The joys of a completed manuscript

Made some final corrections to the sixth draft of Dark Fire, and I’m pretty happy with it. After seven intense months of writing, melding at least five previous versions, writing a logical sequel to not one but two novels – it was a lot! I re-read it in my last round of corrections and found that I’m happy with how it reads.

It’s not so easy, visualizing a world and making it come real, but there isn’t anything more satisfying, at least for me. And to be doing it as a form of homage to TMI and to Bob Monroe (even though my C.T. Merriman is very different from Bob), was immensely gratifying. I again took the opportunity to include what we might call distorted cameos of various friends – not portraits, but portraits of various traits, as they might play out if mixed and matched, put it that way. And as always I have used some names of people I am fond of, even though the characters bearing their names may have no resemblance to their personalities.

So far only one person has read it entirely, and she liked it well enough. Another is in the middle of it, and he likes it will enough. And I like it well enough. So I guess it’s time to get about the depressing business of finding a publisher or putting it out myself.

Later. Two TMI programs coming up this month, beginning the 22nd. Meanwhile, I’m going to take a breather, maybe gloat a little.

One thought on “The joys of a completed manuscript

  1. Congratulation Frank.

    As Rita says: All is well.

    I have struggled a lot with Seth`s convictions to us about “Living a Safe Universe.”
    And the affirmations: ” I am only open to constructive and healthful suggestions and influences.”
    And the other one: ” I am automatically protected against any negative suggetions and influences.”
    And number three: ” I am free of any past negative suggestions or influences.”

    I am OK, you are OK, and the whole world, and all within it, it is OK.

    Hm, what a challenge it is if you asks me (laughter).
    B & B, Inger Lise.

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