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Friday, June 1, 2018

2:55 a.m. Getting hard to value much else in life beyond doing this. It’s like everything else is marking time until I can go back to doing this. I don’t know anything equally satisfying. I suppose you’re going to say, “Don’t get carried away, balance is everything.”

Why should we? Some people play golf.

Yeah, go ahead and drop the other shoe. Interesting that I can hear that there’s another shoe to drop, without having any idea what it is, where you’ll go with it.

It’s a freewill universe, right? If you want to get carried away – or if you feel yourself in so strong a tide that you are being carried away regardless, why should we or anyone say nay? It isn’t our job, nor our inclination, to throw “shoulds” at you, only to say, “Yo! Potholes ahead,” or “You’re missing it! Look out the window to the right!” What you do with our reminders, alerts, opinions, kibitzing, is up to you.

Yet you have preferences.

We do. We’ve been over this so often! A parent has strong preferences for his or her child, too, sometimes, but the child must make its own way. The parent who does not cede it autonomy stifles its development. It’s merely a matter of giving autonomy at the proper rate – that is, as soon as the child can handle it, not too soon or too late.

Big “merely.”

You don’t need to tell us! (Not that we are your parents, but there is a certain analogy of function, the ones with a wider experience and maturity in a fiduciary relationship (so to speak) with another whose experience is less.

[I looked up fiduciary responsibility. Fiduciaries are obliged to act in a trustworthy manner on behalf of another, serving that person’s interests without consulting their own preferences or motivations.]

Have I derailed your plans for the morning’s topic?

We’re always on Plan B, as you know, and discussion of process is part of our preferred mode of instruction anyway.

But to continue from yesterday. We are interrelating private and public worlds, you see; personal and impersonal forces; free will and circumstance. You in 3D create your reality but that is not the same thing as saying you create anybody else’s reality. We know that seems paradoxical, and, as we have said before, paradox is a sure sign that something is being misunderstood somewhere.

Yesterday I had a thought that I figured applies, us acting out of character/

That’s right, and we intended to begin there. But you see, we got there anyway, no need to worry.

Should I begin it?

No need. The insight was less an insight than a specific application of what we had been discussing. You realized, “That’s what is going on sometimes,” and yes, it is, sometimes.

You are a bundle of threads in a specific time-place. You are spending your life making decisions as to what you wish to be, or to become, or to continue to be, or to cease to be. This is how you create your character, your bedrock essence. By the end of your life, you have modified the elements you began with, and have molded them into a functioning unit, or haven’t. Either way, you don’t do it in a vacuum. You function amid weather. Now, if we can come up with the proper analogy or metaphor or image, we can make this very clear. Otherwise we will have to hint at it with words.

Interesting. You rely upon me for an image? I would have thought the very opposite, that we depend on you for images.

That’s because it isn’t either way. Instead it is more like we each rely upon the process. The joint mind may bring us what either end alone cannot. But we won’t enter into that now. We hope, with you, that someone out there is listing all the things we’d like to describe “later”!

Yeah, I hope so too, but I doubt it. Anyway –

The image we seek would show the interaction between the individual and the weather that results sometimes in the individual acting “out of character,” so that he or others say he “wasn’t himself.”

I can see that sailors and ships won’t do the job. A person outside with an umbrella in a rain- and wind-storm might be closer, but it doesn’t give the feel of the person confusing external for internal that I think you’re driving at.

We will use words and perhaps the image will emerge.

We have come a long way from the days when I assumed you knew everything, could explain everything, etc.

It took you long enough to get there! But, we’re smiling, you understand.

Your life in 3D seems to you internal and external; intuitive and sensory; self and other; subjective and objective. You do create your reality in what you accept and respond to; you don’t in what exists despite your wishes, or what resists your efforts. Surely this is clear by now.

Well, I can’t speak for others, but it is clear enough to me.

Well, then – making it real – what happens when inner world and outer world interact, as happens every moment?

I get an image of a whirlpool, but that is too smooth; a hurricane, but that is too ordered; tornado (closer) only too violent.

A swirling interaction, though, yes. Continuing, fluctuating, gusting. That’s close to the image we want.

Not a sense of destructiveness so much as an overwhelming disparity of force, so that the individual must somehow adapt to the vast impersonal forces, for the forces are not going to adapt to it. Storm winds, maybe.

There are places in the world where the wind blows unceasingly from one direction for days, weeks, at a time. There are places where the weather fluctuates moment by moment. There are power spots and centers of calm, places of danger and places of safety. The same individual would experience itself differently in different conditions.

Maybe we ought to stick with weather, because weather varies.

At least for the moment, we will. You are affected by the weather even strictly physically (whatever that means). Barometric pressure, heat, humidity, etc., have their effect on the physical organism which means, as well, on the mental / emotional life. Your minds and emotions are not independent of the body. How could they be, and what sense would it make to even have a body, if they were?

I thought this was going to be so simple to explain.

It may be that we have already succeeded in what we need to do. That is, raising the idea may provide the spark people need. But we agree, it does seem like there is more we could say, if only our image served better. Weather isn’t bad, but it is too impersonal.

Aha, another flash. It doesn’t include the sense of good and evil forces.

Yes, that’s true. it doesn’t make sense to speak of good or evil in connection with weather. The hurricane winds that destroy an island, or the tornado that tears up a town, are not evil, merely destructive in effect. They do not call up and use the evil within a person, and that is what we have not yet been able to get across.

What about some environmental factor like a shrill noise, or an annoying static buzz, or something else that riles anyone in the vicinity?

That is closer to it, in a way. The stress here is on the cause-and-effect interaction between “objective, outer” forces and anyone’s “subjective, inner” response.

Music! Ambient music that is either raucous, or soothing, or exciting, or inspiring, or – any of the range of effects music can produce.

Yes. That is a good image, and we can begin with that, next time. Excellent.

You don’t wish to continue, even if our hour is up?

The intervening time will serve to clarify and suggest. It will be easier to continue.

All right. Well, it feels like we did accomplish something this morning. Our thanks as always.


6 thoughts on “TGU — Private and public worlds

  1. Hello to all …

    First, regarding “listing all the things TGU has noted to come back to later”, I will commit to begin creating that list. I went back to the beginning of this of this new exchange (starting March 5th) yesterday and began re-reading. So, I will create this list as I re-read. Not sure how quickly this list will be produced, but again, I will commit to doing that.

    Second, I want to remind (all) that we began this TGU process with a suggested image of a “vortex” (presented March 8th). I had initially offered that image, when requested by TGU. I would also note that at the same time, Frank’s friend Ramona offered the metaphor of “astrology” … and quite interestingly, TGU talked about astrology over the last two days. So, there appears to be an inter-connecting process going on.

    Third, today’s scaffolding (e.g., a swirling vortex with weather conditions) has seemed to work for a while. The sailing metaphors throughout this recent material have helped me personally, because sailing is something that I have spent time doing. I really like today’s addition of music playing, while in or experiencing a swirling vortex of weather, personal and impersonal energies, etc. I am curious about where this newer combined metaphor (e.g., vortex and music) will take us.

    Thanks to all involved.

    1. Thanks for undertaking that, and I welcome others making their own lists. Who knows, perhaps different people will see different things. I strongly suspect that different contexts will lead to different mental connections.

  2. ‘Drum beat’ was in my mind just as I scrolled down and saw your suggestion of music. In a very 3D example, our office building is undergoing renovation. Distant yet deep hammering is driving me out of my flipping mind. I can understand why cultures have employed war drums, similar to the constant throb of evil reported in the news. So I put on my headphones (at work) and listen to more ‘deep hammering’, but with the accompanying music making it into something else – something I can stand and actually like. And I suppose there’s a parallel in the news – the throb is an ingredient, but not the only one.

  3. I am not sure how (or whether) this connects with the current conversation, about music, external forces, threads and choices and responses. Last night at band practice (me on cello, two guys playing guitar, we all sing), I noticed and commented on the fact that I felt like another person had taken over my body during the two two cover songs I had just sung. It was a pleasant experience — “I” wasn’t completely gone, but it was like about 80 or 90% of “me” had been set aside. I am not even sure quite when I noticed the feeling. I felt like I sang and played better qualitatively and with less effort than normal. Very nice.

    I have been sending out an intention to be as open as I can to a deeper understanding of these ideas, and to live in a way that is ready for new insights and experiences, so maybe this was one occurrence.

  4. The image I thought of was a person dropped into a worse situation. Because of the forces around a person, they might be moved to do things they might otherwise consider evil.

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