Rita: Enough with the easy stuff

Saturday, September 2, 2017

8 p.m. I doubt I’m going to have a very restful night, Rita, so let’s have a session now, if we can. Seems to me we’re about ready for some questions / objections, to point your commentary.

Feedback is always valuable for that purpose. We shall see what we shall see. Meanwhile, let us continue on refocusing your view of your world in light of the fact that the world, and you in the world, are larger than 3D “common sense” allows for. It changes everything, while changing none of the facts you already know about.

No, but they change in effect, in their new context.

It is always that way, with anything. So when you look at all the features of 3D life that you had hoped to escape with your transition into the next life, and realize that in some way they will continue to affect you, because (a) you are still “here,” though under new conditions, and (b) this environment

No, I lost that, about when I got to writing (b). (Is that (a) and (b) business me, or you?)

Meaningless question, in that the answer would advance nothing. Call it the result of our temporary joint mind – which it is – and leave it at that.


I was saying that you don’t escape the conflicts and passions of 3D merely by dying.

There goes Plan B.

On the other hand, you are not the same, therefore they (or their impact on you) are not the same. You don’t wind up coming back in the same window you just left.

I know that at least some people will find that a relief.

[At this point came a phone call from my brother in California, and after that I used the nebulizer (hoping to clear my lungs for the night) and went to bed.]


Sunday, September 3, 2017

5:55 a.m. Well, that wasn’t so bad. The nebulizer got me through the night pretty well – the nebulizer, and the windows closed, and a sleeping bag spread over the two light blankets I had been using. Time to move into Autumn mode, I guess, though I’m always reluctant to say goodbye to summer. Paul and I talked two hours, last night, and of course there was no going back to talking to Rita after that. But as it happened, an easy night, so no problem.

So, Rita? To continue? Or – if you have something else in mind, to do that?

Let’s continue, because we are at a place many will find difficult; therefore it is important and potentially transformative. As I continue to say, it is in the wrestling with the material that the chance of transformation arises, not in the rejection or easy acceptance.

Here is the problem in a nutshell, and you may do with it whatever you are able to do. Conditions change, and definitions become inadequate and even harmful (because describing something in words that no longer apply). If you lose awareness that you are dealing with changed conditions and therefore with misleading accustomed concepts, your ideas will go far afield of reality, far afield of the thing being described (or, anyway, pointed at).

So when I say that all the passions and worries of the world are automatically part of non-3D because, by definition, in All-D, it is easily misconstrued.

Was “worries” the right word? I had resistance to writing it, but then did it anyway. But, I mean, presumably after we die we don’t have to remember to pay bills or go grocery shopping or maintain our health. Worries?

As I said, easily misconstrued. That is a good example, and an example of the need to tease out the meaning rather than rejecting or accepting without thought. Of course, in the teasing-out is the possibility of silently rewriting it to say what you expect rather than what you can’t quite immediately figure out, so guard yourselves against that temptation. But, do the work. Tease it out, if only tentatively.

And comment to us on the blog or by email and we’ll pose the question.

For as long as you are in a position to do that, yes. After you cease this interaction, all the questions about “but am I bringing forth the real Rita” will of course arise.

Despite all our cautions in advance against depending on the presumed authority of the messenger rather than the weight of the material itself.

That’s what usually happens. No reason to assume it won’t happen with us.

Unless this is all forgotten anyway.

That is less likely. Once something is expressed, it has additional life and is less fragile, you might say. It isn’t a matter of numbers, but of expression. You’ll see.

If you say so.

So, the word and concept “worries.” Clearly you won’t be paying bills and making doctor’s appointments. But that level of 3D worry is only an expression of a deeper level of concern.

I paused at that word. I can feel your hesitation, looking for a more accurate word with fewer misleading associations.

Yes. Not “concerns” as in dramatic situations, more on the level of everyday attention that must be paid in order for 3D life to proceed. The underlying mental habit is what persists, the habit of continuous monitoring of the on-going situation to see if your participation is warranted. You, your mind – which, Frank, you will remember the guys calling a habit-system – remain as you were. But time itself is different. Space itself is different, in a sense non-existent, in a sense fluid and incorporeal, somewhat as you experienced time while confined to 3D. So, in a sense, you experience the same world you did while confined to 3D awareness, but now you experience it so differently that it may seem unrecognizable.

I had it, while writing that out, but I think I’ve lost it again.

In any case it will have to be spelled out, and that won’t be done easily or even, perhaps, fluently.

I get the sense of our reliving our lives rather than moving on.

Not quite, though the initial “feel” of the material may suggest that. But it is going to require some expert sketching on both of our parts, because we are beyond the easy parts. Now we set out to sketch what can be said and heard only after the long process of setting straight assumptions and definitions.

Did you just say that up to now it has been easy, and now we’re getting to the hard part?

Well, don’t over-dramatize it. In a sense that’s always true as you move on to more advanced material. Remember the charts on the wall in your second-grade classroom?

I do indeed, and if that is an appropriate analogy, that is very encouraging, so thanks. I remember looking at the little decorations – they were scarcely more than that, perhaps construction paper, saying things like – I remember this well, because it puzzled me for months until we got to multiplication – 2 x 3 = 6. I didn’t understand why the plus sign was crooked, nor why 2 + 3 didn’t equal 5 as they should. That really is a hopeful example, Rita, thanks. And, if I’m not mistaken, I’m getting a pass for the rest of the day.

No harm in your taking a holiday tomorrow. You haven’t been taking a day off from this quite as regularly as you might.

Okay. Well, see you whenever.


4 thoughts on “Rita: Enough with the easy stuff

  1. Question: Are we still comprised of our strands in non-3D? That may be an obvious question, but I’m seeing everything differently now.

  2. This continues to be a helpful work Frank, as you place yourself into the role of interpreter of this material. I am still unable to pull my thoughts together after the loss of my personal computer, so I am just putting this out there.

    I have been struggling with formulating a question around an old topic for a couple of weeks now (and wondering if Rita might loop back to it). After reading yesterday’s flow of discovery from Rita, I have decided to simply “tease out” this old topic. On August 4 to 6, Rita strongly suggested finding or formulating a metaphor for the All-D. I do not remember the material (since) specifically getting back to this task or discovery. Did I simply miss this answer? And I admit that these questions may be presenting themselves because of some perceived disorientation on my part.

    With this stated, can you ask Rita if we are heading (surreptitiously) towards this August 4 to 6 discovery? Has it been temporarily shelved to address important side trails and shrubbery?

    I trust that you have the general idea of my question, so if important, I will let you tease out this topic with your own process with Rita. Thanks again for what you are doing here.

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