John DeMarco 1940-2007

My elder brother John, the last time I saw him, in 2002. Not a great photo, but the best of the few I have.  He and I lived very different lives, never nearby. His last years were spent in Nevada, while I of course was in Virginia. An upright man of great competence and rigid principles, gone a long time already.

One thought on “John DeMarco 1940-2007

  1. Hello Frank, and thank you for looking at your brother`s picture !
    Oh, those memories with family members all of us to remember.

    On Thursday this week was to a funeral of a 92 year old auntie to my husbands` family. I knew my husbands` auntie very well too, a lovely lady with a big family. One of her daughters held a very nice (and wise)speech about her late mom. And she(the one daughter) told: “ALL of us 5 children were very different from each others view upon our mom and dad(as they were brought up within a very strict religious protestantic Church-community)….. but what we had in commonness was the same mom and dad, even though by now, seeing them differently in the long perspective. And she continued: But especially ONE thing stood out as admireable for the character/personality of our wise mom….She NEVER did ANY JUDGEMENT of ANY PERSON. When somebody tried to critize anothers doings…her lips became zipped with seven seals “….She told her mom used to tell them: “It is not MY job to judge any person otherwise telling you not listening to gossip.”

    I became highly impressed by the daughters speech !
    Two of the siblings (cousins of my husband) decided to leave their Church-community together with their spouses and children about five years ago……because of “the practize about the judgement” by the Church, and within the local “christian” community.

    Actually, it became a reminder in “not to judge” anything all over again. I have a big challenge “in not to judge,” nor myself or others.
    The old bible-sayings all over again: “Judge not as ye shall (not) be judged.” We are dealing with Energy (The Field) & Vibrations.
    Thank you again,
    B & B, Inger Lise

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