Rita’s invitation to a great experiment

Thursday, February 26, 2015

F: Almost 4 a.m. Good morning, Rita. Am I right that I ought to take a break from this? If so, why, and do you mean (or do I mean) a day here and there, or a longer span? This, given that there will be a matter of a week or more soon enough, when I go to PD and then move.

R: There isn’t any “ought” about it, but there certainly is a “feel free” about it. That much is up to you. The material will wait, and our connection isn’t likely to evaporate.

F: Plus perhaps we’ll have at least a couple of others on the line. I find the prospect exciting, but I don’t know how discreet I should be about names in public. Suffice it to say for public consumption that I know of two of my friends who are talking to you, and I am encouraging them to post transcripts, and I have hopes that this public record will encourage others to try their hand.

R: This is material enough to fill a session.

F: Let’s do it. The questions won’t go away.

R: Very well – and said with a twinkle in my very-non-3D eye.

F: Because who’s to say what’s my idea and what’s yours.

R: And what is neither or both, correct.

Here is the hope and the intent that I have. It is one thing to communicate more fully. It is another to release the results of such communication to close friends. A third, to release it to the winds, so to speak – to the world. A fourth to encourage others to do the same, and it is yet another step to encourage them to practice together – which is what this could become. Such practice would have its difficulties and its opportunities, and would be the difference between a controlled laboratory experiment and uncontrolled everyday practice which could become everyday behavior.

Suppose you and – well, I would name them, but I feel your resistance and I have to respect it – suppose you and your three close friends, one of them very close – all begin to talk to me, first in private, then sharing the results among you (as you have already done), then – next – putting such communication on the public record. You all met me, and only one in-the-flesh meeting is required to set up an extremely powerful link if the link already exists in the non-3D.

F: You mean, I take it, that a physical meeting helps us to recognize a link that already exists but might not otherwise be recognized.

R: That’s right. So, even though you know one another and know me, the act of bringing forth information supposedly from the same non-3D source is going to have its tensions. Fear lest you are fooling yourself, of course. Fear that the material will be distorted by your expectations. Fear that what you bring in will not jibe with what another is getting – or, far worse, with what more than one other is getting. All these, over and above the usual concern lest you mislead others inadvertently (since you know you won’t do so deliberately).

But the overcoming of these obstacles is precisely what is going to make a further step possible.

In fact, you could almost make that a law of 3D life – it is the overcoming of obstacles that makes for change. Then it is up to you to determine the nature of the change, which you do by your chosen attitude as you address the challenge, the obstacle.

Such a controlled small-group experiment will illustrate the obstacles that will present themselves to a world of people routinely communicating with the non-3D in one way or another – and will, in its working-out, point toward helpful practices and attitudes that will arise from recognition of the obstacles.

For instance, authority.

There will be a tremendous temptation to oneself and to others to settle upon one or another person as “the authority on (in this case) Rita.” That is as natural as breathing, and couldn’t be less helpful to the process. Because, if Frank, say, is the authority on communications with Rita (or with Hemingway, or anyone else Frank develops a non-3D relationship with), then what of everybody else, very much including people who knew Rita (or Hemingway, or whomever) much better than Frank did?

You see? Who is to say who has a better connection at any one time?

Who is to say whose internal mechanism is unconsciously distorting which part of which message?

Who is to say that their connection, their overall sense of the person, their messages, are right, and others’ are wrong?

And – following from this and actually more important, but not always as obvious – who is to say that one’s own message is wrong, one’s own ability or authority is less valid, one’s own contribution is unneeded or unwanted or “only” one talking to oneself?

It is in the friction of multiple messages from (and to) the same source that you will find a new freedom, the freedom that comes with true sharing in an attitude of one among equals, where the only judgment is – because it is what you will have to come to – “does it resonate?”

Do you see what I am saying? In common 3D interaction, you may accept another person as an authority on this or that, but you accept no one as an authority over everything. (Or, if you do, you are in for a real disappointment at some point.) You should be grateful that this is so, or you would be perpetually in a subordinate role, the student to others’ teaching. But what true teacher wants his or her students to remain students all their lives? Far better for them to move out on their own, hopefully to surpass the teacher.

Another issue will be consistency of information. Weigh consistency to some extent. Indeed, you will scarcely be able to avoid doing so. But recognize that not consistency but resonance is the touchstone. If you wish to set up a religion, then yes, consistency will be, or will anyway seem to be, the most important thing, as any deviation from the words of the master, as recorded in scripture, will be an assault on the fabric. But if instead of preserving a monument to the truth as found previously, you wish to continue to progress toward an ever-greater truth, consistency will serve only as a very rough guide. You don’t abandon your compass, your GPS – that is, your inner certainty expressed as resonance with a given message – in order to remain faithful to a map someone else drew. To do so would amount to an implicit declaration that someone else’s connection, experience, and descriptive ability is automatically better than your own. And even if that were objectively true, where would living by that idea leave you? It wouldn’t help you pioneer new territory, that’s for sure. New territory (new to you, that is) may be marked on the map; it isn’t known to you until you traverse it.

Yet another issue will be the silent jockeying among individuals for recognition or precedence or status. The more you are aware of this as a potential problem, the less of an actual problem this will be. But it is complicated by the fact that valid information may come by means of an ego-driven individual. In other words, you will find yourselves separating the message from the messenger – and this is as it should be, indeed must be.

F: It has been 45 minutes. Do you want to stop here, to make one distinct message, or start on a question, or — come to think of it – do you have more you want to say about this? I sensed completion, but maybe I was wrong.

R: We can end here. It is true, I do want this to stand alone, because I want everybody who reads it to engage in the great experiment. I think you will find that some have been doing it already but have been loath to announce it, lest they be accused of delusions of grandeur.

F: Just as they would be if we caught them talking on the telephone.

R: Just remember back to your own tentative first steps. It didn’t always seem so natural and obvious!

F: No, it certainly did not. Very well, Miss Rita, a very interesting session, not at all what I expected. Not that that is anything new! See you next time.

27 thoughts on “Rita’s invitation to a great experiment

  1. Indeed Frank, this will be valuable information.
    It is much of the same Seth have told in the Seth/Jane books.
    Everybody to have their own unique way in the connection/resonance with the same sources….Rita:Resonance will be the key, and “feel free” in what to do (to make any decision). Numberless choices so to speak.

    Wow, looking out of the window right now, and for the VERY FIRST TIME in my life watched an all WHITE(as the clean snow, but it is no snow here with us at the time) baby-Squirrel(an tiny small one). Last week watched the ordinary bigger Squirrel with the grey winter-fur to become brown.
    I`m living on the countryside, watching the nature through the windows every day.

    I`m appreciating all you do Frank, ever grateful.
    lol, Inger Lise.

    1. Hi Inger Lise,

      From another “Seth”-reader; this session w/ Rita/Frank is so very synchronistic w/ me today! I was just reading a paraphrased version of what they’re talking about, in “Unknown Reality, Volume 2” last night. About “visiting new territory on your own (but w/ your inner compass and GPS), and not depending on the ‘postcards’ and ‘travel guides’ which others have brought back” from their “unofficial visits to the larger Reality”.

      For me, the “postcards” and “travel guides” may be helpful as a starting-point, but I will have my own experiences in this “foreign (but, perhaps, oh-so-familiar to my Whole Self) territory, and bring back my own “snapshots”.

      Trusting my own resonance is key for me, for I had been one to worry excessively what “the others” were saying; finally realizing that I have a reliable “navigation system” which I CAN trust!

      Wow! Another synchronicity: Your mention of spotting an, apparent, albino Squirrel baby! Where I live now (Oberlin, Ohio) is famous for its Albino Squirrel population (maybe four total, mostly visible in the town square park), famous enough that one of our local coffee shops has a drink known as the “Albino Squirrel”…sadly, I think they all succumbed to our very severe Winter of last year; have not seen any for a year or so…

      And again, kudos to Frank and Rita, for these blog posts; much to think about/feel through…


      1. Yiikss Craig,got the goosebumps, and thank you very much in telling.
        As for the albino squirrels, they will be rare here with us! Another thing of to have noticed when visiting Seattle/Washington once upon a time about the same, the squirrels in north america seems to be much bigger than ours here. Ours are smaller and quite tiny and very shy. The squirrels are about to be extinct here, and therefore preserved.
        It is an old saying here with us: EVERYTHING will be big(larger) in america(smiles)…..even the big electricity stocks(your trees). Norway is very similar with the nature in north america but within a lesser scale(especially very much the same as the state of Washington). What is unique here with us are the coastline and the many Fjord(s).The northren territory of Norway seems to be much the same as in Alaska(but smaller).

        Well,hopefully of to aquire the time today in to begin with the book “Two Faces” by George McMullen(I`ll take the time, and let the housework and the husband be on their own).
        Thank you!
        P.S. Seth contra ACIM …. What a challenge !!!(laughs).
        I love you folks.
        lol, Inger Lise

        1. Speaking from Seattle, or as better known here, “Norway West” (we have a large Norwegian population, centered in Ballard), I resonate with Frank and Rita’s previous works, their current work, and Seth/Jane Roberts, and some others. That resonance is strengthened significantly by my own direct communications, access to wisdom, so I am finding the combination to be quite synergetic. “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” When I reread previously read material, I find whole new meanings because of my own different perception.

          I can’t speak to the relative size of our squirrel population, but we do have some sizable marmots in the region, and they must be related!

          1. I used to live in Seattle, for 31 years; my last neighborhood was Ballard (ca. 1995-2002), which, of course, has the annual “Norway Day” parade in May! I don’t recall too many squirrels in Ballard (nor too many songbirds, for that matter), but where my Mom lives in the Wedgwood neighborhood, they’re all over the place. She considers them a nuisance, and at our last visit (2012), she suddenly jumped up in the middle of our Scrabble game to run outside to hurl pinecones (well, fir cones, actually) at them!

            I do note, from “Google Earth”, that they tore down the old Ballard library, which is where I encountered (and checked out–twice) my first Seth-related book: “Conversations With Seth”, by Sue Watkins…

          2. Hi John and Craig.
            Funny thou as it is obvious of the threads, or “the web” of interconnections will be everywhere.
            Yes, the Norwegians well known for their patriotism, as the Americans(Smiles). Nothing “wrong” with it as long as it is in the positive direction and not about fanaticism.

            The fanaticism in ANY direction(s) giving me cold shiver along the spine.
            I have been visiting Seattle and the surroundings three times. It is felt “as home.”

            And also have visited the graveyard where Chief Seattle is buried.
            I am to recall of my husband became rather disappointed about Chief Seattle was not to have an more impressive funeral MONUMENT at the graveyard(a big statue if him or something else more monumental out- look).
            But I am also to recall(I have read about him) of Chief Seattle did NOT wanted any fuzz, or any big monument when of him to die.
            Chief Seattle KNEW of “The Great Spirit” of course. He was a man of great wisdom….because it is no death, and the body “belonging to the earth”.

            B&B,Inger Lise(not bed&breakfast, but bliss and blessings)

  2. Frank: thank you so much for making your communications public. I hope you and your friends will continue to do so. This is the second thing I read in the AM after the day’s weather! You have me hooked! So much channeled information is colored by religion or Aliens or the message is full of hyperbole about Ascension or Apocalypse. Rita’s perspective on the non-3-D side of life is amazing in that she and you see what’s underneath those belief systems. To think that there might be more information from several people, well, that’s exciting — especially if I have a ticket to that VIP series. 🙂

    1. Nothing wrong with you sitting in the bleachers if you wish, but you can also step into the batter’s box and take a few cuts, see if you have a natural swing or not. Who knows, maybe you’ll knock one out of the infield. You’ll never know if you don’t try. But of course as in all things, only if your internal guidance says, “yeah, not a bad idea.”

      1. Over the years, I’ve made time for Hemi-sync meditations several times a week + meditated without headphones, plus 2 weeks at TMI, & so far nada. When I lived in CT, before it was published, I hand-transcribed the best bits of Jane Roberts’ archived material at Yale. So, for years I’ve been asking “my turn?” but so far the answer is “let someone else do it” & I cheer from the bleachers. Go team.

  3. Looking forward to this experiment very much! Will for sure stay tuned.

    I’ll admit that over the past few weeks I’ve sometimes imagined conversations with Rita that I might have, if I were able to connect as you do. Makes me wonder…

  4. R: “Here is the hope and the intent that I have. It is one thing to communicate more fully. It is another to release the results of such communication to close friends. A third, to release it to the winds, so to speak – to the world. A fourth to encourage others to do the same, and it is yet another step to encourage them to practice together – which is what this could become. Such practice would have its difficulties and its opportunities, and would be the difference between a controlled laboratory experiment and uncontrolled everyday practice which could become everyday behavior.”

    As one of the “others” I highly encourage what Rita is suggesting, although I can also see many opportunities for dispersion. Maybe that’s not all bad. I’m pretty new at this and get “downloads” from a group like TGU, and it’s usually related to the topic you’re discussing and I’m reading. Some of it is personal, some more general. And yes, often I struggle with the source, is it me or my guys?

    If there were a companion site to this one available, I would occasionally post what I get there. I’ll separately send you an example from the last few days. Feedback would be helpful, both from a process and a content point of view. I would be very interested in reading what others might be receiving.

    Perhaps there could be some kind of registration process and that would be all you would need for filtering; otherwise, it wouldn’t detract from the Rita work and the more controlled messages of the small group, nor take up any more of your time than you wanted it to.

    1. One thing i have ceased worrying about is, “is it me or is it X?” There’s no real way to tell, except in extreme cases where you’re trying too hard. The operation of a temporary joint mind means that the distinction isn’t all that meaningful.

  5. Thank you so much for your efforts Frank and to Rita for hers. Such extremely valuable information has been presented here. All of it encouraging us to remember and access more of who are. I feel great resonance with material, sort of bookending the Seth work over a span of decades…though as you say the connections continue and grow if we choose to make it so.

  6. Frank,

    I randomly came across this blog a few weeks ago, and am moved to reinforce to you that the knowledges shared resonate with me. I have been blessed with a spirit guide (two actually), and sometimes have thoughts triggered and write things down. I had always felt that there was no way the information could have come from me, and questioned what thoughts are mine, and which are from somewhere else.

    Your own communications with Rita have confirmed my experiences. Some of the information that has been shared with me is duplicated on your site. Cool beans. As a nube, I have far to go, but as with everyone, improve each day.

    I called for Rita, and to say that I was reading her messages, and had a white mist appear. If automatic writing is the preferred method of communication, then that is what I shall explore. She is probably who compelled me to write this comment so you know your efforts are not in vain, as it is evident you question your abilities as of late. Lets see what other flavours we can pull from this stew!


  7. Thanks, Rita and Frank. Your invitation to resonance is very worthwhile. I was harsh with the clusters upstairs in my last comment. As I believe you explained, they are going through the same evolution that we are and, in fact, we are in some sense driving the show. Signs of that evolution are all over the place, notably in my own life, much of it by resonance. My guidance has played an amazing role in my life, but only in the past few years it is becoming more personal, more one on one. I have such stories to tell, but this needn’t happen physically, it can happen by resonance. Think of Sheldrake, think of the TMS experiments, think of Joanna Macy’s tale of Shambhala, think of the falling crime rate and processed food sales. I have another that is greatly affecting my physical wellbeing, the work of the healer Pang Ming; My wife and I have been a resonating team for 37 years—I was just informed we represent the eame cluster and were designated to work together, which I have long thought true. Let us resonate love and healing every way we can.

  8. Hi Frank,

    This most recent conversation (February 26, 2015) between you and Rita caught my attention. Multiple levels of irony here : first level, that I read this one, but hardly any of the many other “Rita Talks” that I dropped into a file for later appreciation; and second level, which has me astounded, Rita addresses the very issues that I am focusing on (in reading and evaluating channeled information) in preparation of a website , “Ankheart.Academy”, devoted to that very subject. Launch date : TBD.

    This is Rita’s brief and clear “template”:

    1. Authority (of the source)

    2. Resonance (among those linking to the “same” source)

    3. Consistency (of information from the source, of the messages)

    4. Status (of the channel in the eyes of the audience)

    Is this what you read in this Feb. 26th conversation?

    For me, this template, or guide to discussion and research of “Intuitive Linked Communication (ILC)”, your term?, would have considerable practical value for anyone in need of a framework for discussion within a diverse community of individuals.

    And I have such a need. This need is well met by “Rita’s Guide”, a confirming parallel to my own self-evolved framework for dealing with the many published intuitive materials on my bookshelves.

    As I go about fleshing out this web site, I will be sharing the story of the ”Ankheart Colony”, a group of diverse individuals who were attracted to the channeled material coming through the late clairvoyant “Sharon Miles” in the mid/late 1970’s.

    The profile of the Ankheart group may very well parallel the infra-structure that your/Rita’s informal group is moving toward.. Sharon, as the primary intuitive in this group, along with her husband Randy, produced what is called the “Luxor Letters”. Sharon’s letters can be found at the website “http://luxorletters.com/ “.

    Others in the Ankheart group produced letters, but they have not been made publicly available. One of my tasks as the group’s historian is to make “ the other letters” available. I was actively involved with the group from 1975 to 1981, and am presently in contact with Randy to develop this new website where perhaps they might be, along with other clairvoyantly produced materials in my possession.

    Needless to say, I am both overjoyed and overwhelmed in this task. Your and Rita’s conversations have only intensified this wondrous dilemma, and I thank you for them.

    best wishes,

    Clay Moldenhauer

    1. That all sounds fascinating. I am, of course, not overwhelmed by the “coincidence” that you read the very one you needed. That’s merely guidance at work, of course.

      ILC was given to me by the guys upstairs, as i called them, many years ago. Maybe as many as 20, but i don’t remember exactly. i think it’s better, non-inflated, term than channeling or mediumship, etc. It puts a little more stress on the fact that it’s a joint operation, not a one-way street, and that’s all to the good.

      you going to keep us updated on the progress of your project?

  9. Frank,
    I’d like to add a ‘plug’ for those of us who connect with our larger self but don’t bring the knowledge/understanding through as words. When I (finally) consciously connected with my larger self (at TMI’s Guidelines) I was elated. As I got ready to ‘leave’, I said something like ‘see you tomorrow’; the immediate response was “No, you won’t be coming back here.” In response to my shock, I received something that has echoed in my life ever since: “You and I will be doing life together.” And you know, that’s just what’s happened … Rita’s words have helped me see that ever more clearly!

    So I laud Rita for her vision and kindness, and you (and now others) for your work to bring her vision and information ‘through.’ And at the same time remind the rest of ‘us’: “don’t abandon your compass, your GPS – that is, your inner certainty expressed as resonance with a given message …” Examine the resonance, wrestle with the dissonance/non-resonance; that work is the ‘pointer’ to your own connection with guidance, bringing it more and more into your daily life.

  10. Wow,wow and WOW`s.
    Wonders how MANY who have received guidance throughout the centuries(maybe without even “knowing it” as such).

    This reminding me about Blavatsky who received LETTERS from the ascended Masters….virtually handwritten letters in the mail-box, and even on the desk INSIDE of the houses which she lived.
    The Letters from “The Masters” will be in the Historical Museum Library/archives, in London/U.K.
    the letters as the foundation for Blavatsky`s Theosophical Society).

    It is all quite amazing and absolutely fantastic.
    B.B.(bliss&blessings) Inger Lise.

    1. i know the letters exist; i’ve never been able to decide if they were real or fraudulently produced. i lean toward the latter view, but what do i know of limits? Clearly, even if she cheated (and i have no way to know if she did), she knew things, and produced much meaningful material. But i am more concerned with the rank and file who tend to think that only special beings can do it, thus disregarding their own potential. I’d like to see that change, and i seem to see it changing.

  11. Frank, I do understand what you says about it.

    Oftentimes when thinking about “nothing” or to be “at ease”….messages seems to come forward more clearly.
    Such as today when of to receive one of the books you to have recommended by George McMullen, the one “Two Faces”.
    When unwrapping it and looking at the cover….all of a sudden the words( it came from within/-inside of the head if you like)appearing “out-of-the-blue”, and “IT SAYS”….welcome Running Bear. oobs, Running Bear!

    The North-American Indians(my late dad was half Canadian, half Norwegian)have always felt an deep interest in to read about. It is almost the very same NATURE as here in Norway(in a smaller scale of course)….. I have always been deeply bounded to the Nordic Nature(the wilderness).
    Now I am really curious what happens next when to read the same book.
    Threads all over again I`ll suppose.

    It is the wisdom everywhere when opening up for it.
    lol, Inger Lise.

  12. …my own methodology of late is to ask for a “clearer connection w/ my Source Self” (to borrow a “Seth”/Jane Roberts term–which does resonate for me), imagine myself grounding deep into the Earth, and reciting the “Gateway Affirmation”, as I drift off to sleep, listening to one of the Metamusic CDs. I’ve been getting some very interesting dream adventures, occasional OBEs (I think mostly for the purpose of letting me know “I am more than my physical body”, without–so far–any profound journeys/messages in them, at least I think…), and some very good synchronistic events in “waking life”(see above). I keep track of these in a special journal, mainly to encourage myself to “keep refining my tuning into my “TGU”/Source Self/Oversoul, etc.”

    Again, much appreciation for your conversations w/ Rita, and your willingness to share these daily talks w/ us “fellow explorers”/experiencers!


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