Not dead yet

This site is getting to be what they call a cobweb site, it’s been so long since i made an entry. But this month has been full of company and, more than that, full of early morning hours spent working on my novel, which is a sequel to Babe in the Woods and also, in a way, to my first novel, Messenger. Just passed 79,000 words and i’m nowhere near finished. I decided not to rush it and not to truncate it, just to let it spin itself out. I think of Hemingway being willing to spend 17 months writing For Whom the Bell Tolls. The comparison is not to his talent or to his subject matter, but to his diligence, which i am attempting to emulate.

But this site suffers neglect, as a consequence. Stay tuned, not dead yet.

One thought on “Not dead yet

  1. Thanks for the check-in. I’ve missed beginning most days with your spiritual anchoring. I’m glad to hear it’s such a productive time for you. Write on!

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