Rita on unsuspected non-3D influences

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

7:30 p.m. Rita, shall we go at it again?

Subject to limitations on your energy, certainly. You can type it up tomorrow, perhaps. That worked well.

So, what comes next? Trauma as it appears in All-D, as opposed to 3D, I suppose.

We may make the attempt, anyway.

Not going to be so easy?

There are various points of resistance: your anticipated reader response, your own potential resistance to concept, and my inability, or let us say the limits to my ability to produce a coherent statement.

Other than that, though, no problem.

Exactly. But – it is a logical extension of what we have begun, and it is an area that is often left unspoken and even (apparently) un-thought-of, probably for just the reasons I cited.

Where do you suppose passions come from? Unreasoning certainties? Impatience of opposition or even of contrary thought? Is isn’t only a 3D phenomenon. It doesn’t stem only from the compression of 3D time and limits on emotion and equilibrium.

A little roughly stated, but let’s keep on rather than trying to smooth out the language. We can do that later if need be.

Yes, it is better to at least make a good beginning. The 3D circumstances that force you to continually choose do make for a pressure-cooker existence in that respect. They encourage leaping to conclusions, misunderstanding one another, brushing aside or trying to brush aside disagreement or opposition. But now try to remember that all this takes place within a larger whole that may be forgotten. When you are snarling at an opponent, or engaging in a war with another nation, when you are in raptures of romantic love, or ecstatic with new ideas or with the creation of a work of science or art or mathematics, when you are in religious ecstasies, when you are deep in aesthetic enjoyment of a work of art in a museum – no matter what you do or how emotionally engaged you are, the 3D elements of that experience may be all that you are aware of, but obviously it is experienced by all the unsuspected parts of your being that we are describing as in other dimensions, the non-3D portion of totality. Well, what makes you think it flows only one way?

Rhetorical question, I realize.

Rhetorical, yes, but important. Your passions seem to you either a natural result of some external event or perhaps as inexplicable visitations from the blue. But bear in mind in this context, as in others, that there are no disconnects in the world.

Everything is connected.

Therefore there are no uncaused events, no random connections, only the appearance of lack of causation or of randomness. Again I say, what makes you think your passions stem from the 3D part of yourself that you are aware of?

I read this strange book, many years ago, and I remember almost nothing of it but the title, War in Heaven. And somebody somewhere said when the gods war, men die. Is this not what you are getting at?

Well – stepping carefully, yes to a degree. But we must not slip back to the mentality of the ancient Greeks, seeing their gods taking sides in their wars, even between individuals. And we must not slip into the idea of malevolent others – whether aliens or gods or mysterious forces – interfering in human affairs. What we here are talking about is the interaction within 3D of motives, forces, conflicts, cooperations, experiments, whose inception is beyond 3D confines but is still a matter of human activity. That is, the non-3D portion of 3D humans may set into motion things that you see play out in 3D, and of course you see it as if only the 3D portion is real. That’s natural; it is the effect of experiencing through your senses.

So did World War I have a non-3D component that can be talked about and perhaps understood? I could choose anything, of course, but for some reason World War I is what comes to mind, perhaps because it destroyed the global Europeanizing civilization that had been flourishing, and ushered in a century of disaster.

Or perhaps you are being prodded to suggest it, as you were prodded through 60 years to read about World War II from various viewpoints.

Continuing still. I re-read de Gaulle’s memoirs recently and found them fascinating and truer in some ways than Churchill’s. But anyway—

Here you have an example of the disadvantage to your civilization – I well remember it! – of the division of religion from science from the liberal arts. Each has a piece of a greater picture. Each, in the absence of corrective and supplementary pieces from the other disciplines, seriously misses the mark.

Let us take World War I, since you are impelled to suggest it as a topic. The political and economic rivalries and stratagems that caused it and shaped it are well known. But they do not in themselves explain the “why” of it, only the “how” of it.

That’s my line.

Yes it is, and very useful, too. Carl Jung saw clearly that something else was going on. He felt it, he grasped for it, but he never got it at the time. Now of course he knows, and his knowing informs mine, for this is much more his field of expertise than mine. The fact is, the pressure of the contradiction between the conscious life that civilization allowed its inhabitants and their own unconscious unfilled needs created an intolerable tension. When war came, that widely felt but relatively unconscious dissatisfaction was immediately channeled into war fever.

Yes, there was an English poet who spoke of them “into cleanness leaping,” a spectacularly inappropriate image, as they pretty quickly found out. But you’re right, they were desperate for the chance to leave their old life for a life in the field. That’s some dissatisfaction, when it prefers being blown to bits by dynamite to living out a normal life. I don’t refer to draftees, or to the veterans who had gotten over that initial exhilaration but found themselves still caught in the machine. Nor to the civilians who died in the millions, nor to the additional millions who died of revolution or starvation or typhus or Spanish influenza.

Now remember that we are calling the unconscious the equivalent of TGU, and thus we are saying that the non-3D pushed the 3D into that war. Why?

That isn’t a new thought to me, yet somehow when you put it so bluntly, it’s a bit stunning. The non-3D pushed the 3D into a war that would destroy a civilization – and several empires – and Western domination of the world – and about 20 million lives by death and hundreds of millions by prolonged misery.

And I say – why?

If we assume the benevolence of the non-3D, there must be a good reason for it, but rather than speculate, I’m going to get out of your way, because I can feel another stunner coming.

Yes. Why do you postulate the benevolence of non-3D forces, when you know that 3D life is replete with all kinds of forces – benevolent, malevolent, and every position in between. Where do such forces come from? The 3D world? Hardly. The 3D is the pressure cooker, but it doesn’t necessarily concoct its own ingredients.

And time for a pause.

Correct. But we’re getting there.

All right, thanks.


19 thoughts on “Rita on unsuspected non-3D influences

  1. HA ! Reading this AFTER makig comments on Erics`… “on Rita and the evil in the world.”

    I have read some old channeled books about “dead” american soldiers who partook in WWI. Your good friend Charles recommended the books a while ago(some years ago? I am “loosing time”).

    Thanks Frank.
    P.S. And I have once upon a time also reading a book tilted as “War in Heaven”, but cannot recall the author….wonder if not Edgar Cayce to have Readings about the same?

  2. Wow. “The 3D is the pressure cooker but it doesn’t necessarily concoct its own ingredients.” “Well, what makes you think it flows only one way?” It makes us seem more and more like pawns, other than our degree of free will.
    And I did assume the benevolence of non-3D!
    WWI made me think of the movie “Gallipoli,” which illustrates exactly what you’re saying about that free-floating tension/dissatisfaction and war fever. I love that movie.
    Quite a session.

    1. Jane, I have seen the movie Gallipoli, a big disaster of the many failures done by The Headquarters in Great Britain….as USUAL ! Mostly because of the old British class-system & way of thinking back then.
      I have read Winston Churchills` about Gallipoli likewise(and his view on it).

      But I am to recall a old U.S. friend telling me about his time as Helicopter-pilot during the Vietnam-war….How mad he was reading about all the second-hand reports and opinions by the folks at home(and elsewhere in the world). As usual, mostly all the reports coming from the public agencies-producers-journalists. The folks whom never partook in the battles or any combat at all other than visiting the camps there perhaps. He told of NOBODY who is NOT THERE fighting CANNOT KNOW how it is. You have to participate in person to know.
      I think that is true with all the experiences in life….You have to experience it for yourself to know how it is.
      The polarity all over again obviously.

      And love Tolstoys “War and Peace.” How very romantic, especially the ballroom dancing, ladies in their beautiful dresses, the music of waltzes, and the handsome soldiers in their colorful uniforms….What a dream indeed or ?
      Let`s dance (with lovely dreams), and never stop ! Waltzing Mathilda tralalala.

  3. Question: as I write this, I feel like “me,” but we’re at the mercy of so many forces (family, culture, non-3D, non-3D/3D interface, etc.), when, where and how are we, am I me? If there is such a thing, what with our strands, multi-dimensions, etc. At the choice points?
    Certainly, I can apply reason to the question, but I don’t think that’s what’s called for here.
    (I would have blamed the war on the people who stood to profit from it, not non-3D influence.)

    1. Most people do blame 3D forces for what happens here. That’s too shallow a view. Those 3D forces interact with non-3D forces, just as we all do in our lives, and some reinforce and some interfere.
      Instead of looking at it as though you are “at the mercy of” forces, try considering yourself to be “at the center of” those forces, deciding your day-to-ay fate by your day-to-day decisions.

  4. This all of course makes sense, but is something that many may not consider. It certainly is a stunner. As stated, we think of the other side as always benevolent, and in a sense, even with their input on wars and such, they are benevolent. Things needed to be cleared out and the space created for something new. War was the most effective way to do that rather than picking at a bit here and a bit there.

    That’s what is happening right now in the US and around the world. How big will the broom be this time?

    1. That’s my feeling too, except it seems to go beyond that. Looking at the hatreds in the world, and realizing that all those 3D embodiments of hatred are in intimate connection with the non-3D, it makes me wonder which is the cause and which the effect.

      1. You know, the other thing I think we have to keep in mind when thinking about this, is that we have free will, and that means that we can certainly muck things up from down here in 3D. As TGU said once, they are always on Plan B. 🙂

        1. See, you lesser mortals do screw things up, continuously, and that’s why Rita and I are working so hard to set you straight. 🙂
          At some point i think she will go into the implications of free will when we consider 3D and non-3D together, rather than separately.

          1. That will be interesting to read what she has to say. 🙂 I know I can do this, but tell her I send her my Aloha.

  5. After my first round of reactions yesterday and re-reading the session today, with its comments, I feel 3D and non-3D are more real to me as partners, or even as one. Non-3D has come off its pedestal to stand with me. It changes what I expect to find after death, too.

  6. Frank,
    Had to giggle at the title “Rita on unsuspected non-3D influences”, after
    – religions for millennia talking about such things,
    – such influences being a major theme in myths, stories books, movies, TV, etc. ,
    – Seth devoting MUCH time and effort in discussing this interaction
    – Elisa expanding Seth’s teachings with (seemingly) infinite detail,
    – the personal experiences many of us (around this forum) have had at TMI and beyond.

    I appreciate the way Rita slowly, gently presents these concepts (with less of the usual belief system overlay) … and I continue to appreciate the work you put into articulating and illuminating them.
    P.S. “War in Heaven” (Kyle Griffith 1988) is an interesting, chilling, and illuminating work, available on the internet. IMHO it illustrates Rita’s question “Why do you postulate the benevolence of non-3D forces?” J

    1. Yes, but it’s as they say about history: If you’ve never heard it, it’s new to you. Today by and large people don’t seem to be taking religious testimony seriously as a description of the way things are; those who pay attention tend to take it literally; others dismiss it as superstition. So Rita’s way of approaching it, by changing the context in which it is seen, is, in effect, dealing with influences that are largely unsuspected.
      BTW I think that is the book I was thinking about.

    2. On of the things that Hale Makua, the Kahuna Nui of Hawaii shared with Hank Wesselman, is that there are “Deceivers” in the non-3D world, that for their own reasons, work to muck things up. Given my work as a practicing Shaman, I’ve had encounter with these forces, and you have make sure who you are “talking” with.

      Not all is roses and gumdrops on “the other side”. 🙂

      1. Boy, you ain’t just a-woofin’! And that’s what Rita is going to get into, presumably in due time. Every force that we see here, is also there. Would you trust your spiritual welfare to Joel Osteen?

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