Global Perspective interview

Did an interesting interview Friday night with Ken Jackson, host of  Global Perspective, a blogtalk show on Freedomizer Radio.

Freedomizer Radio appears to specialize in pursuing conspiracy theories, which is not exactly at the center of what I spend my time talking about. And yet, perhaps it wasn’t such a misfit, either. People who are unwilling to consider conspiracy theories are often unwilling to consider that things may be different than they appear on the surface. And if that isn’t true in psychic exploration, I don’t know what is. We talked a good deal about the process of communicating with the other side. Ken Jackson asked interesting questions, and we had a good time. Find the interview here: My segment begins 7:35 into the link, and ends about half an hour before the end.

2 thoughts on “Global Perspective interview

  1. I finally listened to this long interview. Wonderful job, Frank! The host wasn’t much of an interviewer saying, “uhh” a lot, you really stole the show.

    Thanks for sharing as always!

    1. Well, you know, it is part of the interviewer’s job to make the guest look good, and sometimes that includes stumbling around to keep the conversation going while the guest regroups. I thought he did a nice job: good questions that showed he was really interested in the material. Thanks for the comment.

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