Rita on bees and wolves

Thursday, April 30, 2015

F: 5:30 a.m. Well, Miss Rita, I guess I’m slowly learning things. One of them is why it is so hard for me to record dreams – words are too sequential, too slow, and I don’t have patience enough. Another is that this process is the only word-related process that is fast enough for me, yet lets me slow down enough to communicate – which is why computer-based writing doesn’t work for me in ILC.

R: You are leaning much more than that. You need community feedback for your solitary explorations. You experience for others. Your perceived isolation and difference is more perceived than real, or perhaps we should look at it, more local than universal, and the electronic media has removed the major disadvantage of locality, so that you and the rest of your tribe can be aware that you are not alone.

F: As promised.

R: As promised. Inger Lise Karlsen sits on an island and paints her loneliness and difference. You sit in a room and do the same. So do the others, whether painting or sculpting or growing things or doing whatever leaves them feeling their connection. None of you is alone or ever was, and yet you also were, and are.

F: That puts it very concisely. And makes it seem less of a predicament, somehow.

R: The world is full of lonely people, not because of a defect in social organization or because of defects in character. Gregarious people are as alone as the painfully introverted. Handsome, sought-after people, rich people, talented and successful people, accomplished people – they are all alone in the sense we are talking about at the moment, and the easy obvious conclusion is that neither personality nor social position nor achievement nor one’s own view of how well one has done is a factor in that aloneness.

To be alone is the human condition. It is the point of the 3D experience, and the difficulty of it. Therefore, it is the value, as well.

F: Ed Carter said Earth (3D life) is boot camp.

R: He wasn’t wrong. And, just like boot camp, it isn’t brutality or privation for its own sake, but [“an end,” scratched out] a means to an end.

No, write it as you heard it, an end to a means. I know it sounds backwards, but you didn’t mis-hear it, it’s what I meant. That is, 3D life forges a mind that may then proceed to live a life in the non-3D (“as well,” but that’s another story).

But what is your aloneness, that is in the nature of 3D existence? I don’t need to describe it, everybody who reads or ever will read these words knows it to the bone. But what is it? Where does it come from and why is it part of 3D life?

F: It’s just the result of perception of separation, isn’t it? Our feeling the lack of connection to ourself at other levels, and to others?

R: If it were that simple,

F: Lost it.

R: Suspiciously enough – or it should be suspicious to you. but you still choose to look outward rather than inward.

F: I’m willing to be instructed.

R: Lonely people learn to stand on their own feet, and paddle their own canoe, as Bob [Monroe] always advised.

F: Yes. And –?

R: If not for the isolation (even among and within people who drown it in the society of others), humans would be much less individually different and much more alike, with fewer possibilities. More like bees than wolves, say. You know that humans have a sort of hive mind as background to individual minds.

F: Dana Redfield got that from her guys, and expressed it in her books. I never quite understood it, even though I published them.

R: It means this. The individual Frank sits atop a physical heredity that is closely connected to the hive-mind; but he brings to his physical heredity his own individual soul-heredity (the strands that enter into his make-up from other than physical sources), and this is his difference from what produced him physically. This is why children feel like they were surely switched from their real family that must be out there somewhere, because they feel like Cinderella among their physical relations.

There is so much to say, yet the other imperative is to give you all time to absorb one small slice at a moment.

F: I get the feeling that you didn’t begin intending to discuss loneliness and hive-mind and boot camp, but something else.

R: “Intend” is a little too definite; let’s say I was prepared to go in a different direction because of the dream you woke from, but in these sessions, the two minds determine where we go and what we experience. It isn’t dictation. Dictation occurs if one of the two absents itself, as Cayce or Jane Roberts did, or if the soul was so pure and transparent as to present no counter-currents, as for instance Emmanuel Swedenborg. Absent either of these conditions, it is conversation, not dictation. And conversation is a better model for the times you are finally moving into than dictation would be. The 3D component will be more aware henceforth, hence must assume greater responsibilities and will enjoy greater participation.

F: So your intent was–?

R: I get the implied smile and I share it. Let’s focus a little more on bees and wolves.

Bees are very much social creatures. Their individuality is very little, compared to yours. Insects are what humans would be if not for the superpositioning of soul memories upon physically transmitted –

F: Whew! Hard to find the right word, huh? At least, I don’t have a clue what you’re looking to say.

R: We will back up and try again. One moment.

[Long pause, during which I got some more coffee and the sky lightened significantly.]

This is another aspect of humans as compound beings. You are the physical offspring of compound beings and so you are instinctively what they were. In addition, each new birth is a selection of other elements (other strands of being, in effect other characteristics that may or may not mesh smoothly with those being physically inherited). Depending upon the fit, the new soul will be less or more comfortable with the newly acquired family. But even if you (whoever reads this) entirely reject your family, you are part of it. Even if you entirely embrace it and identify with it, you are partly different from it.

It is this unchangeable difference that is felt as apartness, as loneliness. And it is that difference that allows you freedom of action! It frees you from the hive mind to a degree.

Hive-mind – instinct – is not a good thing or a bad thing. Those are just labels. It is one fact of your life. Your individuality is another.

F: As I sit here writing this, the pink dawn is feeding my soul. A long time since I used to sit in your house writing into a pink sunrise.

R: Everything you do feeds into the hive mind as well as your own individual mind. Indeed, in a sense your individual mind is only a temporary affair, an abstraction almost, a waystation.

F: I thought you said we continue.

R: And so we do, but you never feel alone again. You retain the advantages derived but you don’t continue to experience yourselves as if you were disconnected. You will find it a great relief.

Let me use the dawn as an example.

F: Which is why you had me bring it up.

R: Yes. It was a lightening of blue, blue behind darker cloud. Then it was an edge of pink, and a broader edge of pink and an illuminated cloud edge. And then the pink went away, as the sun’s position relative to the clouds shifted, and now it’s lightening blue again, and no trace of pink. Was the sunrise a failure? Yes if you make it depend upon producing pink. No if you allow it to bring the day. No matter what the light-show was or wasn’t, the daylight follows.

F: And that’s about it for today, I gather.

R: You gather correctly. (Good gathering.)

F: Till next time, then, Miss Rita. Oh, and that was a nice touch, that turtle dream for Inger Lise.

R: That was a multi-layered message, not least a hello to an old friend.

16 thoughts on “Rita on bees and wolves

  1. Frank and Inger Lise,
    What a beautiful message this morning from your “old friend”. It also has very much meaning for me, especially after the last few days. I will share that but need some time when I can be in a better mind, undistracted.

  2. My wife and I went on travel to see family on Monday of this week, flying to the midwest, staying with friends. It knocked me out of my daily rhythm of connecting, reading and thinking about what is being communicated by Rita and Frank and feeling part of a larger community joint mind.

    Now I was in a different time zone, living with friends, not in my routine. We’ve made this trip many times before, but this time it was very different. Starting Monday evening, and going through most of Tuesday and Wednesday, my world was totally and abnormally “discombobulated”. Every train of thought was interrupted with what seemed to me to be random and not meaningful interruptions by the phone, the TV, people wanting to converse on subjects that I couldn’t tune into.

    My notes, which is all I could muster over the two days:
    Isolation, disconnected
    Unable to continue any train of thought
    Constant Interruptions for meaningless (meaning not meaningful) sidetracks, events experienced as just random and senseless.
    Everything moving at a snails pace
    To accomplish anything physical, barriers always in the way, feeling of being in molasses
    Completely unable to relate to what’s going on around (news, conversation, people) Finding myself drifting and not tuned in.
    Being waylaid and frustrated at doing whatever I tried to do…
    Not having any time or private “space” to even think about anything.

    It wasn’t just a dream playing out, it was a nightmare, but without the horror. Many characteristics of dreaming were being experienced, except I was wide awake! I was able to read what all of you were writing, but was isolated from it, not at all part of the joint mind, and despite my desire to be so, all the disruptions around me were actively preventing me from being with the rest of this community. I thought, “why are they doing this?”

    Also, “what a beautiful dream Inger Lise had, and instead of that I am living, really living, this nightmarish dream demonstration!”

    By Wednesday evening I was so frustrated, I practically yelled out (internally of course) to my Exco, “OK, can we bring this to an end? What’s going on?

    Immediately came, “Our job is to help you understand life, not be an alternative to living it.” (??)

    Thursday morning, Rita’s next message about bee’s and wolves arrives. This did hit home, in obvious ways, and I know that more will come out of it. The value of isolation, no matter how uncomfortable, the value of connection in experiencing this dream of life.

    Many Thanks, John
    P.S. My last name is Wolf!

    1. Of course i knew your surname, but I hadn’t put the two pieces together. Do we have someone out there named Bees, too, I wonder?

      This trip from hell seems to me a free gift to you, to put your ordinary life in a more constructive context, and to remind you of the insanity that other people take for granted as normal. No place (and no life) like home!

      1. As a footnote to the above, I learned recently the experience I discussed was indeed a “gift”, a teaching “demonstration”. It was a 3D realization of what it would really be like if we lost some of our connection to non-3D.

        We are so highly connected to the non-3D, as Rita has been emphasizing; yet, I have only partially sensed that, such as when communicating ILC. This demonstration made me realize how completely fundamental, how dependent we really are on a day-to-day, minute-to-minute, basis on that connection. I have been only aware of a tiny, tiny aspect of that whole connection to my greater being, and much of what I was unaware of functions beautifully in the “background” of every aspect of my being every second of my life.

        The smooth flow of our lives, even when we call it “rough” is only possible because of our “connectedness”. It was a stark lesson for me, one that I appreciate.

        1. I remember many years ago, my wife and i spent a day at a nature refuge, or a lake, or something, paddling a canoe and enjoying the day thoroughly. Yet — there was something weird about the day, and i couldn’t figure out what. It took until the day was over before i realized what was different — I had spent the day somehow entirely Downstairs, rather than linked Upstairs as usual. I don’t remember for sure, but i don’t think i even knew, in those days, that usually i was continuously linked. It was a remarkable lesson.

  3. Frank and John.
    What shall I say?
    By reading what Rita says and what Frank and John are telling here… I am MORE than ever convinced about Life and Death being ONE and the same “thing.”
    I need to think more about what Rita is explaining above. I cannot find “the right” words right now but need some more time “to contemplate” the material (and digest it).
    BTW: I`m a computer dummy and do not know how to transfer pictures and send them other than by the old-fashioned snail-mail (smiles).
    … and wishing all of you sweet dreams… nighty night from Inger Lise, and see you soon again.
    P.S. Thank you from the heart, Frank&Rita, John and all of you.
    How many times have not felt “a stranger” in THIS world. I have acted as The Turtle many a time… and did the withdrawal within “my home”, THE SHELL, (behind the shell is the inner realms)… BUT through the transparency of the shell is it possible to watch The Universe.
    WHAT A GIFT given to all of us from Rita!

  4. Hi Frank & community.

    I was going to post this comment on, A talk with Rita (4-28- 2014), but I couldn’t. Not didn’t, couldn’t. I also considered that 4-28-2014 should have been 4-28-2015, but it didn’t feel like a mistake. 2+0+1+4 make 7 & 2 x 7 make 14, which 4+2+8 make. Usually I don’t notice numbers, but that’s not a coincidence.

    This conversation followed reading this: F: But my dream seems to say that there is some purpose somewhere, or why set out to affect consciousness?

    R: I am not trying to persuade you or anybody that the world (in the sense of “all that is”) is without meaning, merely that it is not as simple as the answer that seems obvious.

    Me: What’s the purpose?
    Spirit: Skipping stones. We gave you this story many years ago. When you skip stones on water you record the stone skipping. You judge your action to be successful or not. You count the skips, marvel at the height or number of skips and view the affect the stone had on the water. You record the sounds of the stone striking water and the rock travelling through the air. You do all this and more, but you never consider what the rock experiences. That’s the purpose of the affect life has on consciousness, to make you aware of the rock. You’re the rock. You’re not the decision to throw the rock, but you made the decision. You’re not the action of throwing the rock either, or the you (not the one?) throwing the rock. You’re the rock.
    Me: Consciousness affecting consciousness.
    Spirit: That’s correct.
    Me: And I’m talking to myself. (smiling)
    Spirit: Yes you are.

    It felt right to place the conversation here. I believe the answer is simple. Our investigation and presentation is complex, and I wonder about that. I consider it’s the difference between wonder and to wonder. Experience the answer/be the answer or journey towards the answer.

    Also, I believe I’m seeing someone in spirit connected to Rita. She gave me the name Jane Eyre, but I believe it’s Jane E ?. Jane Eyre and Jane Elizabeth ? are both significant, though. I google Jane Eyre and discovered Charlotte Bronte was the author. Again the name Charlotte and the initials C B, Charles B, are significant. Two different people in spirit. Ordinarily, I don’t do public readings, but this came when I was about to submit this comment. It will be for you, Frank, or someone you know.

    Talk soon.

    1. I would like to comment on the last paragraph of Simon’s response above with the spirit names and initials.
      It wasn’t confirmed if Rita had any connection with the names and initials put forth by Simon for her but I would like to mention a resonance they have for me.

      In the 1990s I had spirit contact through a psychic friend with two Bronte sisters, Ann and Emily (Emily’s middle name was Jane – maybe the Jane E Simon mentioned?). The initials C B, while they may refer to Charlotte Bronte, the thought also came to me that the Bronte sisters used pen names in their earlier writings. Jane Eyre was first published under the name Currer Bell, the pen name used by Charlotte Bronte. The Brontes also had a sister named Elizabeth although I’m not sure about the Charles B.

      Through my psychic friend years ago, the Brontes told us about their work in the non-3D and also mentioned a little about what it was like to be in the non-3D from their perspective. I wrote a story of my experiences with the Brontes and in re-reading that story I found their response to a question about their perception of themselves in the non-3D: From our perspective, past lives are part of the flow that flows through you. You’re not necessarily consciously aware of them. It’s also a wonderful enhancement and in many cases it’s like having a multiple conversation with yourself. Tremendous bits and pieces of these people that you were come through. You’re not just one glorious person in heaven, you’re several, you’re many. Many of the lives that you’ve had are incorporated in you when you are in spirit. It’s a very empowering feeling. The other lives do come out. They come out in many ways. We are here in spirit saying I never knew I could paint. I never knew I had these talents and that’s where you get this realization of this person that you were that had this talent or this type of knowledge.

      Through Rita’s explanations,I am beginning to get a better sense of what the Brontes were trying to describe. I realize the Brontes were describing from their perspective at that time and not from a more encompassing perspective as that of Rita. I have the feeling of being a fledgling here but with the help of Frank and Rita and everyone who participates, I am becoming more flexible in shifting my perspective. I appreciate the input of those with a wider perspective including the healers and those who work with the non-3D on a more conscious basis. Thank you Simon for putting the names and initials out there.

      1. Hi Karla,

        That’s a wonderful connection & I’m sure it’s accurate. If the names & initials have meaning & connection for you then it’s appropriate that I shared them here. It prompted you to revisit what you’d written.

        When I do public readings at events, I always connect to information that serves many in the audience. Spirit wish to communicate to as many people as they can. Names & information group together & are easily accessible.

        In this instance, I also believe there’s a Charles that is yet to be unearthed. Through Frank, Charles has asked many questions of Rita, so there’s that to consider as well.

        I’m okay with all of it.

        Also, you’re not a fledgling. You’re as magnificent as all off us. This is a group discussion & adventure. I cannot go about my day without affecting you & you cannot go about yours. We’re in this together. love to you & family.

        1. Hello Folks, and thanks a lot for the conversation above.
          Talking about Jane Eyre and Bronte`s.
          The old movie “Pride&Prejudice”turned up yesterday evening on TV. I have seen them all before, but they are as good as ever.
          Lol,Inger Lise.
          P.S. Nobody(absolutely NOBODY)will be as good as the Englishmen when it comes to history-settings(and actors/actresses). They will need no “false”stage-set either because they have managed to keep their old villages and buildings(the Manors and Castles) all intact throughout the history. It is absolutely fascinating.
          Hurrah for the British!
          (not to mention Agatha M.Christie`s detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple).

          1. Ditto Frank.
            And Shakespeare, Dickens, Conan Doyle etc. etc.
            And when it comes to the Spiritualist- literature as well. The Druids and the Celtic Folklore f.inst.
            …and Merlin and King Arthur (the legend of Avalon)…it is endless.

            Italy as well will be very fascinating. Where-ever you travel in Italy…the whole Roman-Empire will be both below your feet as well to see above the ground (and yes, the Romans left their traces in England as well of course, and they are still there).
            I have heard a whole lot of Ghost stories about the Romans to be seen in England from time to time.
            “Ghost-stories” are not what the peoples will “believe” what they are. Some will be “stuck in time” and others will be “time-travelers” I guess… or, it is also told of to be “energy-imprinting” upon time and space.
            The Phantoms of us.

            I made a travel in Italy once (back in 1999) with a Scandinavian group (it was an Italian tour-guide), named as:”Following in the Foot-Steps of Napoleons Army passing over the Alps.”
            Absolutely a fabulous/fantastic, experience to tell the least.
            I am beginning to see WHY I am (always) have felt obliged in to make excuses for Napoleon. I have always admired him (laughs).

            LOL, Inger Lise.
            P.S. Stormy weather today,and very cosy indoors.

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