Rita — Question 2

January 18, 2015

[Charles’ question:

[Rita says, “We are put into an Earth-life, and we are both a continuing entity and, at the same time, a new entity. Beginning from a pool of potential elements, a relative few are selected to live together in one body, fusing themselves into a new soul, or a new mind, or a new center of localized consciousness.” I’m realizing much more clearly that any answer depends entirely on which “level” of consciousness is doing the perceiving. From the perspective of the continuing entity or the strands, how do they communicate, select the few that are chosen, fuse themselves and decide on a body for a “new entity”?]

F: 6:30 a.m. All right, Miss Rita, here we go again. Would you address Charles’ question, please?

R: Gladly. It is always interesting to see the different “flavor” of different people’s minds, and perhaps this manner of proceeding will help you and others to experience the sampling somewhat as we do here.
The question is rooted in time, of course. It assumes process and sequence and – most of all – assumes separation in way that is not quite appropriate. In higher dimensions, or “the other side,” we don’t have meetings, exactly. Yet it would not be accurate to say we all function as one undifferentiated person. “Person” is a term best confined to discussions of life in the 3D realm.

The short answer – which will be merely cryptic until we can provide the context – is that no level of consciousness decides its own state of being. Our lives are always guided and shaped by the next higher level of consciousness, which is itself shaped by its next higher level of consciousness, and so on and so forth.

No one pulls himself up by his own bootstraps.

Now, those few sentences have provided you with material for many a question, if you ponder them, as I encourage you to do. The process of pondering – a combination of active thinking and receptive musing – allows new meanings to suggest themselves. It is a richer means of absorbing new ideas than mere logic and certainly more than mere memorization.

Let me return to the point I made earlier. Life is not divided between the physical and the non-physical. We do not move from one side to the other. We do not cease to exist in one realm and appear in another, though it certainly appears that way. We live in all existing dimensions, because there is no other way it can be. You can’t live in depth but not in width or height.

Ponder the relevance of this statement to the question posed.

Now, return to another statement, the connection but differentiation among different levels of consciousness. You as the controlling consciousness are in charge of your body. You coordinate the society of cells, your central intelligence provides the stability for the system. All the specialized functions that cooperate to continue your life – respiration, elimination, digestion, the electrical and chemical homeostatic systems – all depend upon you as the linchpin, even though your conscious life knows nothing of the everyday functioning and interaction of these subsystems.

You are, in essence, a higher self, or larger being, to all these more specialized intelligences. Your life is of a different order, your everyday concerns are incomprehensible to them.

Why should you expect it to be any different between you as time-bound 3D-bound individual element and the next higher level of intelligence that is to you as you are to the parasympathetic system?

Could you read The New York Times to your liver or lung intelligence system? Could the mind that filters your blood profit from reading the financial section? Could it even have any idea what it was about?

This sounds whimsical. It is not. It is a statement through which you can better understand the very true statement: “As above, so below.” That does not apply only to the relationship between human life and the placement of the stars. It refers to the fact that everything in the universe is scaled. Everything is a repetition in miniature or in magnification of every other layer. Levels of being do not change the fact that all life is one pattern, scaled differently but scaled to the same pattern.

You may give intellectual assent too quickly. In practice that will have the same effect as instant rejection – it will leave your life untouched. To make these concepts yours, you must wrestle with them, argue their ramifications, test whether you can really understand and assent to them as you see them manifest in your life. So, go back. Ponder.

Meanwhile, remember the question and try to tie it together with two concepts – connected but different levels of consciousness, and stewardship.

What makes you think that at any level, the components decide what comes next? Your experience of life shows you that you are responsible for acting and reacting. They do not show you that you are responsible for producing the events (call them that) that produce the need to choose. It is true that you create yourself moment to moment (and thus cumulatively) by what you choose. It is somewhat true that you bring things to your life by what you are. It is wholly untrue that you shape the circumstances that are the larger framework of the pattern. You do not cause the sun to rise or set. You do not cause or select the millions of social interactions that shape your world moment by moment.

Yet clearly, life is not chaos. What can all this mean, save that the order in life is provided by a higher intelligence that functions at a different level? I mean to say that the layer of consciousness that produces the conditions among which you live is essentially different from yours in the same way that yours is different from the intelligence that directs your lower functions. You cannot read its New York Times, either.

Now, in all this, it is important to remember, I am not drawing the distinction people often erroneously make between a layer of consciousness while in 3D and our layer outside 3D. That is a false distinction. We in the higher dimensions (and that is a clumsy and misleading way to put it) are at the same layer of consciousness as you who center in the 3D world. We are the same level of consciousness, but functioning in different conditions.

You don’t become a lung-mind and you don’t become a god-mind by dropping the body. You remain what you were, but your sphere of awareness expands. Is that as clear to you as to me?

To return to where I began: The process of communication, selection and choice you ask about do not take place at our level of intelligence. You shouldn’t think of it as children being brought before the teacher, or executives being summoned to the boardroom – not even as experimenters meeting in the laboratory. The process is much more transparent and natural and even unnoticed than that. Just as is your 3D life!

As above, so below.

I know that people describe life planning and past-life review and meetings to decide what to work on next, and, looking in hindsight, the process can look that way. But is that really the most accurate description? Did you enter life knowing your plan, etc.? And – since you didn’t – why is it that a 3D life always appears to clarify out of a mist so to speak? Even the children who remember “past lives” themselves merge from a mist, unless they are close continuations of a “previous” intelligence (often one whose life was cut short by design or choice or accident) that carries through, rather than a new mixture of ingredients.

This is somewhat shorter than usual, but it has taken you an hour to bring it through, and I suggest that it will provide fodder for several more questions, so may be a good place to pause.

F: All right. Very interesting, Rita. We’ll see where we go from here.

7 thoughts on “Rita — Question 2

  1. Frank?
    Wonders if not this will be the same as what`s told in the Seth-books, at least it is similarities indeed.
    I have been pondering about “the cause and effect matters” lately. And Rita seems of to indicate of everything will be “in the way” of us to live(as the entity of consciousness), indicating how the consciousness “operates” within each of us? This seems to be the old saying of “Mind above Matter”, and everything physical will be “Maya”, the illusionary, or “the World of Dreams.”

    Do not know if the english of mine can explain properly of what am telling…but I`ll give it a try….

    LOL, and smiles(I have some nice american friends who always to put the “lol” in the end of a page) Inger Lise.

    1. Inger, i can usually get the sense of your “Norglish,” which is conciderably better than my Norwegian! But this time, i don’t know what you mean.

      “And Rita seems of to indicate of everything will be “in the way” of us to live(as the entity of consciousness), indicating how the consciousness “operates” within each of us?”

      Try again?

  2. Hi again and thanks a lot….smiling….I`m better of to read the english language than of to explain myself in it that`s for sure.
    And sitates Rita in Question 3(which is highly true): Mostly due to the limitations of sequential presentation in words etc.

    As it is told in many ways about consciousness (when it comes to the framework of time), all “evolution” happens simultaneously, as told by many sources.
    It is quite fantastic of us to be THOUGHT FORMS(it is from theosophy). As Edgar Cayce puts it:”You ARE your thoughts.” Hmm.
    BTW: The nature spirits have an evolutionary paralel path with ours likewise, it is as a fact. And as far as I`ll understand it, all of the nature spirits are the part of us who inhabits the nature. But “they” have an different level of consciousness in the overal scheme of things within the evolutionary matter.

    Okay, to make it simple(humorous,but serious). Everything about us (all of the experiences) have happened “before”, it is only for us of to recall all of it. It is obvious of us(all parts), to have experienced “death” a hundred times over in many different locations-dimensions. The THOUGHT(the created thought) of death has become a scary thing, and related to fear, that`s a fact of the self-creation.
    I`ll believe it is an part of the conscious evolution in of to overcome the fear of death at large(and not to stay UNconscious forever.

    Ever grateful to you Frank.
    LOL, Inger Lise

  3. Is layer/level of consciousness and level of intelligence as used here by Rita synonymous? Also, I would like to understand how Rita with her now opened awareness perceives the next “higher level of consciousness” compared to when she was functioning within the limitations of 3D.

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