Procedural question

The following is not for its metaphysical content, obviously, but it does raise a question in me, so perhaps in you. Does anybody else have experience that indicates that medications or scheduling interferes with access to the non-3D? Or perhaps we are merely being told that it is not access but ambition that is contra-indicated?

Monday September 14, 2015
F: 11:25 p.m. If I cannot sleep, maybe I can do some work. Anybody up?
TGU: Your medicines and the disruption in your life is not conducive to this. Do other things and bide your time.
F: All right.

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  1. For me personally, I wait until called. If I wake up and it’s 2:22, or 3:33 or 5:55 etc. I go write. Other times I notice that information flows to me in a more “natural” manner. Often when I am talking to others I find things “just falling out of my mouth”, and these seem to be the things others find most helpful. Since I am just trying to contact my higher Self and not “others”(? Only one of us here?) I just notice which things seem to pop into my mind and determine whether they ring true or not. I’m actually beginning to be able to recognize more and more which is my higher Self and what is just the drivel running through my mind. I don’t know if this is of any value to anyone else – just how it seems to work for me (at this time). I do notice that when I am distracted by other things in my life I don’t seem to get woken up up at 4:44 etc. I think we (us and source) probably can and do set up our own “rules” or schedules for when we are both attentive. I know that H.S. has told me that the early morning hours are best because there are fewer people awake and transmitting at those hours.

  2. Frank,
    One of the many things I’ve learned from this line of knowledge is about ‘fluctuations’ and changes in consciousness; very useful as these show up in daily life. I see they’ve always been there, just didn’t have a way to begin to understand them (“a place to stand”). I note that ‘us’ humans have many terms for them: doping off, not paying attention, ‘senior moment’, spacing out, etc.

    I’ve noticed that both medication and scheduling (as in time of day/week/year and as in having a schedule to keep) can be associated with my own fluctuations; I like TGU’s phrase: “Do other things and bide your time.”

  3. Yeah, I don’t know about medications. I imagine, as with any or all drugs, some will help with access and some will hinder.

    I find that if I’m overly tired the connection will really not be there; something akin to a wall of static between me and them. Emotional states play a very non-negligible as well. And it’s not just a matter of “positive” or “negative” either. I can connect from either end of the spectrum if I really desire to. Its feel like a certain type of attentive, open, and alert listening is required for me. If my awareness is scattered, distracted, or fatigued it just doesn’t really happen.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever been told “go away and come back later.” For me it’s more like trying to talk to somebody on the phone with a bad connection. I can’t hear them, they cut out, the line goes dead…that sort of thing.

  4. Perhaps the information in the recent post has been disturbing for some of us. Frank has been open about his concerns in the last two posts; the messages 9/8 and 9/9 are ‘challenging’ to me, and I’m still working (at the highest levels I can) on the information there.

    This line of knowledge has passed a number of my tests for validity, meaning, and usefulness in life; perhaps we’re beginning to test another important area: how the information helps in dealing with the difficulties/disagreements/ misunderstanding that are an inevitable (and important) part of any path of knowledge. So far I’ve been satisfied (and even impressed) with the process!

  5. Since most of my messaging, at this stage, comes to me in dreams, it seems that “scheduling” is a bigger issue. When I was working, and getting up early, this seemed to interfere w/ dream-life; when I could sleep in on weekends, my dreams seemed more “rich” and full of messages. I’m still working towards trusting my connection/uplink w/ my Whole Self, so cannot really comment how that is affected just now.

    As far as medications, the low doses of the psychotropics I’m on do not seem to have a detrimental effect. “Oddly”, alcohol has, at times, been associated w/ me of “improved”, recalled OBEs. Perhaps the disruption of the “normal” sleep pattern means I recall more of what may be “buried” when more soundly asleep?


    1. I think working Americans are mostly sleep deprived, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if people did better remembering dreams on weekends. Also, the alarm clock will drive a dream straight out of your mind (will, for that matter, drive YOU straight out of your mind!) even if you do dream.

  6. Over the last decade I have learned through experience that the brain is an organ that does not function well when polluted. In my case, the pollution was from mold toxins, but their presence shut down brain function and the transceiver simply stopped working. It has taken an ongoing heroic effort to lower the toxin level to the point where not only the brain but the other organs are starting to function as they should, but there is also unfortunate permanent damage. The most frustrating encounters have been with those who have no experience with brain poisons and who are unable to believe that the consequence is anything other than a lack of effort. They would never take this attitude with someone with an obviously broken leg, expecting them to simply put in more effort or change their attitude in order to be able to run that marathon.

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