Rudolf Steiner on the afterlife effects of our beliefs here

The Rudolf Steiner quotes site offers you the option of receiving a selected quote every day. I find them very interesting. This one, for instance, says just what Rita said to me from her new place in the non-3D.


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  1. For all here …

    If interested in Steiner … there is also the which provides a repository of his works … some of his books are even placed in PDF and audio formats.

    Frank …

    I wanted to mention to you that your post above has dropped ‘an old stale bread crumb on my path’. To understand, as a teen I had an experience (with another) where Christ showed up in his etheric body in the physical. It was an emotionally shocking and confusing experience.

    For some context, there were nearly 100 teens and adults at this campfire event, but only two of us (to my knowledge) shared this viewing of Christ in his etheric body. I can verify that I remained in my physical body and was seeing Christ with my physical eyes. I had my arms around the people on each side of me, and felt their physical bodies against mine during the entire experience (which lasted 10 to 15 minutes). Also, neither of them saw Christ. He was glowing a golden-white in his light body. The body looked physically human, but moved about 5 to 6 feet above the ground. Christ has not presented himself visually since (1973).

    I have decided to read the Steiner book which your quote comes from (which I started yesterday). I have a very difficult time reading Steiner, and so this task may take a while.

  2. Frank …

    I started my “trail hike” by reading 4 to 5 selected chapters of ‘The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric’. I also did some reading about Steiner’s life. I gave this task a very consistent focus for three days, but I have already stopped my reading.

    Steiner had his own Christ experience (clairvoyantly) near 1899. And, being a part of Steiner’s 1904 predictions nearly 70 years later is confirming (for me). I am grateful for that bread crumb (thanks!).

    Another discovery that stood out for me in my reading was Steiner’s discussion of the four ages (golden, silver, bronze and dark). Steiner also uses the ancient term ‘Kali Yuga’ to describe the fourth age. It reminded me of Miranon’s discussions with Robert Monroe (from the old Explorer files at TMI). When discussing his origins, Miranon mentions that “we are in the 4th evolution of Earth” and that “Christ was the master of that evolution” (Explorer tape #5 near minutes 44 to 47). Miranon also mentions that he serves The Christ Spirit as a guide during this 4th evolution. These disclosures generally match up with what Steiner holds forth in ‘The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric’. This may not be new information for you (but it was for me).

    In regards to my personal experience with ‘The Christ in the etheric’, I would happy to answer any questions about this early experience. I have written out a more detailed description of this single experience on a forum that I participate in (Fred Aardema’s Explorations in Consciousness). I can post that content here in the comments, if you or others are interested.

    Other than the person I shared my own Christ experience with 40 years ago, I have never met anyone physically who has experienced the etheric Christ (like I did). This has always seemed peculiar (and isolating) to me.

    For years, this experience did not make sense to me (and I also had some shock and fear related to the experience) so I only shared it infrequently. However, the first time I saw beyond my body (my first OBE) after working with and opening my chakras, my Christ experience 40 years ago suddenly starting making a lot more sense to me.

  3. Thank you of telling this Subtle Traveler.

    I am quite “familiar” with Rudolf Steiner as well as Theosophy.

    As I am doing a Seth Course at the time being, and MUST do the suggested exercises in the course (and sharing them with the others in the same group)….Especially what is called PSY-time, a sort of conscious meditation. I must confess of cannot see the difference between Lucid Dreaming and the PSY-time at all ?

    Mostly all peoples in the Seth Courses shy away from all sorts of religion. And to mention Jesus Christ will be the same as “hanging around in the old mentality of Christianity.”
    But my point is: A couple of nights ago before going to sleep to make some Seth introduced dream-incubations. Such as: ” Tonight I will remember a important dream to write down in my journal, and in every detail to recall my dream when upon the awakening.”

    Well, guess what ? I woke up WITHIN the dream, AWARE of dreaming(called a Lucid Dream). In the dream met with MY SOUL-MATE, face to face, a young lady looking precisely as myself in my younger days (approximately 30 years old of age). The young lady became HAPPY and GLAD to see me again (as it was a long time since then), and we were embracing each others. THEN, she, my SOUL-MATE said:
    “I AM so glad you to have found BACK to your OWN inner self again, because “YOU TO HAVE KNOWN JESUS CHRIST…..NEVER FORGET IT.”
    And I am asking her: BUT, it is no other Gods than ourselves, according to Seths` ? And she (the young lady looking the same as me once upon a time) said with EMPATHY: ” TO US, it is ONLY ONE CHRIST.” And she continued:
    “Do not become addicted to OTHERS belief-system. Go your OWN way, all else misleading you. Your way is yours and the importance of: ” To Follow Your Own.”
    I have written down every single word said in the particular Lucid Dream, and now I am highly ALERT, because I cannot see how it “matches” with the Seth- exercises and lessons, other than TO TRUST YOURSELF ? (Gods in the making according to Seth).

    And all of a sudden yesterday a book fell out of my bookshelf….a book with the title: “Talking with Angels” by GITTA MALLASZ ( based upon letters written in Hungary between 1943-1944). A group of four peoples, 3 of them jews, who later died in the Consentration Camps, and Gitta Mallasz. The group of four people being in CONTACT with the Angels. and the words/VoicessSpeaking through the one Jewish lady, Hannah.

    Gitta Mallasz is to be found on YouTube if you are interested. She is talking in the French language…. I cannot speak a word of the french though.
    Gitta Mallasz (1907 – 1992) The book is translated into several languages, even into Norwegian in 2002.

    Bliss & Blessings, Inger Lise

    My Lucid Dream Experience obviously told me: “To Follow Your Own Inner Self and nobody else`s.”

    1. Thanks for sharing Inger Lise …

      Yes, I generally see our experience here to be the same as Jesus (the human) … we are no different than Jesus in this respect … and we all (all humans) have ‘The Christ Spirit’ while extended here … this is the essence of God as man and/or woman …

      I am currently working again with Paul Selig’s ‘Book of Mastery’ (2nd read). His guides serve the Christ Spirit and often call themselves Melchizedek. Sometimes they energetically show up while I am focusing on the book.

      I agree that we each have our own path as humans (the ‘trail of breadcrumbs’ as I called it above) … we are here as an extension of our non-physical aspects – Source, if you like … and because of this created intimacy with our inner being, following our own inner voice is really the only way to make it work while extended here … fwiw, Abraham (Hicks) call this ‘being in the vortex’ … and Abraham has stated several times that Seth is a part of the group Abraham.

      It does take work getting through many of these written materials. Some days, I just want “ease” so I do less. It also takes some focus to get beyond the biological brain at times (I meditate for this) … and gravitating to the often quieter conscious mind so as to hear inner being amongst the stillness.

      Many times, much like my Christ experience, I do not know why I am given an experience. This is part of the mystery … and “you are the captain of your mystery ship” as my guidance has referred to it. Overall, I do have appreciation for these experiences. Yes, there is help (and lots of it).

  4. Hi Subtle Traveler.
    Thank you for your thoughtful reply indeed. Especially what you told about (and asking yourself); “why I am given an experience,” caught my eyes. Many a time to have pondered the very same. And some happenings seemingly coming out of the blue, totally unexpected, on forhand. Seth says each and every single bit of our experiences are created by us in every detail no matter what it may to be.
    Therefore it is of importance to be conscious and aware (the popular “awareness” teachings nowadays) about our inner “chatter.” We do have to find our Inner Silence to become Productive.
    Love what yous says about “being (the own) Captain of your Mystery Ship.”
    I do believe we are Multidimensional Beings. And I do believe in Angels destinated to be our Helpers.

    I have tried to reply to you with another email, but all of a sudden the postage disappeard !!! ? And then thought by myself….was it not meant to be ?
    B&B, Inger Lise

    1. Yeah … my guides came up with the ‘mystery ship’ (not me, the human) … I laughed though once I got it.

      fyi … I do not use the email account associated with my screen name here. I only communicate through the blog or forum that I am visiting. The email is disposable, if needed. This is a safety measure for using our increasingly unprotected Internet.

  5. Wow…Interesting to follow the commentary here!

    I’ve not had a “Christ experience” myself (that I can consciously recall, in this “life focus”); my wife, Susan, had a sense of the Presence of Jesus in her kitchen, ’round about 1976 (she can fill in details if she so desires), during a time of intense agony over all the claims of the various religions, to being “The ONE and ONLY Path” (I struggle w/ the same questions these days).

    Lately, I’m re-reading “The Nature of Personal Reality”, and going more slowly w/ it this reading. I find there are many of my personal “belief systems” coming up for re-examination. One thing (almost) for sure: I will NOT be going back to a Materialist’s interpretation of Reality, even if it has some “practical applications” in dealing w/ physical matter reality.

    Continuing to examine/experience my dreams and frequent quasi-OBEs of late, and “visiting a lot of alternate/probable selves” in my dreams…


    1. Hello Craig and all.
      Thank you of telling likewise. I have had an “encounter” with Jesus once upon a time as your wife Susan.
      I was young back then.
      And now beginning to realize us as Multidimensional Beings.
      Jesus, the Christ, is NOT dead. He is the Master of Life. Of course the Masters lives hundred of years (they have transcended their bodies because of mastering the scientific components) and still exists in the Etheric Realms, and also within the paralell universes.
      Many of us who to have experienced The Christ-Spirit (btw: How do we know it is The Christ?)….I cannot describe it by the words only, it is no words for it.
      To me it was felt as “a Peace that Passes Understanding” when it happened. And after the experience…. all of a sudden to understand what is meant by “The Inner Peace.”
      I can recall how the feeling of “The Inner Peace ” lasted for a couple of months afterwards. And thereafter falling back into the old habit as a housewife with three children, and with the same daily habitual “doings.” But I`ll never to forgett it as the impression became life-changing.
      Obviously it is necessary to do the daily meditations. As Edgar Cayce used to say: “Listen to the still small voice within:”

      I have got a book titled as: Multidimensional Man. The author is Jurgen Ziewe. He tells in to have learned about Robert Monroe and his OBEs likewise.
      And Jurgen Ziewe is giving splendid advice in how to do the Zen meditations…. I am certainly not twisting my body in all directions that`s for sure… It must be in my next life…..hahaha

      LOL, Inger Lise

      1. Hello Inger Lise!

        I’ve read Jurgen Ziewe’s book; well-written, and he gives an interesting “tour” (a la Bob Monroe, Bill Buhlman, et al) of the afterlife “constructs”. We’ve recently pared down our massive library, and are keeping mostly books on esoterica, plus one large bookshelf, full of the Seth books. I’ll have to re-read Jurgen’s book now; I don’t recall the Zen part, or the suggested postures (my prefered method of “meditation” involves lying down, while listening to a favorite “Hemisynch” title, which puts me in “Focus 10” easily).

        Perhaps, as Seth has said, another “probable self” of ours is doing the postures/Zen “for” us, though I personally could use a few flexibility-enhancing postures! Hope all is well for you in what’s now said to be the happiest country on the planet!


        1. Craig ? I couldn`t but laugh about Norway counted as the Happiest country in the world. Wonder who or whom doing the statistics ? Okay, THE NATURE IS BEAUTIFUL, and mostly all of us old norsemen, the NATIVES, to be nature-lovers (do not know about all the newcombers though, they cannot go on skiing in the Burkas or even being females) we LOVE the nature, really enjoying the nature. As well as the wildlife very much. And I`ll suppose therefore we are happy about it (smiles).

          I love the Irish…all of us does ! We do having the blood-ties of old. Happy belated St. Patricks Day…. Never mind if you are of the Scottish inheritance likewise !

          LOL, Inger Lise.

          P.S. Since we are talking about Rudolf Steiner in these days…. I have a book by Steiner titled as: “Staying Connected.”
          Wonder if to read the book all over again ?

      2. Inger Lise …

        Your comment about ‘Jesus mastering the physical experience and transcending to the etheric upon death’ reminded me of a book I recently read. It is called “The Magdalen Manuscript”. If interested, I have a book review here which shares my experience with it:

        The significance of this channeled text for me was that it the first time that I have heard a detailed experience similar to my own (with Jeshua).


        Also … Ziewe is a dedicated meditator … but be careful how you manifest your new Zen practice … as you wouldn’t want to devolve and come back as a “pretzel” … not an appetizing thought … 😉 (wah!)

        1. Thank you Subtle Traveler really fascinating all of it (truly). Appreciating it very much.

          Hm, I am not pratictizing Zen-meditation though ( it is not meant for me)… I am quite old-fashioned and doing it in the same way as Craig MacLean…. Somtimes using Hemisynch, laying on my coach or in the bed, and sometimes sitting upright in my comfortable sofa. I am becoming far too lazy !
          BTW: Please, what is a “pretzel” ? Actually many german and norwegian words are similiar, but I am far from speaking the german language though, never to have learned it !
          In my school-days we had the choice in either to learn English OR the German as our second language, A third choice was French back then.
          Nowadays you have to learn BOTH English and German as in doing the obligatory exams.

          BUT, I have found something very interesting from the Edgar Cayce Readings about THE SECOND COMING of Christ (as He has never left us obviously).

          And quote some questions and answers in the book by Kirk Nelson about The Second Coming:

          Q: What is meant by ” the day of the Lord is near a hand” ?

          A: That as has been promised through the prophets and the sages of old, the time—and half time—has been and is being fullfilled in this day and generation….

          Q: How soon ?

          A; When those that are His have made the way clear, PASSABLE(upheavals of letters in the book), for Him to come.
          (Reading 262-49)

          And it continues in another Reading: …..”For until there is again the seeking of such as ye not only proclaimed but manifested, he CANNOT (upheavals of letters in the book)come again.
          (Reading 1908-1)

          The explanation in the book about these readings:
          Jesus cannot come again until those that are “His” have made the way passable. This point is explained in reading 1908-1 by the fact that there must be the seeking of the Christ Spirit before Jesus will return.
          This seeking will be the attracting principle that will bring Jesus back to earth. Like attracts like.

          And then follows more explanations down the same page in the book.

          And when thinking about the old book in Theosophy titled as: “Behind The Curtain”…The one lady in trance on the coach, and her friend, another lady named as Saphica Karagulla, wrote down about how The Masters held “the Class-room meetings/sessions” within the Etheric realms. (you can buy the book at Amazon) And it is more or less labelled as ENERGY-LEVELS…..The book told how Jesus Christ as The Master held “class-room sessions” likewise. It seems to become dependednt upon which ENERGY or VIBRATION in us belonging (the own attracting affiliations).

          B & B, Inger Lise

  6. Subtle Traveler,

    Thank you for sharing your precious experience of Christ in the etheric. What a life changing event. Your description touched me deeply. Did you ever reconnect with the person who saw it with you or did you two only talk just after it happened? Has the Steiner confirmation brought more insight as you are viewing it from another perspective years later ?

    I also extend my thanks to Frank for providing this forum and others here for dropping many old stale breads crumbs on my path along with all the fresh ones leading me in new directions.

    Inger Lise, thank you for sharing the lucid dream with your SOUL-MATE. The message you received (To Follow Your Own) goes hand in hand with title of this website, I Of My Own Knowledge. Thank you for always taking the time to share your reading suggestions and your knowledge from a multitude of sources. You must have a huge interesting library (complete with nonphysical librarians who suggest books for you to read by knocking them off the shelves).

    You also said that mentioning Jesus Christ on the Seth forums will be the same as “hanging around in the old mentality of Christianity.” From my perspective Jesus had a physical lifetime. I have had some bread crumbs dropped in this direction and some of my own interesting experiences. I had also been told a few times that I had a previous life at the time of Christ, and one source pointed out that I was one among a million other people who lived in Judea at that time. So those incarnate today with soul connections to Jesus could be numerous not to mention all the other non-physical ways of connecting with the essence of Jesus or Christ in that lifetime or others.

    So I do feel that whether it is considered the old mentality of Christianity or not, everyone’s experiences are valid and should be respected as they play a role in shaping an individual’s unique perspective.


    1. Hi Karla …

      I reached out to this person about 4 years ago. They did not return my single contact, so I let it go. They are a well-known professional person, so I did not press my contact and I have never mentioned a name.

      Steiner (for me) is “another person sharing a similar experience” (which reduces feelings of isolation). Steiner had a differing perspective than I did after his experience. Generally, he filtered his experience through Theosophy and his clairvoyance. I filtered mine (not a clairvoyant) initially through western Christianity (e.g., I grew up in a church). Steiner did not bring more insight beyond that.

      I probably gained more insight on my Christ experience by listening to the Miranon tapes over at TMI (Explorer tapes 5, 6, 13 and 14).

      Thanks for asking.

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