    And I agree that today’s post really packs punch.

      1. For me, your material works for a couple of reasons. One is that I’m always actively working on spiritually expanding, and your sessions seem to fit with where I am pretty amazingly. Another reason is that I’m working on a writing project that is aligned with what you’re writing to an unexpected degree. Also, when you write of your life, there are several useful parallels to mine (e.g., willfully isolating and then noting I don’t always like the effects). An added benefit is that I find you funny and interestingly well read and a good, really honest, contemplative writer. As an aside, I do think I have a small crush on Smallwood. So, ultimately, you’re part of what moves me forward, and I look forward to it happening (this kind of association seems rare to me).

  4. “In point of fact, you have no idea (in 3D terms, anyway; in your 3D mind) what he experienced.”
    Interesting that this is what your conversation partner says about you. In the context of “not me but Christ in me”. That sentence goes through me like a ball of barbed wire. It is not cosy. It connects to a layer of untruth that is collapsing and forcing me to look at what really holds me together. Been also looking at some youtube interviews about Red book and leafing through my copy. It came out years ago and only now some comments are emerging. It is stirring my insides in very unexpected ways.

    1. Starting to see the big choir of voices, both inside and outside. All coaxing me this way and that way, keeping me busy all my life, applying lipstick to so many pigs. How much have I paid attention to – don’t even know what to call it: me but not this me. The one voice that makes the choir of ten thousand voices inside and outside lose it’s harmony. The pig who never wants lipstick. The current whose resonance asks what is real? I know how to operate “things” but that does not imply realness.

      1. Keep in mind, you are the one in charge of making decisions. The chorus may advise but they don’t have the right to steer the bus. I don’t understand the theoretical difference between the voice we experience as “I” and the rest of them, but regardless of theory, we all experience the difference. You’re in charge, and if they don’t like it, they’ll have to lump it.

  5. I am catching up after a very distracting and eventful week. Overall, this message was validating for me.

    Generally, the overall message (e.g., societies) is expanding. Today’s addition and discussion of our “communities learning to function as a new unprecedented individual” that was a helpful reminder to me personally. And it resonates.

    Specifically though, the brief example about Paul (of Tarsus) was interesting (and a bit surprising) to me. I think of him as mostly a mysogynist (e.g., “women submit to husband”) … so to see or hear TGU refer to him as “transformed” is a contrast for me.

    I do understand what it is like to have Jesus suddenly show up in an individual’s personal, physical experience. It is basically shocking, and the (his) energy is very intense. When he eventually distanced himself from me (from 10 feet to about 35 feet), things got a bit more comfortable (but I was still in shock).

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