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Saturday March 7, 2015

F: 7 a.m. Feels pretty leisurely, not waking up till nearly seven. Miss Rita, ready to go?

R: Certainly. It isn’t as though doing any one thing prevents us from also doing another.

F: Not news to me, of course, but maybe sometime we can go into that for those who haven’t thought about what it means to be relieved from the continuing orientation to the ever-moving present moment. And when we talk about that, I’d like an explanation of what times that movement, what it is geared to. But anyway, here’s what we have queued up.

[Karla’s question: “From what Rita has said angelic beings are not compound beings and do not breed. But can an angelic being take on the appearance of a physical form and live a life in the 3-D world? For example could an angelic being be inserted in the 3D world under the guise of a Roman senator during early Christian times? Since the angel is not a compound being, could it act like a tuning fork with one resonant frequency that affects the 3D (& therefore non 3D) through resonance with particular strands of the compound beings they encounter? Also, is there anything Rita can add to help us understand the nature of the purity of angelic beings? They are pure beings but how are they different from each other and can she give us an explanation of them in regard to our classification of them as angels or archangels?”]

R: Not one question, but five, really. And let me say, there is no objection to several-part questions. They will sometimes help us to explore. Of course, if an initial premise is incorrect, subsequent questions may fall to the ground, but that may have its enlightening aspects as well.

Clearly this set of questions is based in some particular understanding of things, not in speculation. Nothing wrong with comparing what one knows or believes with what I have to say, either. Again, the comparison itself may bring enlightenment.

[By the way, in context it was clear that Rita meant enlightenment – greater clarity — not Enlightenment.]

I have to ponder the best approach to the subject. This is one case where the way the investigation begins will have a huge impact on the appearance of the explanation.

So let us start here: Unitary beings can appear within 3D and function there no less than compound beings. The distinction to be drawn is not where the being manifests, but what the being comprises.

F: In other words, the 3D dimensions are a part of the non-3D reality no less than the non-3D is part of ours. Obvious once you put it that way, but I don’t know that I ever happened to think of it that way.

R: That’s because the concept of one reality rather than two has not permeated your thinking to any great depth yet. Nor should you expect it to have replaced a lifetime’s assumptions – augmented by a culture’s assumptions, religious no less than secular – in so short a time. But you see, as you continue to apply these concepts to areas where they had not yet penetrated, the ramifications continue to widen, and the reorientation deepens and broadens, and you become more ready for the next level of uncovering.

F: The positive aspect of the “to understand A” process.

R: Yes. Progress fosters progress, as far and as long as you welcome it. Only when you say, “no more” do you pause.

F: Faust’s bargain!

R: Minus damnation as the penalty, and seen in a different context. Give the story in a few words, and we can use it to help the explanation begun by the question.

F: I haven’t actually read Faust, but everybody knows that Faust’s bargain with Mephistopheles (the devil) was that he could keep his great powers and live his new life unless and until he said to any passing moment, “stay, you are so beautiful.” I took it to mean, unless and until he decided to cling to a given moment, he could proceed, but if he did cling, his damnation followed.

R: Now, we don’t want to follow the question of damnation or even of the consequences of choosing to cling to a given moment rather than allowing life to bring you what it will. My point here is merely that the history of humankind is rife with stories of angels interacting with humans. To put it into our way of thinking about things, that would equate to non-3D beings interacting in 3D with 3D beings, in the same way that non-3D beings interact with 3D beings in non-3D.

F: You and I are interacting now in non-3D, I take it – my mind in non-3D interacting with you and transmitting the result to my brain and hand to record in 3D. That does not involve apparitions or any form of sensory interaction. But

R: No, wait. An apparition is not necessarily a sensory phenomenon. That mixes things.

F: Okay, straighten us out, if you will.

R: A human mind is, in effect, a junction-point of 3D and non-3D awareness. The mind may experience influences directly, not mediated by sensory perceptions, and this is what is understood as a vision, or, let us say in general, a “psychic experience.” It is not any less real for being not rooted in sensory data, but it is of a different order than perceptions that are of a sensory experience. But the 3D being may also experience 3D manifestations, apparitions, call them, that are not “only in your mind,” apparitions that have the same objective reality as the road to Emmaus they walk on – until the angel – the non-3D being – may suddenly disappear from the sight of the 3D observer.

F: Huh! That’s a lot to absorb, and I can feel major chunks of previously separate concepts clicking together.

R: Yes. Stick with the present question. Yes, angels can have a life in the world. But those lives cannot be expected to be the same as the lives of compound beings. They cannot be said to be born of diverse strands, as 3D beings must be – and it is no answer to say, “aha, virgin birth,” unless you can figure out how the mother can have been a non-compound being herself. (However, this should give you a hint as to what ancient mythology was trying to express by using concepts such as beings born to humans from divine fathers. Side-trail today, however.)

So if an angel cannot share the most elementary human experience – being born of parents – can it have a body, or, for that matter, a polarity that fits anywhere on the gender scale? Can it then have human needs? (Animal needs, I would say, only do not carry the meaning of the term too far.) In short, an angel leading a human life is human only in appearance, and only in certain contexts. Thus angels appear and disappear, as they ill. They don’t necessarily commute to work.

Being “inserted” is a good way to look at it, provided you don’t let that way of looking at it go too far. The only way to be “inserted” into the world is through a female body, if you mean by inserted the creation of a new specific mind, a new soul, in specific circumstances, of specific heredity. But you may be “inserted” in a different way if you mean something closer to magical apparition than animal growth and development.

F: I’m struggling, here, and I’m not sure I am bringing tis in clearly.

R: That’s because you are also trying to make sense of new concepts while you write; it creates a split that distracts you. Don’t worry about it. Do the best you can, knowing that errors can always be corrected later. Remember, it is also up to the reader to think and feel and perceive.

The concept of a unitary being acting as a tuning fork to 3D beings is an interesting analogy that could be extended to other aspects of human interaction, and perhaps we will pursue this at another time. Here, let’s say merely that a non-compound being has not the problem of maintaining focused intent. Having no cross-currents, it is focused intent. In that sense, yes, it could be said to act as a tuning fork.

But the question of angels v. archangels, and interaction of angels, and in general the nature of the non-3D world as it exists beyond interaction at the 3D level is a theoretical rather than a practical question, and I do not want to pursue it unless and until it arises in an explanatory context for some question more closely connected to human experience and responsibility.

F: Not sure I understand why those final two words, but they came through clearly enough.

R: They got through, and that serves as an excuse for a brief statement before your hour is up. Your clarity of perception increases not as your character changes in one way or another, but as your continued focused intent manifests to assist you to crystallize an attitude. In effect, rather than your being led now by this strand, now by that one, all the alternations take place within an overall orientation that maintains an internal set of priorities. Your manifesting being is not as subject to flux as previously, hence it is easier for you to persevere. One could say, perseverance encourages the habit of perseverance, which encourages the ability to persevere.

F: That’s sort of chasing its own tail, that sentence.

R: No, actually it isn’t. Look at it later, after we are no longer linked actively, and you will see. Bu your our is up.

F: That would be a pretty good book title, maybe. “But your hour is up” Okay, till next time. Our thanks, as usual.

17 thoughts on “Rita on angels

  1. “One could say, perseverance encourages the habit of perseverance, which encourages the ability to persevere.”

    OH BOY did I need that today. An affirmation for my mirror, for sure! Thank you 2!

  2. This whole subject is extremely interesting to me and explains to some degree some experiences I have had while involved in Healing Circles. First, Angels being a different frequency. A couple of Circles ago I experienced what I believe was an Angel coming into the Circle. Normally, I see them as being large figures. Much taller than we are at least in the presentation at our Circles. This latest time I felt a very distinct vibration come down and encompass me. It was not an uncomfortable vibration. But, it seemed like a very much different frequency. A friend of mine who was a number of feet away, spoke up that I appeared to have grown in height and also seemed to be wearing a white suit is some sort, almost like an “Admiral’s” uniform.this obviously was a type of analytic overlay kicking in. But, the large figure in white was very much similar to accepted descriptions of angels. Between that and the increasing frequency I was experiencing at the time I had the distinct impression an Angel had come into the Circle to facilitate the appearance of two young women who came in to help two other women within our Circle. The Angel acted like a tuning fork proving the right frequency so that two individuals from the other side could manifest to help others on this side. Seems like this might be a bit of corroboration for was Rita is talking to.

    1. it is extremely interesting, at least. i got a lot of side-trails flickering open and then closing as she went on in different directions, and one was that mankind’s religious history is full of stories of men interacting with angels, and only our stupid materialist so-called culture discards it wholesale, since it “knows beter.” And the religions in some ways aren’t doing any better. they believe in a non-physical workd, but, in practice, “out there,” not here with us. A lot of translating needed!

  3. Frank,
    TGU say “If you have developed yourself to the point that you can hold your mental clarity and your mental focus without a body, then it becomes a matter of choice whether you come back or not.” (The Sphere and the Hologram, “Between Lives” – a dynamite section if one’s interested in this sort of thing!). I was about to write and say ‘Yeah! That’s what I want, to be able to have/make those kind of choices’ … and ask Rita how do I “develop” myself?

    At the end of this session she says “Your clarity of perception increases not as your character changes in one way or another, but as your continued focused intent manifests to assist you to crystallize an attitude. In effect, rather than your being led now by this strand, now by that one, all the alternations take place within an overall orientation that maintains an internal set of priorities. Your manifesting being is not as subject to flux as previously, hence it is easier for you to persevere.”

    Boom! It came together for me … and I suspect this may be as close to ‘method’ as we’re going to get her. There are any number of practices that can help quiet and focus the mind/attention/intent. I’m pretty sure they help one down that path of ‘quieting’ 3D and becoming more conscious of connection to our non-3D self (thus more open to ‘guidance’), leading (eventually) to that crystallization. My Zen practice works for me right now; the trick seems to be for each to find the practice that works for them..

    Wonder if Rita would care to critique and/or say more on any of the above?

    1. Jim, thanking you by the heart, that`s it!!
      How many times have not “got the message” in “firmly stick to” what`s working for YOU–and YES, the book of Franks` The Sphere and The Hologram (the other books as well of course) pulling much together.

      I have felt in the same way–all the way here, participating in Rita`s conversations with Frank. I`m learning as much of the questions as of the answers to tell the truth.

      ACIM have a very good point about it, in telling of THE TEACHER learning as much from THE STUDENT… as it is a TWO-FOLD relationship in the learning-process. Teacher-to-Teacher-talk (pupil-to-pupil-talk likewise), since both doing the study/-learning about the same.
      If only we would realize such things…then it would be obvious of none of us would “be above or below” each others, or anything else for that matter (neither within the concept of 3D or non 3D).
      The Ego will be gone. And no more “here or there”. The concept of TIME will fall apart.
      And Yes, I have experienced losing the concept of time in the bliss-full reunion of BEING…never wanted in “returning back” unto the environment of earthly consciousness.
      BUT, it is not that easy obviously.

      B&B, Inger Lise.

  4. Beautifully told Craig and Frank. Thank you very much indeed.
    No doubt in my mind of the Angelic Presence everywhere. Ask, and they`ll be there for you, whether in the good or in the bad times. Is it not said: Ask, and it is given ?
    It is countless stories that`s for sure. And they can take on many “forms”.
    Only of us speaking about them arising “an higher vibration,” if only to be sensitive enough about it.
    Those of us(and it is many) who have encountered them, and have felt to be in their Presence– without doubt knowing them to be as real as you and I(or me and you).

    It is many blessings in the world if only expanding the mind “outside the box.”
    Inger Lise.

  5. …again, so very thought-provoking…

    I had been told, at one time while visiting a local art museum (w/ “Religion in Art” as the current exhibit) w/ my wife and a friend, that the friend could “see” or “sense” St. Michael standing right behind me, enfolding me w/ protection. She has a Catholic background; I had also had two different healing practitioners, both of Catholic belief, invoke “St. Michael” in their healing/prayers for me. I personally had “no problem” w/ this, having had a non-religious upbringing. With the current topic of angels, I’m guessing that the friend did see a presence behind me; “St. Michael” being perhaps a cultural/religious overlay (much as Craig H.’s Healing Circle participant seeing him as in an Admiral’s uniform). I found it comforting, nontheless…

    I’ve also read a few NDE accounts where the experiencer was given the choice whether or not to return to physical life; it was up to the experiencer…this seems to be talked about only in more recent accounts; all of the previous ones I’d read seem to indicate NO choice; you HAD to return.

    I’m still “working” on finding my path; right now it involves asking/affirming communication w/ my Whole Self. As I’ve mentioned, some of the practices do not speak to me, if a “discarding of self” is mentioned, for w/out a “self”, what is there left of “me” to “persevere”? Maybe that’s just my very human fear of “being annihilated” at work? I’ve heard some folks talk of this “bliss of unbounded Awareness”; I’ve not experienced that, in this lifetime, as far as I can recall. There’s a “wicked” part of me that wants to ask of such persons, “then, why did you come back?” Maybe not so “wicked”, as earnestly wanting to know…


  6. …and another question or two pops up…

    There’s another NDE account of a person (whom I’ve read her books, and seen her speak in person), who describes our Human condition/being as the “melding of two different species; that of Human animal, plus a Light Being”, and that our goal here was more along the lines of “how to act less like an animal, more like a Light Being”. Obviously, this person had a quite profound and deep experience while “dead”, yet I’m having some trouble seeing how this view fits w/ us as “compound beings”, but maybe that just answered my own question?

    Maybe another way to put it (and my “problem” w/ the animal/Light Being “split”) is that this view implies that Earth and proto-Humans just sort of “existed”, and was awaiting this “insertion of Light Beings”, instead of us (from a non-3D perspective) being involved in co-creating this environment to start with, in order to “have experiences”?

    Also, this same experiencer spoke of “soulless humans” as being a reality, that there are “human animals”, living quite normal “Joe Bag of Donuts” (to use one of my favorite expressions of hers) lives, but w/out Light Beings “aboard”. Is this possible? Or are some of us just more “layered over” w/ Earth Life System stuff (Bob Monroe’s expression), so that the Spirit/soul is less apparent?

    Maybe these are rather “elementary” questions, but they have been gnawing at me for some time…


    1. I don’t think they’re so elementary, and i do think they’re worth asking, whenever Rita and i resume (or, if somebody else wants to take itup). I’ll forward to Charles to hold against such time.

    2. Craig, it is amasing how similar our views are upon many things.
      Edgar Cayce has a lot of readings about these “THINGS” (half human/half animals)…as it was called in the readings. According to the readings the mythological creatures have existed.
      Half animal/half human. The tales and legends still exists about them by the history of old(in the Greek, Assyrian and Roman mythology).

      It is far too many of the readings in to quote here.
      But I`ll believe it is possible for all who is interested to buy all the Edgar Cayce readings (they`ll have them recorded on CD`s) from the bookstore of A.R.E. (the Headquarters is in Virginia Beach).
      Wonders how the TV-series (made for children to watch) about NARNIA came “into being”, the author or producer must have got the inspiration from the readings by E.C.?…or maybe some “hidden memories”? The movie-maker SPIELBERG with his ideas of the interstellar communication as well.
      They must have got their ideas from “somewhere”? What we`ll believe to be only “fantasy” can be more real than of us to imagine.
      Inger Lise.

      1. Hi Inger Lise,

        Yes; I also recall, from reading (recently) “The Unknown Reality” (Seth) a mention of “animal-proto-human” blends “early on”, as new ways for Consciousness to express in our linear timeline.

        I didn’t follow all the Narnia Chronicles (books or movies), but I recall that I was utterly fascinated, in the second grade, when our teacher read “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” to us! In contrast, in the third grade, our teacher read “The Hobbit” to us; I was bored silly w/ the strange language (and I still haven’t read any of the books/seen any of the movies!), much preferring “The Secret Garden” (my love of gardens and plants, and return of Spring).

        I did read the C.S. Lewis “planet trilogy” about 15-20 years ago, and found it fascinating (“Out of the Silent Planet”, “Perelandra” and “That Hideous Strength”; the last one, to me, representing scientific experimentation run amok, w/out Spirit, Consciousness or conscience!) His “Surprised by Joy” makes for gentle, insightful reading, as an autobiography (he stuck w/ Christianity, after dabbling a bit w/ more esoteric practices, but his sheer joy w/ simple things comes thru in his account). Yes, I think his imagination stemmed from a connection w/ Whole Self (and likely the inspired movie-makers recognized this connection as well).

        Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to my dreams; this seems to be one of my main sources of information about “non-3D”, at this time. I regularly visit “dream constructs”, which remain remarkably similar from dream to dream; they eventually will change (such as old buildings which have been remodeled). I also seem to have what “Seth” calls “counterparts”, possibly in existence concurrently w/ this “waking life” currently typing this message (or in “parallel/probable realities”?) These show up in dreams, and seem to show that I have lives as: Continuing my drafting/design work in Seattle; working in the trucking/shipping industry (loading trucks); a merchant marine, working either in a ship’s engine room, or on a fish-processing vessel, and some sort of military service (seems to be Navy)…Interesting stuff!

        Now, I must go settle down for the night w/ my copy of “Unknown, Vol. 2″…


  7. How would this fit in with Bob Monroe’s future visit to earth where he sees us as light beings who step into bodies like clothes? Is this a probable future or his future?

    I wondered about the human immortal he met also- was he an angel or a compound being?

    Fascinating indeed. Louisa

    1. Hello Louisa and Frank(and all).

      This will be fascinating “to investigate” for sure.
      Okay, back to the Edgar Cayce Readings again (I was in a study-group for approximately 30 years, as well as studying all the other metaphysical materials along the same lines).
      E.C. told within the Readings such as:
      The Human Destiny (and the Soul`s purpose) will be “To Become Angels” as “The Extension” of The Divine.
      We are destined to become “the Cooperatives with God” (or to be IN cooperation with the Divine).
      BTW: Frank (as well as Rita and TGU) are excellent in always pointing out the importance of “searching it out by ourselves.”

      BUT, (me and “the but`s” as usual), how about “the evolution” within the physical framework of “Time” fits in with the parallel worlds and the astrophysics (E.C. said it is “necessary to finish the sojourns” of the Earths Solar System at first), and quote: “…when at first to have BEGUN the incarnation in “the Earth.”
      And further by E.C.”…The other existence of the divine compound Beings…” must finish theirs upon other Solar-Systems, or Star-Systems, in The Physical Universe, both in the seen and within the unseen Cosmic Scheme of things.
      Many of the spiritual teachings tell of us acting as “The Actors upon a Stage in “the Theater” doing an performance,with the many different “roles of us to Play.” We are souls in disguise.
      lol, Inger Lise.
      P.S. Woke up this morning with THE SNOW outdoors, and the snow is still falling—Yesterday it was SPRING–You`ll never know!
      What IS time? It is a illusion my dear (smiles).

      Hmm, seemingly it is about “of to finish” something one way or the other?

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