Rita — walking the possibilities

Thursday, January 29, 2015

[Where we left off yesterday:

[F: So – I am sure someone will ask – if all possible worlds exist, meaning that all possible choices are made by some aspect of ourselves, what is the point of choosing, what is the point of working to create ourselves?

[R: You are walking the possibilities.

[F: Oh, that explains it! Huh?

[R: We’ll start there next time.]

F: 5:45 a.m. Okay, Rita, here we go again. We are walking the possibilities, you said. Meaning –?

R: Copy the line from yesterday.

F: If you try to understand it while trying to think of life as physical, sequential, and “real,” you can get only a vague and theoretical understanding that will have no application to your life.

R: That’s the one. Writing it out rather than being able to copy it from a computer file engages you in the process, helping mesh our operations. Whenever you get stuck you can try it, it is a simple tool.

F: One I’ve used occasionally in writing, come to think of it, but not for many years. Okay, so –

R: Feel your way back to an understanding of life as a unity – no splits, no physical or non-physical, no “other side,” but one thing all together with, shall we say, specialized locations, or perhaps local specialties. That is, it isn’t at all homogenous, but neither is there any absolute division. And feel yourselves back to a sense of 3D reality being actually a special condition of overall reality, one which is projected from, or say conceived out of the larger reality to produce a test tube’s specialized conditions.

When you remember life that way, it is easier to feel how life is lived as unknowable patterns of energy, presenting themselves as tangible realities, and you don’t have to imagine rocks in your path when you come to move.

F: I got that, but in case anyone didn’t, I take it to mean, if we think of the world as physical and somehow “realer” than energy, it is hard to really get the idea of so many realities being equally existent. The idea of physical reality is one of “rocks in our path.”

R: Exactly. Much easier to think of changing channels.

So. Proceeding from the imaginating starting point

F: That word stopped me.

R: Well, what word would serve better? Imaginative sounds like “we’re going to play pretend.” So does “imagined,” only past tense.

F: I see your point. It just stopped me, is all. Okay, so proceeding from there –

R: You were one time given a vision of reality as not moving events, but planes of an unmoving crystal, planes inside the crystal – not external facets – that were illuminated alternately depending on how one shined a light on it, or perhaps we should say through it.

F: I remember. In my sessions with Skip in 2000, I think.

R: Well, you see, that is a very good metaphor for the underlying situation, if I can explain it.

The world is created. (Not earth, here; I mean physical reality in general.) As it springs into being, all of its potentialities spring into being in exactly the same way as an individual’s potentialities spring into being with his or her conception.

You see? It’s all there from the beginning, because outside of 3D – it isn’t process, it is being.

F: There isn’t any “becoming” about it because it isn’t filtered through successive time-moments, the way we experience life in 3D. That what you mean?

R: Yes. Translated into 3D terms, it looks like “becoming,” because it is so alien to 3D experience to think of something in a state of being rather than becoming.

F: But of course “becoming” is precisely what we do experience here.

R: Of course; that is the intent. It’s in the design. But you can’t understand things in a new way by continuing to see them only in the accustomed way.

F: I understand.

R: Hold that image, of all 3D reality as one giant unmoving and unchanging crystal. (If that is more than you can do comfortably, envisage all aspects of your life as a crystal. The image, not the precision, is the helpful thing here.) The crystal contains all possibilities. By nature, it contains what it is, no more, no less.

Let’s call it a transparent crystal, and let’s put ourselves outside it, with a laser pointer. Shine that laser at the crystal, and it will illumine a path into it. As far as you are concerned – as far as you can tell – only the path illuminated exists; all else is darkness, background. What is illumined is real and everything else is theoretical.

Now change the angle the light strikes the crystal at – ever so slightly or quite a bit different, whichever you prefer. What is illumined changes; what is background includes the path that was previously illumined. What was “real” is now “only theoretical,” or is “unknowable.” What was unknown, perhaps unsuspected, is now clearly seen as “real.”

This, up to this point, is background. Now I move on to what I meant by walking the possibilities, and here I must introduce a complication, though a very clarifying one. The music on a record was only revealed when a needle dragged along the groove of the record. No needle, no perceived sound, although the sound was inherently, latently, really there in the composition of the record.

F: I see where you’re going with this!

R: If what you perceive as 3D reality is the record, your awareness is the needle, even though your awareness is also part of the record (because you and all your experiences are part of it).

F: The guys told us the record and needle analogy as they being the needle, we the record. You’re saying not so simple?

R: Simple enough if you can remember that you are “the guys” as well as your physical existence.

F: Oh yeah. It’s hard to keep that in mind once we sort of move on to other things.

R: Practice, practice. As you get accustomed to thinking in a new way, more sophisticated levels of understanding become possible precisely because you become more able to hold each new awareness in mind as accepted background.

F: So, walking the possibilities.

R: Well, it should be clear enough now. The possibilities are inherent in the creation. But they are not made manifest to the non-3D part of creation until they are experienced in 3D and conveyed.

F: Which means experiencing them as if each were the only reality.

R: That is the set-up. It adds immediacy, interest, intensity. Mostly it adds clarity.

F: Pin-point focus on the flavor of a life led along a path illuminated from a certain angle.

R: Well, don’t get fixated on that image, helpful though it is. Don’t let yourself be led to think of your path as straight and strait, just because you imagine a line to be that way. Light can bounce off slight irregularities and take quite a ride – to switch metaphors.

F: All right, so I gather that – Oh! I think I got it! The point is not us as individuals shaping ourselves (though that is true) but that we experience whatever we experience because of our choices so that the non-3D can experience what until then was only potential.

R: Close enough. And since different versions of yourself experience different lives because of different choices, we in non-3D (so to speak) get to see all the potential, not any one version alone.

F: George Bernard Shaw scoffed at what he said was the Englishman’s conception of the universe as a “moral gymnasium.” This is closer to his point of view, isn’t it?

R: Find the Emerson quote you like and insert it.

[Emerson in 1828, age 25: “If you think you came into being for the purpose of taking an important part in the administration of events, to guard a province of the moral creation from ruin, and that its salvation hangs on the success of your single arm, you have wholly mistaken your business.”]

R: Next time we will begin with Bob’s question about language, which should be easy to dispose of.

F: Well this is extremely interesting, Rita. Thank you on behalf of your audience, whoever they are or may become.

R: Till next time, then.

13 thoughts on “Rita — walking the possibilities

  1. Frank….it is surely interesting all of it.
    What came to mind by to read about these things right now….once have heard (not so long ago aapproximately about five years ago),of the particular story told by some eldery englishmen who partakes in of to keep one of the old airfields in U.K.(not in use anymore), and used in world-war two. In one of the old barracks in of to keep old things of to have gathered from WWII, among the things two old radio transmitters (among a lot of older equipment from WWII as well). It is a museum by now of course.
    While to work with one of the old radio-transmitters. It is two eldery gentlemen, two retired airforce men who will be working there in the sparetime of theirs. All of a sudden both heard a voice speaking from the radio.The voice sounded as one of the speaches by Winston Churchill(which of him to held many times during the war)coming from/-through the radio. Of course the two guys who stood there could not believe in their own ears, because as they told later on….The radio was not “in use” any more. The inside of the radio was without any connection to nowadays equipment, and not connected with any electricity cables…no batteries either.
    But “the sound” from the ether of the radio clearly was the voice of Winston Churchill with the particular voice of his`.The radio was from 1943/44.
    It is an reliable story because the two english eldery guys participated with some veterans from the norwegian airforce(I have been married nearly in 50 years with an socalled airforce-veteran)at a club gathering together in U.K.

    Hmm, “former” voices coming from “nowhere.”
    LOL, Inger Lise.

  2. Absolutely agree with you in every way Frank.
    The “waking up” must be one of things of us “to choose”….the given possibility inherited within all of us. But it seems as the majority of men consider the incomprehensible to be feared and depressed(or just will be fantasy and hallucinations). Especially in the western world.
    Inger Lise.

    1. Well, i don’t know about “especially in the Western world.” People in different belief-systems probably fear or disbelieve different things. I don’t know that the West is any better or worse than anywhere else, just different. (But, what do I know about it?)

  3. Hello, Frank and Inger,
    I just “jumped into” this particular thread today, as I also ponder “the Big Questions”. This is mind-expanding stuff (or “expanding my brain’s capacity to gain some extended understanding”?) as is “The Unknown Reality”, and “Adventures in Consciousness”(“Seth”/Jane Roberts). Without fully having “gotten my head around” all the concepts being discussed, I nonetheless find the discussion very exciting, and so VERY far beyond Reductionism/Materialism (which has useful, but “limited”, application in 3D!)

    Inger, you mention the experience with the WWII vintage radios. I’ve recently read of studies where radios have been used to send/receive communications to those in non-physical. If accurate, one report by an Italian researcher even had the communications still occurring even when certain vital tubes (“valves”) in the old-fashioned shortwave radio were removed! Interesting; I have an old shortwave radio of my granddad’s downstairs; maybe a little experimentation one day…? And, Frank, you’re likely correct about the “typical” scientific explanation, which would rather state “it’s all rubbish”, than do the intellectually honest thing, and say, “we haven’t looked into this, thus have no explanations…”
    Thanks for these communications, Frank; I’m slowly working my way thru them; highly interesting!

    1. Craig, you and other people’s responsss to the material are very encouraging to me, and i appreciate it, one and all — Craig, Martha, Lynn, Ken, Jude, Jim, and of course Inger Lise, who has been following along for so many, many months now.

      If you encourage the messenger, aren’t you participating in helping the message get through?
      -The UPS man

      1. Yes, I feel we cannot do otherwise, but help get the message thru when we put attention, consciousness upon doing so. As Seth likes to say, “there are no closed systems”.

        Reading this material, along w/ my own applied “independent studies” has been most helpful. Will continue reading more!


  4. Craig, I do believe it is what Seth says it is:The expansion in consciousness to us.

    Frank told about to know a person named George McMullen. I have never heard about him before, but looking it up at Amazon.com Bookstore. And now have in order two of the books by George McMullen. One with the title of “Two Faces”, walking in Two Worlds. And the other book titled: “Born Many Times”.

    One way or the other to have “an affiliation” in or to rely on (well, a sort of) the elderly authors because they lived BEFORE “the internet era”and all the so called new communication systems. As Frank says: To rely upon the own “communication.” Which I did NOT. If not to have read all literature about metaphysics (or once to be a member of Theosophical Society and likewise to study Edgar Cayce, the Seth Books and so forth….of me never would believe in the OWN “WEIRD” EXPERIENCES. I have had “a need” of confirmation about it from others.

    I am ever grateful to Charles as well, because of Charles (luckily Frank recommended the blog of Charles to me once upon a time) have come to an “insight” of never to have had before.

    Both of us are dedicated to the books and the Library.

    AND it is a pleasure to be retired and to have the time (besides baby-sitting of the grandchildren, and the house work) to study the all-consuming question(s) about WHY of us to be an Physical Body at all.

    everlasting us….and the dreams.
    Smiles,Inger Lise.

    1. Thanks for your reply, Inger! Indeed, I am very interested in reading about the accounts and experiences of others, especially if they’ve described experiences which sound similar to mine (my first foray into this was Bob Monroe’s “Journeys Out of the Body”, when I was experiencing some minor OBEs in 1986).

      And it does get down to trusting my own experiences; I need to do more of this as well, and “consulting with” my own Source Self (a Jane/Seth term). I will continue to read about these Mind-expanding ideas (including, of course, Frank’s/Rita’s excellent essays!) It is very helpful to have others to talk about experiences/ideas with; my wife (who put me onto “Seth” in the first place) and I can talk about this stuff all day; it never “gets old”, but I also need to set aside time to process my own experiences/wrestling w/ the questions, writing in my journal (in fact, I must note down an OBE I had last night; it was my first in months, and was quite amusing; I felt as if I were clumping around the house like a Frankenstein monster, arms outstretched, while I was aware of being physically comfortable in bed)…

      I’ll have to look up George McMullen; not sure if we have him in our vast metaphysical library…

      Indeed; and the dreams,

  5. re: radios
    I had a dream last night that I had stayed over at my parents’ house & it was first thing in the morning (a “new day”). My parents were upstairs & I went downstairs. All of the lights were on and an old cassette player was on the floor, blaring a hockey game. I didn’t want to hear it so I thought I was turning down the volume but the dial I turned changed the channel. Guessing it’s a message to tune out the old tapes and old games and wait so see what comes through in the quiet on a new frequency.
    re: dementia etc
    I’ve been reading Norman Doidge’s book on neuroplasticity and how brain “deficiencies” are providing scientists with clues about mind and brain, and they’re coming up with innovative ways to help people “rewire” and recover. It’s a new and exciting field and who knows what benefits it might have for expanding awareness of the mind’s capabilities.

    1. HI Martha,

      I have a lot of radio/tape player dreams myself; in them it’s often at night, and I’m trying to turn the volume down, “so as not to disturb the rest of the household”, but the volume control does nothing. In “waking life”, although I was very quiet in general, I seemed to be the one who instantly got into “trouble” for making too much noise, often from having my radio/stereo on too loud. In one dream of about 30 years ago, I was again trying to lower the volume on my stereo unsuccessfully at night, again afraid of awakening the household. I heard someone coming down the basement stairs (I had my bedroom in my family’s house in the bsmt.), and felt sure it was my mom, but I felt (in the dream) an intense fear, way out of proportion to a family member telling me to lower the music. Indeed, when I opened my door, I was confronted by a tall, dark figure, indistinguishable features, who bodily picked me up and hurled me across the room. I awakened, somewhat shaken…

      The studies into the brain’s ability to rewire itself are interesting; years ago, when I took a college Anatomy course, the paradigm was still such that “once nerve cells were lost, they could not regenerate”. Years later, I’ve read the fascinating NDE accounts, documented by PMH Atwater, in which she says the hallmark of a “genuine” experience is that the person’s brain is literally “rewired”, more or less instantaneously, I’d guess…


  6. Thank you Martha, I have read something similar. Sooner or later of us to deal with the loss of memory (but many do not). Mind is the builder according to Edgar Cayce, and who knows what to be capable of to do “in the future”.

    What came to mind (hmm) right now about the mind`s capabilities when “out-of-context”: Both in the E.C. Readings and within the Theosophical teachings, is it told of no outer (visible to us, and/-or in the physical states) equipment will be needed in the future. The communication will be Telepathic, as it once were “in the beginning”….The Mind will be “The Healer.”

    Rita says “words” can be confusing. Is it not a saying from the old testament about “The Tower of Babel” (all the many differently languages which separates us). I was not much into bibles or religion in the youth of mine. But later on (as an adult), did the study of King James version of the bible. Especially when to study Edgar Cayce readings, and with a completely new approach to it.

    During the “Cold War” both sides,the Soviet Union and U.S. (both sides of the wall) did the research of something called “Remote Viewing,”in secrecy of course….they searched for candidates who might have had the ability of clairvoyance….and tried it out within groups.
    I am sure the telepathic abilities will be on it`s way, just notice all the healing-techniques (more or less serious, but it is “popping up” all over the globe) everywhere. It is “in the air.”
    I`ll guess of us not to have “the behoove” of any physical bodies either when of us to have come thus far…..or perhaps to have PERFECT bodies and be as Methuselah, to live in 900 years. And therefore to have reached the capacity in deciding by ourselves when “to leave the earthly affairs.”
    It is an interesting view.
    lol,Inger Lise.

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