Source material for three new books

I have been asked  when new books based on my ILC conversations with Rita and with Nathaniel will come out.

It will be a while. Publishing these books is an act of faith on Bob Friedman’s part, given that the books don’t exactly fly off the shelves. At present he schedules one per year, publishing in September or October.

Naturally, I am accumulating material faster than that. It occurs to me this morning, while you are waiting, you can always go back and read the originals. Here is a precis of what and where:

The latest Rita book, “It’s All One World”: June 30, 2017 thru Sept 17, 2017

The first Nathaniel book, “Only Somewhat Real”: Sept 16, 2017 thru Nov 23, 2017

The second Nathaniel book, not yet titled: Nov 25, 2017 thru Feb 11, 2018


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