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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

2:50 a.m. All right, friends, we said the 3D and non-3D and its application to all this – unfortunately leaving “all this” a little undefined. But I assume this means something more specific to you than it does to me.

Of course. It serves as a place marker, because our problems of orientation are the – reciprocal? opposite? complement? – to yours. You wonder where we’re going, we wonder which bit to offer at which time. So, any place gets us started. The function of a “topic for next time” is mostly to alleviate your anxiety.

So, yesterday we set out the idea that all moments of time-space (as opposed to “all moments of time” which isn’t as accurate) are equally alive, equally active, and the difference between this moving present-moment you experience in 3D and every other moment – the “past,” the “future” – lies in the physical movement of the earth, locating your 3D body here rather than there. This is a vastly important subject that will lead you far, but there are so many subjects to link it to! That is, the context for this new way of seeing your lives is so extensive, it may take a while to sketch.

And, while we’re on the subject,

Lost it.

No importance. But concentrate a little more.

All right.

So we will pick up this or that aspect of things, as we are so moved, and you see it won’t matter very much in which order we do so. If there are 26 letters to be discussed and today we pick H when we haven’t picked G beforehand, ultimately it won’t make any difference. Or rather, it will, but it won’t hinder anything.

However, this is going to require a tremendous amount of work of the reader, and the less work you do, the less readjustment you have to [that is, can] expect. We don’t want you memorizing nor accepting on blind faith nor rejecting out of hand nor limiting yourselves to what may be logically derived from the material as we happen to present it. Rather, we want you to pay attention to us and pay equal attention – at least equal attention – to your own intuitive promptings, which are likely to catch sparks we throw off. You can fan those sparks into flame, if you pay proper attention, and thus you can learn more than we can teach. In fact, that is the only way you can learn (as opposed to parrot or believe).

All right. We can’t be saying that every time, but it isn’t like we can say it once for all, because you all forget.

Given that your lives are spent traversing a living conscious universe moment by moment, bear in mind that so does your non-3D component. Only, it isn’t that simple.

When is it ever? But I’m with you. OT1H [on the one hand] our non-3D must be here with our 3D, as we’re all one thing. OTOH [on the other hand] our non-3D component is not confined to this present moment any more than it is confined to this present place, which means, neither are we. At least, that’s the inference I draw.

Or in other words, your self-definitions are inadequate. Correct. So let’s look at it. This 3D experience is limiting, but it is not punishment, nor ignorance, nor detour, no matter what religions or philosophies argue. It may be seen as any of these, because of course it shares the characteristics of any of those situations, but that is not all it is, nor even is it all of them together. And it is precisely to help you see these things in a new light that Bob Monroe and Seth and so many people in and out of 3D came to say. This is a more interesting, more hopeful situation you are in (that is, 3D life) than it may sometimes appear. If people sell it short, that is usually because they are in pain, are feeling isolated, are feeling disoriented, or for some reason are identifying strongly with a sense of inherent meaninglessness or of separation and the logical and emotional effects of separation.

Why would an All-D creature benefit from all this? No, let’s start again.

Working from the assumption that anyone in 3D is in fact in All-D (of necessity, because everyone in any of the dimensions must be in all of them, perceiving them or not), you come to the realization that your non-3D components necessarily share your 3D limitations to some degree. We need a good visual analogy.

A deep-sea diver tethered to his life-support on the surface? We in 3D being the divers, our non-3D being our life-support?

It is an attractive metaphor, in several ways. We’ll try it out and lean on it until it breaks under the weight we place on it. If your non-3D is tightly coupled to its 3D components, as it is, then necessarily its awareness is going to be tethered to the awareness of its 3D, as well.

I think you mean, if I’m in January, 1953 in Mexico City, so is my non-3D.

Well – let’s say that your non-3D is temporarily centering itself there.

And I’m only in 1953 because the sun has pulled the Earth over a particular place in the time matrix which is the 1953 place, and as it pulls us beyond it, obviously I – and everyone else on earth – am pulled with it, willy-nilly (or will-he, nil-he, as it once was).

Yes, but now realize, just as in your present moment your non-3D is centered in but not confined to the moment the 3D body is, so always.

I get the sense of a solid point – us in 3D – and almost a gaseous envelope that is tied to the point but not limited to it, that floats somewhat free of it.

That may do for the moment. The point to be gathered is that the 3D experience is fully shared by the non-3D aspects of the entire (All-D) being.

Which is why you aren’t all-knowing in the way we start out expecting.

And why you are more than your physical bodies, and why you know more, can do more, and are of more importance, than you sometimes think. And why it is so important to break down this putting us on a pedestal, or defining us out of existence, or thinking we are “spiritual” (or even “mental”) while you are physical. All those alternative errors serve to distance yourselves from a large part of your potential. Fortunately, in practice you often disregard the walls you construct, but you can do better now, and it is time to do so.

We aren’t on our own, and never have been.

That’s right. Now, living as if you were on your own has had its advantages in exercising independence and in stretching your capacities to function without conscious connection with the larger part of you. After all, that is only a slight extension of what’s going on in the 3D experience anyway. But so much more is possible once you reunify the alienated parts of the whole.


Meaning, your 3D component often acts as if the rest of it did not exist, or was irrelevant. We want you to try to envisage living not only in continuous conscious connection (you are already in non-conscious connection, of course) but in active cooperative connection, which is another thing.

And this is something that cannot be described but might be “imagined” – that is, you may be able to catch something of the sense of it by fanning that spark; you will not get it by further logical exposition. How would your life look if your 3D were in continuous active cooperative connection with your non-3D? What would this make possible, even inevitable? How would your lives feel?

We’ll leave on that note. Next time perhaps we should tie in the idea of the vast impersonal forces to the geography of the 3D present moment.

Well, it’s deeply interesting. Thanks as always.


4 thoughts on “TGU – The non-3D sharing our space

  1. “How would your life look if your 3D were in continuous active cooperative connection with your non-3D? What would this make possible, even inevitable? How would your lives feel?”

    I heard a clarion bell, a high clear sound, in my heart/mind when I read this. It’s the sound that says to me, “Awake! Remember!” And I feel this deep, incredible joy.

    Living in continuous active cooperative connection with the non-3D is the same way that Jesus and the masters lived. It is the “christing” of the individual, as the new thought churches have proposed. It’s us stepping into what we are capable of doing, what we came here to do.

    I don’t know how that is done or what I need to do to get there. I suspect it will be different for each of us. For now, I have touched the joy. I will hold that feeling in my imagination and see what becomes of it.

  2. Really thrilling stuff! Thank you!
    I was reading through my journal and in February I wrote that we are like the tip of the octopus arm wiggling into places to inquire what is there. If the surface of the arm does not know the connection to the octopus itself, it will feel scared and alone. And the constantly changing scenery is stressful. If the arm can know and feel being a part of the whole octopus it makes a difference to the arm. The drama will tone down.
    Right now I have been listening inside for what to do next instead of thinking. It is fun and works surprisingly well. Not thinking or to do lists, just following the hunches. Even some items on to do list get done. Feels like freedom. Very reassuring to see it works as I have been a heavy thinker. Seems I can lighten up.

  3. “How would your life look if your 3D were in continuous active cooperative connection with your non-3D?” I stayed with that a while, too, thinking about how often in a day I’m in that state of awareness–when I wake up, when I run, when I talk to ‘them’ during the day, when I feel gratitude, etc. Then I realized we would look like masters (not students) if we were living our lives from this perspective. Made me think of an old saying, “When I don’t know who I am, I serve you. When I know who I am, I am you.”
    [That came from the latest Ram Dass documentary just up on Netflix. He’s quoting Hanuman.]
    All the comments are so helpful, often in unexpected ways.

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