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Sunday, August 5, 2018

9 a.m. Something that had fallen asleep awakened again, a minute or two ago, on reading in Paul Brunton’s chapter “Karnak Days.” [A Search in Secret Egypt.] Just as – Ouspensky? somebody – described, I experienced a something [within me] waking up. Curious feeling. I wonder when it fell asleep? I’m sure what we read has to do with whether we sleep or waken, but I don’t know which is cause and which is effect.

Is it possible that I sometimes talk to the guys while myself inwardly asleep? If not, have I really been awake all those months in which we talked nearly every day?

You overlook the possibility that this inner awakening may be more state-specific than chronology-driven. Thus perhaps you waken when you communicate, and sleep during at least some of the time when you do not.

Which is chicken and which is egg, if that be so?

Ritual is of course designed to awaken those who partake in it. Religious rites are established specifically to assure that only so much time, and no more, will elapse before a given individual will be reminded, and hopefully awakened. But of course in time everything decays and becomes not tocsin but lullaby. The very act of fulfilling the rite ceases to awaken, and instead lulls further to sleep, because performed only as external habit.

Is this why – as Jung said – the gods never reinhabit the temples they desert? That renewal can come only by moving away from the familiar into new ground?

Well, you don’t go to Mass, do you? And yet you are not an anti-religious zealot. That is, you see the legitimate function of religion and religions, but you cannot derive from exoteric ritual what you need. In that sense, by the way, you are the temple the gods deserted (for you did not desert them, and would love to hold communion with them if they lived here still).

“You” meaning not only me, but us in general, I take it.

Those whom the shoe fits, let them wear it. Those who do not know, let them try it for size.

That’s a different “feel” than I can remember interacting with before.

To stick to the point: A community of people with common intent and a shared ritual (assuring periodic reminders) may have a better chance of remaining awake, or rather continually reawakening without too much lost time. Those of you attempting this on your own must, of necessity, rely upon close unbroken communication with the only part of yourselves not subject to 3D fluctuation, and that is, of course, your inner guidance, your non-3D component, your angels or saints or however you conceptualize your connection with the larger world of which the physical is only a part. What else do you have?

I keep thinking a new age is coming in which science, art, and religion will again be one thing, but of course I know that even if it does come, it will be long beyond our own time.

And – perhaps it has not occurred to you – you would not fit well into it, perhaps. Daniel Boone would have made a poor apartment dweller. Fishermen might not enjoy life inland. No need for further analogies; the point should be clear. You were made to be what you are. Why fight it?

Thinking about what you said here, I guess it was a good instinct that led me to begin keeping a journal all those years ago – 52, next month – even though I was not awake and wouldn’t be awake for many a long year.

Your non-3D never sleeps; it knows what you need; it knows the limits of what you can accept; it knows the most promising avenues for advancement. (It does what it can, and it is up to you to cooperate when you know and to listen when you don’t. Nobody can or would want to compel you to cooperate, or even to listen, but it is in your best interest regardless.) To keep a journal was a step toward remaining conscious, and in due time it provided a continuing venue for communication once begun. But if you had resisted keeping a journal, no doubt other opportunities would have arisen.

I know, “We’re always on Plan B.”

Well – we are. And nothing wrong with it, it’s just the way things are.


10 thoughts on “TGU on waking and sleeping and waking again

  1. Funny , this post was kind of an ‘aside’ for me … until I read Andy’s comment on ‘TGU – Concluding remarks’ (7/20): “I allow myself to constantly be “awake” – in the All-D sense, and not half-awake or asleep.” Big time sparks!!

    I’m very grateful that (for me) this has become the “community of people with common intent and a shared ritual (assuring periodic reminders).” Who would have thought?! 🙂

    1. Dirk and I have been talking, now and again, about setting up a community resource that would do what this blog is doing de facto, only with intent. with a community gathered, it seems a shame for only a few to contribute, when everybody has something to add.

      1. Frank,
        I’m biased (this format is all I’ve known), but I like the blog format. Now I’m firmly in the habit of checking “Recent Comments” I pick up things like Andy’s 8/7 comment on your 6/20 post. I could see immediately how it fit with your 8/5 post … and into my current ‘discussions’ with guidance.

        I suspect those who want to contribute in writing will do so into any ‘structure’, and those who don’t, won’t. TGU commented: Jesus did not write anything, was never recorded/photographed/video taped, spoke to a relatively small number of people, had a very small inner group (12?) … yet that ‘message’ got out.

        Seems the important thing is to ‘speak’ about what one resonates with, in whatever way one chooses … there are many, many way to ‘contribute.’

        1. What Jim says makes sense. You’ve collected a community here, on this blog, of folks. I, like Jim, check in daily to check your (Frank’s) posts and other’s comments. Moving elsewhere won’t necessarily encourage more folks to post comments. And this moderated format allows you to chat offline with folks who post stray comments that might not contribute to the discussion.

          As I read Jim’s comment, my TGU pinged that we should not underestimate the value of the “silent” community. We enter into community when we each read and consider what you bring forth. As each of us works with the material, the whole is affected. The whole benefits. As we are all interconnected, and even more tightly so because of our common interests, how could it be otherwise?

          1. I too value this community. I was trying to figure out a way to encourage people to go the next step. Maybe I should leave well enough alone, on the theory that if it ain’t broken….

  2. If it ain’t broken – yes! Almost like there’s something maybe a bit fragile having found the right conditions of humidity and soil – like a seed maybe getting the courage to risk sprouting. And yes to checking here often, too. Maybe being a little dependent on Frank’s sparks, though everyone’s contribution definitely counts, too. And not being quite clear myself what would be the right kind of participation. Sometimes I just blurt out stuff that feels too far out, sometimes I feel that I really, really should put some work into my blurts to make them somehow more useful or at least understandable before I put them out (but never seem to come round to doing it) and sometimes in the half-awake state at night I feel/taste the porridge of all-at-one so strongly that speaking/writing feels completely unnecessary. Many strands, so hard to know what/who to choose to express. But this community has become important to me.

  3. This community has been ritual for me, a time for being awake to see where I’m really going. Posts like this one add so much clarity to my direction, and the comments show a community of teachers to me, with my place among you. Hard to find such growth conduction in one spot. I like it a lot.

  4. Thank you Frank & All. And ditto, ditto, ditto to all you tells.
    For the very first time in my life NOT to have FELT of “speaking/talking” much! It IS RARE I`ll telling you – I`m known to speak a lot all my life. But all of a sudden in the last (past in time) months – I don`t FEEL like “speaking.” I have had a odd voice in my head in the past weeks, and “the voice” told me to become “a person who LISTEN.” It is “on time” I`ll guess ? Life is always changing.

    Love ye all folks.
    B & B, Inger Lise.

    P.S. Witty Kristiina and I am living “upon the same area” of the Globe, but very peculiar as it is – because it is FELT as far apart “on the other side of the world”. Kristiina could as well (to be) living in China(Finland and Norway and Sweden are neighbours with common borders).

  5. Karnak days… Frank, have you thought of having your own Egypt experience? I am considering putting together another Egypt tour beginning Feb 16, 2019. Small group, dahabiya instead of cruise boat. It would be great to have you along. Past tours are at

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