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[My friend Jim Austin sends me this, which I am happy to post.]

(Frank, I [and my wife] find the following very compelling and worth some attention; feel free to post if you feel it fits your blog.)

The following is from the October 1, 1995 session with Elias. It has been moderately edited to make Elias’ ‘accent’ more readable, and his idioms more familiar to those of us who read material from TGU, Rita, and Frank’s other sources. The original is available at, starting at the end of the fourth paragraph and including the next two.

Elias’ phrase ‘shift in consciousness’ seems to be what Rita refers to as the Change: much greater connection to our higher self. Elias says his purpose is to ‘reduce the trauma’ of this shift, presumably by helping us better understand how it relates to the events of our day, and how our connection to guidance/higher self/essence can help.

___________________ Elias 10/1/95 _____________________
When you consider this idea of your shift in consciousness, remember this shift will be happening on your entire planet. It will be coming to fruition within your next fifty to seventy years. It will be completed within this time. Therefore, your consciousness will be moving into new awarenesses continuously during this period.

There are many individuals who will not want to see, admit, or accept their connection with their higher self. They will feel much trauma within physical focus. You will look to them and see what you think to be insanity, individuals who have completely lost their minds. This will not be the case.

They have not lost anything, except their feelings of separation from their higher self. In this, their confusion will be great. In this also, their trauma will be great. This is not to say that they will not recover from this trauma or that they will not eventually realize their connection, for they will; but as you grow into your own connection, you may begin to understand not only the validity but also the depth of this transformation. This awareness you are beginning to glimpse, so slightly, as if viewed through a pinhole, and it already creates confusion!

Within your creaturehood, you have established a design or mode for your existence, which does not easily accept change. Within this, your shift in consciousness is a great change.

When you developed the concept of a singular god and religious focus, your species was not all physically in agreement to this change. At the level of your higher selves, it was agreed. Within the separation of physical focus, it was not necessarily accepted; your species and dimension rebelled fervently. This was change that came to be incorporated globally. Although all humans do not share one singular religious focus, the strongest focus has been in the direction of western culture and Christianity, which has infiltrated all nations, all areas of your planet. This was not always an accepted change. Therefore, there was much conflict and rebellion to fight away this change.

Within this new change that you have agreed upon, you may anticipate a greater pulling away, and also a greater level of conflict and confusion, for there are many who will not choose, physically, to accept the growing connection with their higher self. There are many who are comfortable within their physical focus and their separation.
[Jim again:]

The points that get my attention:
1. This shift in consciousness will take place in this century (21st); Elias says it will be ‘complete’ by the end of the third quarter (2075). Remember he said this 21 years ago.
2. This shift compares to the shift (starting roughly 2000 years ago) from polytheisim to monotheism, but there will be a greater level of ‘pushback’, conflict, and confusion.
3. Given that the poly-to-monotheism shift took place over centuries, and this (even ‘greater’) shift will happen in decades,  I muse about how chaotic things might will get?!

The opening to The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings) begins with the female elven voice calmly saying “The World is changed.” (  Perhaps the events of the past year are ‘pushing’ that message through to more people … and perhaps Elias’ words can in some way reduce the trauma.


2 thoughts on “Guest post — Elias on the change

  1. Jim, thanks for bringing us this. I have also read a lot of the Elias material and “the shift” is often mentioned. I agree that if this magnitude of shift is to occur here by 2075, it will be unbelievably rapid. The question is, does Elias mean that all people on Earth will have made that shift by that date? My own thought is that the shift will occur in the non-physical “home” for the human species by 2075 and then continue to reach full manifestation physically over a much longer Earth time. I have nothing to back that up though.

  2. In his Oct 22, 2016 post, Session 20161022-1, Elias connects the shift to our recent election process, describing how the shift is manifesting through the emergence of a third wave of human activity that captures the essence of the shift. I found this helpful to read. And thanks to John, for letting me know about Elias!

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