Nathaniel on filters and good and evil

Friday, December 2, 2017

7:25 a.m. All right, my friends. Last time, I think you wanted to talk about good and evil within our perceived 3D reality, only we got diverted. Still want to talk about that? Or, do you have something else in mind?

Did you ever wonder how a topic and a moment of time come together?

That’s an odd way to put it.

It [the way of putting it] stems from the way the subjects look to us.

The analogy that sprang to mind is how the Irish, in speaking English, spoke through their accustomed grammar and syntax, resulting in a very different form of English. No need to limit it to the Irish, I suppose, but they are the most prominent examples, maybe because they were the colonial people who came here with the longest experience of living under the English. Black Africans added native words – goobers, say – and Indians added expressions (Great Spirit) as well as specialized vocabulary like “canoe.” Other immigrants added vocabulary, I guess. But maybe only the Irish brought in a new way of talking by twisting their accustomed Gaelic way of speaking and preserving it in English. Probably everything I’m saying is wrong, and I’m not sure why I’m even going on about it.

You will remember that you woke up with a fragment of a dream, and the words “conscious channel.” When you wrote that down, you misremembered, and added “of communication,” but that didn’t distort it. Let’s talk about the process of communication. You may think you’ve exhausted the subject already, but not so.

What we want to talk about is that twist that takes place between the source and the receiver. You have become accustomed to thinking of difficulties in communication as problems of focus, but it is a subject more complicated than that.

Let us define terms. You in 3D are a subset of you as you exist in full. That is, you in All-D, your full self, is experienced by you as [being] a 3D self and a non-3D self. (Often enough, the non-3D self is not even experienced at all, but we will confine the discussion to the better-case scenario.)

Your full self, in turn, is a subset of a Sam, its creator, its parent. There is no interruption between a Sam and its creatures. However, bear in mind that, at the same time, a Sam and its creatures are not identical. By definition, a Sam is itself and whatever number of subsets it has created. Any one of those subsets is not the same as the creator and all the other subsets. So – difficult in words and logic, but the reality may be intuited – you and your Sam both are and are not identical.

A case for four-value logic, in which a thing may be “both A and B” or “neither A nor B” as well as either “A = B” or “A not = B.”

That’s correct.

So, you  function as an autonomous individual (within the now-understood limits of the word “individual”), responsible for your own 3D existence. Additionally, you sometimes or continuously experience conscious communication with your non-3D component. The degree and continuity of communication defines the conditions of your mental and psychic life while in 3D.

Additionally, you may experience something of the nature of your Sam. They may come as blinding insights, or as unshakable certainties, or as inexplicable but undoubtable realities. We won’t speak more of this, at least not at the moment, but only note that the experience does occur.

Our non-3D acting as the intermediary, I take it?

More like your non-3D portion having an expanded awareness on the one hand and a clear channel to you on the other hand. And although we don’t intend to talk about it, lest we get distracted from the main point at the moment, let us remind you that not everything the 3D consciousness happens to perceive directly concerns it. Sometimes, you overhear.

Our inexplicable dreams?

Among other manifestations.

And, like children, just because we perceive does not mean we properly understand.

Of course. So, the point here is that you in 3D do not exist in isolation, but you can’t be said to exist in firm communication, either. Sometimes there is static; sometimes there is interruption (at least, as perceived on your end). And even when the channel is clearest, without static, without interruption, you yourselves, by what you are, innocently and silently twist what you hear into your familiar patterns, like native Gaels speaking English.

I have questions, but I get that I should defer them.

Let’s set out the argument first and elaborate it, or critique it, afterwards. Our point here is that what you may see as a regrettable deficit may equally fairly be seen as a fact of life to be accepted. Is the Irish or Jewish [or, it occurred to me later, the Pennsylvania Dutch] variant of the English language as spoken necessarily a detriment? May it not be seen as the spice of life? Similarly with each of you. Your being, your essence, which means among other things your accumulated store of assimilated experience, goes into the creation of the window into 3D that you are. So naturally the non-3D as it flows in will have an accent, so to speak. That is not a defect but a fact of life, and a spice, and even a set of clues.

And our varying views of life may be clues for each other?

They may if you are of a mind to use them that way. But that mindset – like any mindset – is in itself part of your “twist,” part of the filter through which you experience and express your life. Can you see the relevance of this to the subject of good and evil in 3D life?

Huh! That’s an unexpected twist. I at least have a sense of it, but not enough that I would be able to express it clearly.

Each of you speak “3D” with an accent. The things you have been through in your existence since creation out of your Sam, plus the level of openness to input from your orienting non-3D component (that level being, itself, a product of past experience and resolutions, or, say, experience and consequent decisions), make each of you an individual unit, a different window, into 3D for the Sam and what is behind the Sam. You are a window, and a voice, and an accent.

But what it is that you experience, and express? Is it not everything that is manifest and unmanifest, within the limits of your capacity?

I think that sentence is likely to be misinterpreted.

Rephrase it, then.

We, by what we are, express only what we can experience. Some experiences are closed to us, some cannot be properly interpreted, some are ambiguous, and only some are straightforward, or anyway seemingly so.

All true. But there is one more nuance that may not be clear.

We are transceivers. We receive, but we also broadcast, and what we broadcast is as much a part of our nature as what we can receive.

And hence to an interaction with good and evil; also with virtue, vice, sins and assistance.

Think what you may, evil exists, for you. You may talk around it and say it is merely the absence of good or whatever, but the fact remains, some things will be evil in relation to your system of values. That being so, why go out of your way to prove yourself “too enlightened” to believe in evil? In practice, evil exists for each of you. You don’t all have the same lineup of suspects, you don’t have the same list [of evils], but you all have a list. This isn’t an error and it isn’t an accident. It is inevitable. That’s 3D – limitation and choice.

The same values that lead you to see certain things as evil lead you to see other things as good. (These need not be opposites; they may be quite unrelated to one another. An evil – cruelty, say – may coexist with a good that is not its opposite — nurturance, perhaps.)

From these values spring rules or guidelines to maximize your goods and minimize your evils. Habits and choices may help you, and you call them virtues, or they may obstruct, and you call them vices.

And as we have said many times, the seven deadly sins are not so much prohibitions as warning signs: “These are some ways of missing the mark. They lead in the wrong direction.”

That’s right. Like any generalized statement, different parts will apply to different individuals. What is an endless struggle for one will not even disturb another – but that other will have demons of his or her own to contend with.

I hear you; I’ll name them, according to my acronym LEG CAPS. Lust, envy, gluttony, covetousness, anger, pride, and sloth or ennui. Pride is traditionally chief of all.

And there is your hour, plus some.

Many thanks.


8 thoughts on “Nathaniel on filters and good and evil

  1. I think your channeling and our stories are examples of experiencing the nature of your/our Sam. I was also struck by “the degree and continuity of communication defines the conditions of your mental and psychic life while in 3D.” Just hadn’t thought of it that way. And you’ve given me a deeper understanding of the being or essence we bring to each decision point, with our “accent,” our “spice,” and how this can be a set of clues. Your work comes to me as “unshakable certainties.” I’m so grateful for it.

    1. Thank you & Christmas -greetings, friends.

      Today by reading this last material, and Jane`s comment — One way or the other came to be thinking about some old memories(about the ALZHEIMERS patients).
      The one person to have known once upon a time, ALWAYS to be among the kindest and the most caring personalities to have met – thoughout his whole life. And he was my close school-friends father.
      He was a very HUMBLE personality in every way(my old friends family were neighbours of my parents in almost 35 years). And when meeting with my old school-mate many years afterwards, where she told me about her father to have got the Alzheimer disease. She told me her father in to have changed his behaviour complety. He had become aggressive and angry about all and everything.
      Her mother who was then, in her still 80s, living together with her husband in their old childhood-home and caring for him. But when my friend told at last, they were forced – one day – moving him into a retirement home for the senile peoples.
      And when that day came for moving him away from home(for him to be picked up by “the men in white coats/robes”, to the hospital) – when the nurses came, picking him up from his old home ( the old house in him to have built himself as a young man back in time when he became married) —
      My friend told me it was really terrible because her old good-hearted and humble DAD, shouting both to her, and to the old mother of hers (at the age of 82 years old), that he (her dad) would come again and “TO TAKE REVENGE” on both, because they were “FORCING HIM OUT OF HIS OWN HOME.”
      Soon afterwards he died at the Retirement home – only a month afterwards. My friend(who was living far away then) telling me her mother visited him once a week. And he continued to become hostile toward hers.

      The point is: “HOW could a lifelong KIND, the almost 60 years of marriage, and a caring husband & dad(a hardworking and a generous man, and as a warm-hearted human being, changes his personality so dramatically ? As my friend told me: “He became HATEFUL.”

      I have another similar story likewise – but WHERE is it “coming from” ?
      Is it old subjugated emotions & feelings from “the past” ?

      P.S. I am to recall we have done some discussions about Alzheimers in the former years. But anyhow, termed as “a disease.”
      Hm, Rudolf Steiner calling illness`s as evil – illness as accumulated “wrong” thoughts. But what he means by calling sickness as “Evil” I do not quite understand – other than the esoteric meaning usually to have told illness to arise out of “the lack of Love.”

      1. I don’t know, of course, but what about this? What if Alzheimer’s (or a stroke sometimes) doesn’t change who the person is, but releases all the repressed impulses of a lifetime? In that case, the meaner the person now appeared, in a way you could say, the more they are to be honored for having consistently repressed such feelings during the time they had control.
        of course, even if that it true, it isn’t simple. Maybe Steiner meant, things repressed rather than dealt with (made conscious and integrated) are, in effect, evidence of work that wasn’t done.

        1. Frank ? Thank you too indeed — As close as it can be I`ll suppose.
          Actually, my thoughts about the same has been quite similar. They say patients who have had Heart-Attacks also changes their former behaviour & humour. THAT I KNOW by THE OWN experience. Both my late father and mother got cardiac-arrests.
          And according to the doctors both my sister and I am “in the danger-zone” because of “the genes.”

          Well, well, One Day at “a Time.”
          BTW: it is a very nice song titled: “Somewhere out there” by the singers Linda Ronstadt & James Ingram….The song is on YouTube.
          LOL, Inger Lise.

      2. Hi Ingerlise …

        I can talk about this a bit (but first please forgive my 3D accent … lol). Maybe this will provide some context. I cared for my father who had alzheimers-dementia 24 hours a day for 4 years. I think we have discussed this before.

        My personal experience is that the disease “generally” changes behaviors progressively as the patient becomes more (1) detached / despondent and (2) agitated (physical or vocal aggression). None of this was perceptibly evil from my experience, but there was definitely confusion most of the time. The person with alzheimers is NOT who they were.

        Isolating (in a home) does not help them – both despondency and agitation can increase.

        The best thing that I could do for my father was “to consciously time my contact” with him. Ideally, when he would wake up from a restful nap, “he was there again” for a brief time. So, that’s when I would talk to him, and tell him the things that I wanted him to hear for that day. That’s when I could touch his hand to communicate affection to him, and he could feel it without the interference from the disease. I could ask him what he really wanted instead of just placing food in front of him. It was different for him (and me). This had a countering effect upon his less conscious behaviors (e.g., like when I had to give him a shower and he would fight me).

        Now let’s talk about this non-physically (again excuse by 3D accent)

        When his physical body died, he attempted to contact me (e.g., I sensed he was around home for 3 weeks before he moved on) but the azheimers-dementia was not there. He was weak but much more lucid. Eventually, he got some help moving on. So overall, my experience suggest that the biological brain seems to have a lot to do with this disease (e.g., and its not a mind thing, but the mind probably retains the memories of it). I may ask him about this, if I see him again.

        How does this relate to the flow that Nathaniel talk about? Well, we take our mind with us and the non-physical energies still flow to it.

        Three years after his transition (last year), my father began working with me as I discovered and was introduced to various strands supporting me. In these non-physical experiences, I can tell you that I have seen no alzheimers-dementia in his non-physical behavior. In fact, he very different than his human self. So, the disease and its effects seem very restricted to just the biological apparatus from my experience.

        Hope this helps.

        1. Indeeed, and thank you very much Subtle Traveller.

          But I must tell you of myself do not have had any experience with Alzheimers in my family, except for one aunt, who got cancer at the age of 86, and thereby also becamw slightly senile fora while, until her death the same year as hospitalized with the cancer.
          I have only had close firends telling me about theirs (close family members) whom I am too, once to have known very well.
          My own experience with the alzheimers patients are likened with nill-Zero-O, to tell the truth but ALWAYS wondering.

          But OH my, how very grateful I am, in to learn by what others(as yours)telling me about it – because to have HEARD so much about the disease from others.

          You are very lucky you know because you do KNOW the correlation between the 3-D and the non-physical existense.
          It is worse for the peoples whose 6th & 7th senses are not working as yet.

          I am to recall when meeting with my old friend, approximately 18 years ago, how I was tempted to tell her(when my old friend told me about her fathers Alzheimer-story); the fact of her father “TO BE ALL RIGHT NOW” as any death is not what she to beleive it is: But rather as a spiderweb bounded with the eternal. ….as I, back then preoccupied with the study of the Edgar Cayce Readings, and ACIM and Paramahansa Yogananda & Swedenborg, Teosophy & Steiner( suppsingly many more whom I cannot recal right now) back then.
          As to recall, “something” held me back to make comments about anything at all when listening to my old school-mate (other to tell “I`m sorry”). And then realized the two of us all different “personalities” when thinking back ….. And during our conversation, quickly to understand “to keep my mouth shut” as it was HERS – the story about her fathers, and I am “the listener.”
          Funny with “the accent”- it makes the life more “colorful” or ? (but important) – SMILES.
          Again, thank you very much, and hopefully, me to become a bit wiser.

          1. Ingerlise …

            I did not have an “All-D” understanding during the 4 year experience of taking care of this parent. I had a strictly 3D focus. I had stopped discussing my non-physical experiences many years ago. Those around me did not want to hear about them. They mostly wanted me to “get a religion or system of beliefs”, and I did not have a framework to deal with their highly contrasting opinions of me, so I basically became very introspective and quiet.

            My opening to the non-physical came since 2013 (afterwards). I began my own self-initiated re-learning and experiences after my father’s death, because I finally had time to do that. So, even two years ago, I could not have shared with you in the three contexts or perspectives above (e.g., 3D and non-3D and All-D).

  2. Thank you friend, Subtle Traveller.
    I am admiring you deeply anyway.
    Oftentimes to have seen how much LOVE and compassion between close family members in the caring about each others wellfare. Many times it is really unconditional love to be shown among us; us, the members of the human race.

    Edgar Cayce have had a reading about it, but cannot recall other words (of the reading) than these….quote: “There IS SO MUCH LOVE WITIHIN YOU(the human race), as much as it is not MEASUREABLE(in the human terms)….” And then something about “to find back to it…”
    I am to recall the reading right now, hm ?

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