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Thursday, April 26, 2018

5:50 a.m. Very well, let’s go to it again. As yesterday, let’s start with the objective reality of the weather we live among – the world not in its relation to us, primarily, but as it is in itself.

It is a difficult topic to address, because it is as much a half-truth as looking at the world as if it existed primarily as backdrop for the human experience. So if we stray into exaggeration at times, bear that in mind.

It is a mistake to think, “There is the world (there is reality), separate from me, outside of me, and I am a latecomer to the program.” You as 3D individual came late to the show, yes, but to say that is to ignore your connection to all the rest of you that is of its substance and co-exists with the reality of the 3D universe since its beginnings. This is not metaphor, not poetic license. It is fact, but requires explanation.

I assumed you meant that we in our individual lives are souls, but in our connection to our Sam are spirit, and not spirits plural but spirit singular.

Sometimes you surprise us with your leaps.

How can I surprise you? Don’t you know what I know? And before I do, myself, sometimes?

No, it isn’t that predictable. Life in 3D is like peering out at night, or in a rainstorm. Much of the time, your vision is clouded by internal and external factors, and you can see only so far. Then there will be a sudden clearing – lightning, say, only without the connotation of violence – and for an instant you will get glimpses of things far away and usually hidden. That is what happened just now, or so it seems to us.

Interesting. Okay, so –?

So the part of you that is, in fact, undifferentiated spirit knows things that you-as-fragment cannot, in and of your 3D resources, even in connection with your non-3D resources when considered strictly in connection with your individual soul, rather than with your Sam.

I keep forgetting that we have to adjust our ideas about our non-3D component, ceasing to think that “non-3D = spiritual,” any more than “non-3D = infinite knowledge.”

It is a major readjustment, but it clarifies many things, or rather it clarifies how you think about many things.

I don’t see a different between those two ways of stating it.

It is occasionally important to remind you that changing one’s views does not change what one is viewing. The world changes as far as you are concerned, but it remains what it was, however unknowable that may be. So, readjusting your view of the scope and limitation of the 3D / non-3D combined being – which we are calling the All-D for convenience – changes your possibilities, but obviously does not change what is inherent, only what is practical.

Now what does it mean for you, in practice rather than merely in theory, that you are in intimate connection with the one undivided eternal spirit? Does it not entirely change your world? How can the indefinable, eternal, undivided spirit coexistent with the founding of the 3D world itself be threatened by contemporary (or past, or future) events? How can it cease to exist? How can it be harmed or even impeded? How can it be even opposed, given that it is part of the whole and – in a way extremely difficult for 3D minds to grasp – is the whole?

This is the point of view people call the oneness experience.

Well – it is and it isn’t. Reality is what it is inherently, but one’s particular view of reality will be colored by everything one brings to the perception.

We’re coming to another “which you” moment, aren’t we?

We are indeed. That’s today’s theme, in fact.

You as 3D mind see reality from the soul’s point of view. You identify with the body’s limitations, and to the extent that you learn to perceive your non-3D components, it is you incorporating a larger field of activity into the already existing, already defined, 3D personality. (There’s nothing wrong with this. It is an inevitable first step. We are not criticizing but analyzing.)

You as spirit existing mostly in the background of 3D mind is another thing entirely. (We don’t mean it is separate; we mean it is to be considered separately.) You as spirit know better than to think that life is merely 3D life, or that your soul is as much as you are. [That is, that our soul is all we are.] You as spirit identify not with any one character in the play, nor even with the playwright, nor even with the theater director, but with everything. Well, how easily do you suppose that a point of view that identifies with everything can make itself clear to a point of view that identifies around one body and soul? You as spirit can hardly even be called a point of view; more like, a field of view. There isn’t the distortion of perspective caused by a single viewing-point.

So, I gather than the point is that if we learn to express, or experience, the undivided-spirit field of view, our way of experiencing the world (meaning, our lives) changes too.

What you said isn’t wrong, but it is far from the whole story. It isn’t so much about your potential to live a satisfying, less fear-filled life – though this is an obvious side-effect – as it is your potential to help all of you manifest rather than any of you.

Hmm, I think I get that. I have been thinking of it as, “Growing to see things this way is important tin our self-development,” and I think you are saying, “Yes, that’s all well and good, but it isn’t about you as individual souls, really, but about the one undivided spirit.” Only, it’s difficult to apply that in practice.

But not so difficult in concept. In concept you can see that what benefits the whole may or may not immediately benefit the part. In fact, the immediate effect for some parts may be harmful, at least in 3D manifestations. So whenever you step back into your soul perspective, you will count the cost to your 3D persona. When you are in your undivided spirit perspective, you will not only be willing that the cost be paid, you may not count it as a cost at all.

This is the psychology of religious martyrs, isn’t it?

That’s too broad a generalization, but that is a part of it, yes. Opinion, stubbornness, opposition, circumstance may all enter into it, but the martyrs who went cheerfully to their death were obviously identifying not with their one, 3D, contingent, liable-to-destruction selves but to the eternal sureness underneath. Only, of course, they weren’t necessarily thinking of things this way. They were identifying with the eternal untouchable part of themselves, and how they thought about it didn’t really affect what was going on. Well, it affected them in that it gave them courage and sureness, but we mean the identification did not depend on the definitions they put around it.

An important start, today. More another time.

Yes, I get that. Very well, thanks and see you next time.


4 thoughts on “TGU — two viewpoints, soul and spirit

  1. “You as spirit identify not with any one character in the play, nor even with the playwright, nor even with the theater director, but with everything. ”

    Today’s poat explains an experience I had in Event Horizon, a SAM program at TMI. I had some unresolved issues concerning 911. Even though I wasn’t working that day and the aircraft involved were from other airlines, I was horrified at what had happened. As a commercial airline pilot, to me, it was the ultimate breach of trust to have the airplanes taken away from the crews and used as weapons of destruction. I had nightmares about that.

    In one of my exercises, I found myself in an airplane flying into the World Trade Center towers. I did not choose to view this scenario, but I trusted my guidance when I found myself in it and went with it. It was interesting that I was no one person, but all of the people in that airplane. I felt the thoughts and feelings of the passengers and crews, almost as if it were a cloud I had entered and sensed. Out of curiosity, I moved forward to the hijackers. Sure enough, I could feel their intensity and sensed their reasons for such desperate actions. I was no longer Jane, who was horrified by the incident. I was something detached from the participants in the incident, but yet an integral part of the all.

    I didn’t identify with any one character. I identified with them all. How interesting!

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