8 thoughts on “Rita’s World, Vol. I and II

  1. Frank, I was sitting here looking at the nice picture of the Two Books of Rita`s….more or less kept looking at the cover, because the cover is very nicely done. Well, more or less did nothing but looking at the picture and staring out in the air, and thinking about nothing.
    THEN, all of a sudden a very odd sentence came into my mind which says: “It is a Hercules work.” AND, at the same time got an strong impression to look at my big book of all the many mythological SYMBOLIC interpretations.
    Okay, now I am on my way looking it up on HERCULES.

    And thank you very much Rita & Frank.
    B & B, Inger Lise.

    1. Hmm, a labor of Hercules, eh? You remember, Hercules was given seven labors to perform (can’t remember why, offhand), each of which seemed impossible, but he was clever, and accomplished them. There was some kind of plot twist involved when he had done so, I think.

      I’ll be interested to know what you find out, because what it means TO YOU will probably be the distinctive thing.

      1. Hi Frank, thank you for the input.
        Hm, well, read with interest what you wrote about Hercules/Heracles, it is depending upon the greek or roman names of the same myth when reading about the figure.
        I cannot say I feel any more familiarity with Hercules than before though (Ha, Ha)…other than that I became totally exhausted by reading all to find written about the mythological figure.
        Hercules/Heracles, a sublime transfigurative Archetype… hm, okay, well, well.
        All-in-all I think, some traits to recognize for all human beings (more or less). And maybe not far from the truth when I studied, in former years, the Edgar Cayce Readings about ” In The Beginning of Creation.”
        The Edgar Cayce Readings about ” The Coming of Man ” Books are fantastic. I do believe in them. As I do believe TGU and Rita`s.

        LOL, Inger Lise.

  2. I am happy to report that after first receiving a notice that delivery would be delayed, Vol II has arrived! We can now say the material is material! Thanks, Frank and all unnamed participants that were part of the creation.

  3. Hey Frank, will Rita 2 be getting a UK release? It’s only for sale on Amazon.co.uk through resellers and they’re charging £40.

    I will import a copy from Amazon.com if it isn’t but it would be good to know beforehand!

    Cheers and thanks for your work.

    1. My publisher is intending to contact European publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair this month. None of my books has yet been picked up by an English publishing house, so et’s set our intent that this is the year.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Frank.

        I Just saw that Rita 2 has appeared on Amazon.co.uk in Kindle format so I decided to take the plunge and buy my first ebook to read on my laptop.

        Very excited to get stuck in!


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