Rita — A concept too far?

Thursday May 5, 2016

F: 7 a.m. Rita? Care to continue?

R: Let’s go into even deeper waters. Remember your friend Maureen’s experience.

F: I was wondering when we would get into that. Maureen Caudill was a convinced scientist who turned into something entirely different, though still remaining a scientist, because of the experiences she had in [the Monroe Institute’s] Gateway. I assume – I feel – you want me to talk about her experience in retrieving a machine.

R: Of course.

F: That shook her world! In essence, she went out to do a retrieval – that is, to connect with any discarnate intelligence that might be lost and needing assistance to get “with the light” or however one would choose to describe it. In short, we find someone stranded and without a clue, we give them a lift. To her surprise and dismay she found herself giving a retrieval to the soul of a machine! It was some probe we had sent to the surface of Mars, if I remember correctly. I’m not sure she even believed we had souls, at one point. Certainly she didn’t believe machines did.

R: You were concerned lest, in your exercise for your weekend course, anything you tried might be “a bridge too far.” Imagine how she felt.

F: The whole Monroe experience was a salutary shock, as far as I can see. As you know, eventually we published her account as Suddenly Psychic. That was several years ago, and I’ve lost track of her, but it was interesting, working with her on it, as she learned to balance her old way of seeing, and the experiences that changed it, and her new tentative conclusions. So in terms of the relevance to us –?

R: You were stretched by the idea that a fictional character might be a creation as real as its own creator. The idea that a machine might have its own consciousness – and that the consciousness might continue – is even more of a stretch, nor is it the limit of the distance your rubber band is going to have to extend to.

F: Or snap. Or snap back to a smaller size.

R: That is always an option. Continue to stretch, or reach one’s limits (for the moment), or over-stretch and find that an entire regrouping is necessary. Not a tragedy in any case, just an alternative chosen. At some level.

F: “All is well, all is always well.”

R: Isn’t it?

F: Seems to be, except relatively. Any given moment could use tweaking, from our limited viewpoint, probably. But to stay on point –

R: Any creation partakes of the consciousness of its creator. Everything – thus, every thing – is consciousness. There is nothing else around; hence, there is nothing else to make anything of. But consciousness is interactive, and that is what I have been edging us toward. Also, consciousness is qualitatively different depending upon the limits of one’s environment. Let’s look at those two points.

Consciousness is interactive. No one who has ever had a baby or a pet should need to have this explained. A baby, a puppy, a kitten, a field mouse, even (so to speak) is born with innate intelligence – an operating system, so to speak. But how much that intelligence develops, and in what ways, depends upon the being’s interactions with its surroundings. Parents who give a baby an interesting environment may develop the baby’s intelligence considerably. Correspondingly, ignored children – particularly emotionally starved children – may fail to thrive. Pets to some degree may be said to live up to the level of intelligence expected of them. And you are finding in the news day by day more examples of heretofore unknown depths of animal interactions among themselves and with humans.

F: Emotional depths.

R: Yes, emotional depths indicating as well greater reasoning ability and communication ability than had been realized.

F: I have taken to saying it wasn’t so much the animals being dumb as our being deaf.

R: All right, but let us hold our thought here to the interactive nature of consciousness. Everything is consciousness and interaction will reveal greater depths to those engaging in the interaction.

F: You mean, I take it, greater depths revealed to themselves as well as to each other.

R: Yes. As you extend to others, you broaden the potential to extend to previously unsuspected aspects of yourself. It’s a natural progression. It is the same process of expansion.

But – my second point – consciousness is qualitatively different. You have seen specifics of this, but I want to generalize just a bit farther. It is true, as you have said, that various systems within your body have their own consciousness and that consciousness is focused on – which in practice means limited to – their specific function, be it processing sugars, regulating feedback or whatever. But now look a little farther. A machine knows [what is within] its mechanical limits. Like the intelligence that regulates your blood sugar, it does not read mystery novels or follow political developments. It does what is real to it in the little corner of the great world. Just as you do. Just as I do, as anyone does.

F: It’s always interesting to me, to sort of know what is coming and then to see clearly what has been presented, when I didn’t see it that clearly beforehand.

R: That is the value of communication, to assist clarity.

So, hold this in mind.

– Everything is made of living material, because there is nothing “dead” in the 3D any more than in the non-3D, despite appearances.

– Therefore, everything has consciousness, again despite appearances – and we may have to come back to this, to explain how a grain of gravel can have consciousness, but not now.

– That consciousness is tailored to the thing in question, or perhaps we should say each type of thing naturally has its own attendant form of consciousness.

– That consciousness may potentially be increased, or broadened, by contact with other types of consciousness, as is happening to you as we do this.

– No interaction changes only one end of the interaction. Once you begin to communicate with animals, for instance, your own  practical intelligence (as opposed to your potential intelligence) must rise.

F: Oh, I get it. So as we learn to communicate with more and more disparate things, we change and in effect the universe changes.

R: The universe you live in changes, yes, just as changes in other beliefs change it. Our learning that all is well, for instance.

F: And as we realize that everything is alive, we see the terrific damage that has been done to the earth around us by a civilization that saw it all as dead and available for use in whatever way we wished.

R: Yes, but this doesn’t mean that industrial civilization, say, is a mistake in itself. Iron ore being smelted into steel isn’t a tragedy or a violence. I know you, Frank, aren’t thinking that, but this is, as you would say, for the studio audience.

F: Iron ore is aware of what’s happening but doesn’t care?

R: Not the way to look at it. As I say, we are going to have to go into the question of how matter at its most “inanimate” perceives the world it lives in, then other relationships will become clearer. Animism isn’t exactly “wrong” – whatever “wrong” means – but it has its limits like any other way of seeing.

F: But this is a topic for another day.

R: That’s right. This is a nice unit as delivered.

F: Thanks as always.


7 thoughts on “Rita — A concept too far?

  1. There are some interesting ramifications of what Rita has said here, and it’s worth pursuing. Everything is connected to everything. All has its own “attendant form of consciousness”. “Consciousness is interactive…. Everything is consciousness and interaction will reveal greater depths to those engaging in the interaction.”

    Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly interacting with other consciousness. Every interaction is in a way a “mixed mind”, perhaps fleeting in 3D time, such as my interaction with this laptop, or longer-lasting, such as the joint mind formed by my wife and I.

    There are uncountable variations to every connection based on the nature of the consciousnesses connecting, the “strength” or depth of the connection. There is a difference between passing someone on the freeway and having a chat with them, or becoming friends. My bond with my favorite pillow is stronger than my relationship with my car key.

    Awareness opens receptors to experiences that can change the consciousnesses which are interacting, opening countless more possibilities for further interactions. We exist and our interactions also exist; every one can be considered a kind of creation within the one great mind.

    The interactions of the “like-minded” are different than the interactions of those of significantly different mind sets. There are more possibilities for creation from variation than sameness.

    Imagine a colored light for every interaction. It can be dim or bright. I can be a short burst or a long-lasting glow. Imagine the light show that is occurring just by our existence in conjunction with everything else around us!

  2. Ah, how exciting…and this comes from a person who has heard an IKEA blue bag express that it has a wish to be meaningfully occuped – I used it to move a blackcurrant bush to a new place, and the blue bag obviously found it more acceptable than hauling inanimate stuff. And also…just now understanding that my horse has walked me out of an avoidance-patterned attachment style. His appearance in my life forced me to face my own unconscious tension. How this actually happened is too long a story, but, really, it is difficult to express how important all the communication goin on is… and how much a dunce one often feels being. It can take me days to get what the horse is saying…Whhee…just had the computer freeze as Spotify was playing this https://youtu.be/Q0DSnxHYu9Y that completely kicked my breathing alive…and the dearest Linux had even managed to save the part of this post I had written in spite of reboot. What a…synchronicity..? Just feeling sooo strongly that all the groping in the dark of my life has (maybe) not been in vain.

    I was in the admittance test to study psychogy yesterday. It is more difficult to get in than medical school. I’ve always been interested in psychology, but I got my degree in philosophy (30 years ago, well, 24 maybe). Strange to be with all those teenagers there in the test. Can’t help thinking this grows partly out of these communications. I feel a need to apply myself more fully in this life, not just while away my time with all my dear connections, as if I were in hiding. Enjoying my time, but not truly engaging outside tht much.

    I have asked the trees round my house when I wanted to fell some of them, and I got the feel that they know where they have chosen to live, and trees living around a house have a feel for the gardening beauty aspirations. So making iron: I am chewing (once again) Goethe’s ideas about “three principles at work in organic nature: metamorphosis, polarity and enhancement. In other words: changing of form, the meeting of opposites (for example, day and night) and a climax or ‘crowning glory’ in a piece of creation (like a flower on top of a plant).” this from http://www.newview.org.uk/green_snake.htm This would be a lliving science rather that the dead one we chose to follow at some point. And maybe the mineral ore hiding in the ground holds secret aspirations to metamorphose and go through the searing pains of polarity and separation to form something completely different: iron.

    1. If you should ever be moved to want to write a guest post for this blog, you would be most welcome. Very interesting thoughts. I suppose you know that Rudolf Steiner edited Goethe’s scientific papers, and this was a great influence on his life and thought.

      1. Thank you for the offer, if anything relevant should turn up, I will let you know….And yes, Goethe, and especially Faust, has been a long-time interest for me. Your links to Steiner quotes reminded me of that story by Goethe: the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily, which Steiner seemed to consider important, so it all kind of meshes together…

        1. As a novice to blogging I also would like to encourage you to contribute. , for several reasons. First, the process of writing about an experience or a connection often brings out what is “between the lines” and draws your mind in deeper. Secondly, sharing with others is also a form of sharing with yourself through a different path; that in itself is worthwhile. Finally, much of what one “gets” is often meaningful to others. Who knows if you are the intended recipient of ideas, or whether you are the conduit to bring them to others? And it really doesn’t matter either way, given separation is an illusion in the first place! My two cents worth.

    2. Thank you for your interesting comments John and Kristiina. Together with the work of Frank and Rita, they bring up my thoughts about the new world that I envision with ever expanding consciousness. Based on my own previous experiences and those of others around me, I envision a world where creative endeavors and obstacles are approached with conscious active interaction between the 3D and the non-3D. This applies to co-creating with nature (like Findhorn and Perelandra) and much much more.

      Here are a few instances of what I mean:

      -Years ago, as my friend and I were driving along a country road during the spring, we were looking at the newly tilled fields and commenting about the good corn it would grow. One of our spirit guides stepped in and told us we could send loving energy to the fields and that energy would assist in supporting the growth of the crops. He advised us to make sure we were in a good space with open hearts when doing this.

      -I met a man in Connecticut who was a land developer. When starting a new project, before he broke ground or started any road construction, he would meditate on the land and contact the nature spirits/devas and other associated energies. He would ask them for suggestions on where to situate the roads and what plants and trees to leave intact etc.

      -Friends of my cousin own a farm with lots of land where they provide a sanctuary for rescued Mustang horses and teach EPONA classes (Linda Kohanov material). They decided to build a new barn and wanted to use wood from the trees on their land. Before starting construction of the barn, they did a walking meditation with the trees on their property and asked which trees would like to be part of the new barn. Some of the trees volunteered to become part of the barn and their beautiful barn was built.

      So my idea of a new world is a world where one seeks harmony in daily activities through mutual cooperation with our many levels of being, nature being just one of those levels.

      Thank you Frank for providing the platform and being a wayshower to our ever expanding consciousness.


  3. AHA, dear fellow travellers, the one link after the other !

    And then I am feeling called ( smiles ), to express something about Edgar Cayce`s SUPERSTRING THEORY, and quote from the book Edgar Cayce and the Cosmos ( by the way, E.C., recommended to read Rudolf Steiner in his time likewise ).

    ” Keeping in mind what was said earlier (in this chapter), about the link between the ultra-small and ultra-large, we examine next one of the hottest topics in physics and cosmology today – that of `string theory` . Also known as `superstring theory`, it posits that all matter is made of tiny invisible strands of vibrating energy, differing frequencies if vibration accounting for multitude of elementary particles making up the atom and in turn the physical world itself.

    Many believe this may be the long-sought-after Holy Grail of physics, known variously as the ” grand unification theory,” the ” theory of everything, ” and the unified field theory. ” It seeks to describe all the forces of nature as actually being the result of just a single comprehensive force.

    The mathematics of this exciting concept requires a multidimensional model of reality – one having at least eleven dimensions for its existence. And here we find some amazing similarities between superstring theory and the discussions of vibrations and multiple dimensions found in the Cayce material ( and some others of course, smiles ).

    Vibration itself is such a key concept that ” vibration ” appears over 1,300 times and ” vibratory forces ” well over 600 times in various contexts ( mostly medical, namely the ” Health-Readings ) within the text of the readings …see E. C. on Vibrations: Spirit in Motion by Kevin Todeschi.

    The following is a sampling of some of the fascinating information about vibration and other dimensions found in the readings ( I am only to write three short ones, ha, ha ):

    Reading 5149 – 1 (the numbers refers to each of the individual readings).
    ” Then to the entity we would counsel thus: Learn the lesson of the interpreting of the dimensions of the earth, or that the three-dimensions in the mind may be seven, and in spirit eleven and twelve and twenty – two.

    And Reading 364 – 6:
    ” That inter – between, that which is, that of which, that from one object to another when in matter is of the same nature, or what that is what the other is, only changed in its vibration to produce that element, or that force, as is termed in man`s terminology as dimensions of space, or dimensions that give it, whatever may be the solid, liquid, gas, or what its form or dimension.

    And the last by me: Reading 900 – 306:
    ” Then, as applying same, the entity finds that the whole lesson, then, is that as has been given. All matter is as one matter. All time as one time, and the various conditions as presented in that of the material plane, is as to the rate of its vibratory force as set in motion, and its portion of that first Creative Energy that impels its own propagation, in time, in space, in the material form and manner , and is of man`s – the highest created Energy in the material plane – the set spaces by man.

    AND Reading 5756 – 4:
    ” First, let it be understood there is the pattern in the material or physical plane of every condition as exists in the cosmic or spiritual plane, for things spiritual and things material are but those same conditions raised to a different condition of the same element – for all force is as one force.

    ….It is much more of course…. Frank, I am always appreciating everything about your blog ( I am not using twitter or facebook etc. sad to say )….. It is time consuming…..?

    B&B, Inger Lise.

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