More artwork

Many of my favorites I have given away, so these images are all I have available to share. But this one I still have. I call this one “Polar Bear,” because to me the figure on the left resembles a polar bear playing a xylophone. No heavy symbolism, just a happy accident. I liked the overall effect.


The only painting I ever did at a TMI program, “Camp fire” was painted on a night in July, 1995, when most of the others were watching a movie. That Lifeline program was where Rich Spees and I met. I gave him the picture at the end of the program, and I understand it now lives with him in Hawaii. Not really a picture of a fire; more a picture of that gathered-around-the-campfire feeling.


“Celebration.” This one has a happy feeling that I enjoy. I do wish these photos had been taken by someone who knew what he was doing, however.


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