A dialogue about attention from the 3D to the non-3D

[Cat’s paw submitted on 2015/09/05 at 4:59 pm, in response to “Immortal and yet mortal.” This lengthy response, in the form of a dialogue between “cat’s paw” and cat’s paw’s guys upstairs, seems worthy of its own post.]

“for discouragement is a great drain on power.”
Man, don’t I know it. Nothing more readily stops the flow (or transmission?) of power than discouragement and its many cognates.
But, as Nietzsche put it, why dwell upon such painful matters assuming one does not have to…

“There is a direct link between the soul in the non-3D and the attention it receives from 3D. That is its food, enabling its continued existence. This is why there are what have been called “hungry ghosts,” hungry for attention from the 3D, stringing people along for the sake of their attention.
F: As you may be doing here.
T: Certainly your attention is reward enough for our tutelage, and the more people’s attention we attract, the more well paid we will be. Hence, our incentive to provide material that will be of interest, and hence your continued necessity to be sure you don’t allow yourself to be led astray.
F: Never any guarantees, are there?
T: Not really. How can there be? But your best safeguard is your own attitude, your own intent, so that you draw to you what is sincerely interested in being helpful.”
This bit here is similar to thoughts I’ve been grappling with recently. It can be boiled down to something like, “what are ‘they’ getting out of this?” Now, that question is actually misleading if for no other reason than I’ve never asked the question. But it is the best translation/compression I can come up with.
Not-me: May we?
Me: Seriously?
Not-me: Well, it is up to you. We can speak through you, as your “I”, with no recognition of our contribution. The advantage of doing it this way is that it focuses you and frees you up a little.
Me: Fine, but don’t go on too long. I have things to do that require “mental energy.”
Not-Me: All of you have read here and elsewhere that so much of what seems mysterious, opaque, and incomprehensible about non-3D and its denizens is really quite basic and direct. In fact, so much so that it scarcely seems credible to many humans, especially educated ones.
Me: Non-3D itself is often scarcely credible among educated humans.
Not-me: Exactly. And there is much to say about that, but perhaps later. The passage you quote above goes to our point…
Me: I’m not quite getting it.
Not-me: Yes. We are, shall we say, conferring or arguing how best to frame it. That’s what you feel–our indecision. We want to say the universe loves “attention,” especially that which comes from 3D. It is quite rich and delicious. Now, it goes without saying there is much in the universe that is completely uninterested in 3D. But the universe is a big place so, perforce, we are talking about something that is vast but obviously more local. The real point here is that attention-energy-feeling-thought-force-power –name any or all of that what you will– can be tremendously “fulfilling” to absorb and interact with. You, “there”, do not perceive this or at least most don’t. We give an analogy, and remember that this is an analogy.
Think of someone whom you deeply love, are passionately fond of, or are extremely fascinated by (perhaps you know them intimately or not all– it doesn’t matter) and consider what their attention directed toward you would or does feel like– the electricity, charge, and excitement of it. Encased in your bodies you do not, though it is certainly possible, directly perceive the very basic exchange or flow of energy/radiation that is always occurring.
Me: Then why is your example an analogy?
Not-me: We say that in part because of your own translation efforts which desires to hedge what we put forth, but also because people will bring assumptions to the claim and it is helpful if they are given a pause to consider what those assumptions might be.
In a previous thread you noted that we communicated how people’s I-there’s as well other kinds of intelligence were simply interested in and curious about this forum for its own sake–as if it were just a good show. Part of the reason it is such a good show is that the participants’ attention (and “participants” denotes not just Frank and those that comment, but everyone who gives their attention to this project)is being directed toward “us”, toward our region of being. We love the attention!
Me: Well–
Not-me: Yes, we feel your question and you already know the answer. We will say for everyone’s benefit: this attention we love is not a matter of narcissism or seeking of the spotlight like the common egotistical human that desires attention as a glue to plug the perceived holes in their being (the non-3D versions can be and often are the “hungry ghosts”). What we are saying is this: the exchange and reciprocity of attention/energy is very basic, direct, and always on-going everywhere. We perceive this more clearly in our condition than you do in yours. But when you consciously or knowingly engage in this exchange with “us” it sweetens the exchange, so to speak.
One last analogy. Humans, some humans anyway, and more than a few who would claim otherwise, are quite taken with those symbolic notes of exchange called money. In one sense money is pure abstraction, make-believe, which is what makes it so useful, it is fungible and can be converted into millions of other things. On the other hand, it is an actually existing thing, material and real enough to touch. However, it is in its circulation, its capacity to flow and transform in the process of trillions of exchanges which gives it its power.
Me: And?
Not-me: Your attention/energy directed toward “us” and non-3D is not unlike that in a rough and metaphorical way.
Me: Doesn’t money convey a far too local and specifically modern human meaning here to be of much use.
Not-me: No, so long as its understood that attention, consciousness, awareness, thought, feeling, and so on are highly “valued.” That they are more mediums of exchange, if you will, rather than properties of this or that being.
Me: Okay, not sure I buy it but I have to leave off now.
Not-me: We know. Your attention is much appreciated…

3 thoughts on “A dialogue about attention from the 3D to the non-3D

  1. Thanks you for providing this. It’s clarifying and complementary to Frank’s information. It seems that there is a mutually supportive 3D-non-3D connection for a duration during “soul production”, that I believe for any specific entity that’s been designated as a greater being eventually ends.

  2. Indeed,thank you very much !

    Money=Exchange=Collateral energy-investment.

    BTW: Europe at the present time being has become “over-swarmed” by the middle-east refugees, a new emigration/immigration, from “The East”. (A new migration of tribes). But Europe is not “The Promised Land” as once America was. The landmass is not of the same KING Size.

    The difference between these “past” emigrations from Europe to America (in comparison with the current peoples from The Middle East), are that Europe was too over-populated back then… and ruled by “the few” from The Over-Class System, suppressing their laborers/servants…. Freedom was the main reason to go into the unknown territory of America. AND, they had to “go by their own feet” (doing everything by their own hand). THEIR freedom was to settle down, working hard by their own, and to rely on their own work.

    Okay, it might sound a bit harsh, BUT, the refugees nowadays coming from the middle-east, (not all of them of course), but MANY overall, expect to do nothing… They expect free apartment and houses paid by the state (in Europe the social welfare are paid by each state. The income taxes from their citizens). In Norway taxes are sky-high because of the social welfare.
    Norway is not a member of E.U., as yet, but a member of the European Market (and a member of NATO, of course, as our fighter-Aviators are educated in U.S., and back in time, in Canada). Each time the question whether to become a member of the European Union arises, the population votes NO.
    I do believe it is about the long history where Norway was in union with Denmark and Sweden, alternating in centuries as a football, casting back-and-forth between the two other countries each time one of them is losing a battle in war, since the time of the vikings. Norway is the little-brother, Denmark the brother in-between, and Sweden as The Big Brother. It is pretty much the same as Ireland, Scotland and England, with the same language, but different accents and dialects (hmm,G.B.have many ancestors from the Vikings).

    Looking upon it within a wider prospect, is it a kind of old pattern repeating itself. CAUSE and ATTRACTION seems obvious to me. What about the former European Crusaders invading the Middle-East in “the past?”

    Old patterns working as long as we are “keeping” hold on it.

    I have had the thought:What if all about us are illusions ? BELIEF is a very strong energy…whatever “belief” it is.

    B&B,Inger Lise.
    Luckily there are still small “pockets” of peace in the world.
    Nice weather today,I am for a walk out in the nature.
    Wishing all of you a NICE SUNDAY.

  3. “Money=Exchange=Collateral energy-investment.”

    Inger, is the above collateral energy minus investment or collateral energy is like or similar to investment?

    Anyway, I noted that I’m not sure I agree with or “buy” the money analogy that was coming through. Actually, to say I disagree is not accurate. It’s more that I have reservations about the money analogy because money is such a charged concept/object. We moderns can hardly help overrunning the term with assumptions, thoughts, and experiences.

    I like the primary point; that attention or consciousness is better understood as a medium of exchange than as an object or property which “belongs” to a particular individual.

    It might be helpful to note that the history of anthropology is chocked full of examples of communities/peoples using all sorts of objects (shells, copper plates, whale teeth)as mediums of exchange. Not so much to accumulate and hoard “value”, but as a means of circulating social powers, forms of wealth, responsibilities, connections, and value throughout the community. Exchange, the act of it, and what it signifies, is the crux of the matter and is probably better represented/understood in these other cultures than our own.

    There is much “they” want to add to what they’ve already offered. Translation: I can feel them standing over my shoulder watching me type, waiting for the invite to participate. But I’m saying no. Other things to do.

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