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This comment by Kristiina on today’s conversation with Rita seems to me too productive to leave as a mere comment where it might be missed.


The field of non-ordinary perception opens best when there is less words or no words. Conversation easily blankets the less loud perception. So quietness inside, a practiced quietness helps. There is a sort of pushiness in the ordinary perception. I have started to notice little points of time where I have a possibility to ease on the pushing action, that seem to make space for more porous perception, that lets also the quieter dimensions come forth more. A bit like the Gurdijeff practice of stopping. But it is an inner prompt, in situations where I may be rolling on automatic, running the stairs, for example, and mid-step I realize I can just let the momentum of the automatic ease, and so find a space that lets me have a different perception of the moment.

What I am working on right now in myself is speaking/words. How can I get the same kind of quiet quality in the flow of text or talking? Especially talking tends to have that momentum of automatism, pressure to roll into the goal, even just the goal of finished sentence is enough to make the view from the path almost impossible. Would it be possible to let go of the sentence structure in mid-sentence? So that the view from that particular place of mid-sentence could interact with the me-person doing the expressing? Making the expression more of a joint effort, the non-ordinary flowing through the ordinary in conscious synchronicity. How to lay out the words and segue the sentences, line up the muscles that push the words through the speech and song-making system? So that fullest participation is facilitated.

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  1. Oboy Kristiina, thank you in sharing your insights.
    I have always known the peoples of Finland to be special beings(smiles), and some words came to mind by reading yours.
    My first thought about reading yours today as it is to understand for me….Something like:
    “The Intellectual” view-point by the man-made Intelligence/- “a inner movement” by your own inner understanding.
    To me it sounds as it is close to what Blavatsky once upon a time told about: “The importance of listening (within you) to the “Inner Silence.” In retrospect thinking Gurdijeff analyzing everything far too much(in my concept that is).
    I have read far too many books obviously.
    Hm, what about “Just being, less thinking.”
    And thinking of The Old Song: “I`ve Gotta Be Me.” ( you can find the old song on YouTube by the good old singers Tony Bennett or Sammy Davis Jr.) The more I learn the less I know.
    B & B, Inger Lise

  2. I like how Kristina’s comment focuses some things. I will be curious to hear what Rita holds forth about this.

    I can share that I meditate each day to reduce ‘the chatter’ or ‘my resistance’. I have noticed that it helps me allow the non-physical flow or input to be a bit more noticeable.

    Also, I am now a bit behind here (have not read 3 or 4 of the last Rita posts or Wednesday’s Smallwood post). I will catch up over the next couple of days. Before my disconnection from here last week, I was enjoying the dynamic of a collective mind emerging here.

  3. Right now I am thinking about how we can help each other to catch the living current of consciousness. This blog works well because we interact in a way that puts the personality and projections in brackets. Not having much personal stake helps. But it is not easy to catch the living current through words. It is easier to experience it through feeling in live perception. But then the situation also engages the obstructing automatisms of personality and projection. To overcome these, some practice is needed. The living current of consciousness is not visible or perceivable if personality and projection are running unchecked.

  4. Oh it just goes on – the living current is quite contagious. I catch it just by reading what Frank says about his ride with the living consciousness. There is some resonance thing there that helps in setting the receiving apparatus into right tuning. Tuning fork for consciousness.

  5. Thank you, dear people, for your comments. It is so encouraging to have some response – it helps in making these unusual understandings more real.

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