Paul Brunton on how to begin the quest

Paul Brunton’s son Kenneth Thurston Hurst writes, in Paul Brunton: A Personal View:

I remember one morning our being joined on the train by a young woman we knew, Mrs. ML, who asked BP one of the most sensible questions I have ever heard any spiritual seeker pose.

“How exactly do we get started on the quest?” she asked. “What exactly do we have to do?”

My father replied: “First by acknowledging the existence of a Higher Power that lends purpose to our lives. Second, by practicing the remembrance of that Higher Power throughout the day, by going within and taking a Godbreak. Third, by setting aside time daily to try to commune with the Higher Power through meditation. Fourth, by reading about the spiritual quest, studying it through the words of others who have followed it throughout the centuries. Fifth, by practicing its principles in everyday life, by trying to live up to and expressing all that is fine and noble in our nature.”

The quest is a three-fold path, my father explained to this lady, encompassing and developing feeling, intellect and character.

Paul Brunton: A Personal View, by Kenneth Thurston Hurst, p. 134



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  1. From a brochure created by my (years-ago) Zen teacher titled “Nurturing your spiritual practice”
    Study: carefully read and reflect on “wisdom writing” 15 minutes daily.
    Expression: journal or pray for 5-30 minutes daily.
    Silence: spend 5-30 minutes daily being still and quiet.
    Group: have a group to meet with weekly … monthly at the longest.
    Resolve for Mindfulness: be resolved to be mindful, present and attentive, open to and engaged with whatever each moment presents to you.

    Funny how the ‘message’ from completely different sources is so similar!? 🙂

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