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[Eric Storm responds to “A matter of definitions” with some of his own. As with Jim Austin’s comment, I post it here as well, as deserving greater visibility. -Frank]

Reacting to Frank saying “it is hard to talk without a new language,” I tried to see what I’d come up with given my current understandings of definitions.

To apply this, I will work with part of the comment I posted above:

“My experience has become that of being a temporary focusing of a collective of various aspects of consciousness, which by its nature emphasizes the separateness and sequential nature of 3D existence. At the edges of my awareness I can sense the continuous swirl of influences as the various aspects of consciousness lean this way or that as well as the vastness of undifferentiated oneness that it also is. The result of this tug and pull, being and choice, distortion and clarity, is my day-to-day expression of who I am in the eternal present, most of which happens beyond my conscious awareness. As this ripples out effecting other moments and aspects of reality, I can trust it is of unique benefit to something larger than (what I experience as) myself.”

I now try definitions …

consciousness: the basis of all that is, unified and ever-present in all dimensions.

aspects of consciousness: the experience of subsets within consciousness, each with a unique perspective and experience.

a soul: a collective of various aspects of consciousness (also souls), coming together to experience the unique possibilities that its unique circumstances allow, and in so doing creating a resource for other collectives.

time: an awareness of the sequential aspect of change.

3D reality: a limitation of awareness that emphasizes a sense of separation, of a constantly flowing linear time, and of a stable (yet changeable and shared) materiality.

a lifetime: a temporary focusing of a soul within the seeming limitations of 3D reality.

mind: an interface between 3D and non-3D that is the portal for the continuous influence that passes in both directions.

conscious mind: the aspects of mind that one is aware of experiencing in one’s lifetime.

3D self: a mind’s experience of itself as separate from other aspects of 3D reality.

non-3D self: a soul’s experience of itself as separate from other aspects of consciousness.

all-D self: consciousness’s experience of itself.

And now I express that paragraph again using the words as defined above:

“My experience has become that of a soul having a lifetime in 3D reality. I can begin to sense the non-3D aspects of mind as well as consciousness itself. My conscious mind can trust that this continuous influence effects the development of my self in 3D, non-3D, and all-D, and that this development is of unique benefit.”

Shorter, but not as neat and tidy as I imagined. I still think it was a good exercise nonetheless. ; )

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