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A friend  sent  me to this website:

It took a while for me to get beyond the artwork. Unfortunately their presentation is in reversed type (white over a background) so I took this text from this page and reformatted it so I could read it. Now, I haven’t yet read the other pages, but this seems to me an important initiative. The analysis feels real. It ties in with what I have felt in my bones for most of my lifetime: We are in a once-in-a-species-lifetime transition and it’s a good and hopeful thing!

Arguing about whether climate change is manmade or natural seems to me somewhat beside the point. (It’s clear enough that it’s happening, and, more to the point for me personally, I have “known” since the 1970s that we would live long enough to see Antarctica, or a large part of it, come out from under the ice. That tells me that it isn’t some catastrophic anomaly, but part of a larger picture that I, and of course countless others unknown to me, sensed decades ago.) How much of it is being caused or aggravated by human activities is a matter of debate. The fact that people on all sides of the issue are using it to advance their own agendas is also beside the point. If people could find a way to make hay out of the fact that the sun shines and then, suspiciously enough, doesn’t shine, every 24 hours, they would. The facts the scientists or researchers on one side of an issue are cooking the books doesn’t mean (a) that those on the other side aren’t doing it too, or (b) that the book-cookers may not be correct regardless. (After all, even if cheating is all-pervasive, somebody still has to be more right than others.) Ad hominem arguments are irrelevant, though I notice that the dirty bastards on the other side of the issue use them all the time.

(If that last sentence didn’t make you smile, re-read it. If, re-reading it, you take it as a statement of fact, you’ve gotten too deeply enmeshed in your ideology.)

The importance of addressing the issue as part of the larger noosphere issue is that things seen in context are less likely to be seen distorted; less likely to giver rise to accusation and counter-accusation, and far more likely to lead us off into new, even exciting, mental vistas.

This is another case of my commentary being as long as the piece I’m passing on! Okay, here it is.


Mission Statement

The mission of the First Noosphere World Forum is to provide a virtual planetary round table to: Dialogue and share information, educate, create collaborative partnerships, network, and mutually plan for significant events that will further the understanding of the noosphere and its meaning for all humanity prior to the WorldShift,
21 December 2012.

Declaration of Intent:
Philosophy, Principles and Program of the Forum

Today many voices are speaking about the state of affairs of our planet. The consensus is that we are in a crisis: Climate change, environmental degradation, economic collapse, social disorder, war and the potential for mass destruction. It is a crisis because no one really seems to have a solution, much less does it seem that anyone understands the whole situation and can communicate clearly how and why it got to be this way.

One important factor rarely discussed is that the mega crisis is actually the function of an evolutionary shift – we are about to enter a new geological era called the noosphere . Yes, the noosphere, the planetary sphere of mind .

As an evolutionary description, noosphere was first coined in 1926 by a Russian geochemist, Vladimir I Vernadsky, a French paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and philosopher Jules Le Roy. Together they found noosphere to be the most precise and adequate term to define the inevitable consequence of the impact of human thought upon the environment. In their perception, the chaos and disruption to the biosphere brought about by the human mind and its machine creations was but a prelude to a new evolutionary era, the noosphere.

As the next geological epoch, the noosphere would supersede all present-day economic and political considerations. Its advent would be a call for a new era of human cooperation and advanced mental development transcending politics. Only in this way could humanity advance into a correct reorganization of life on Earth.

As a cosmic event, the advent of the noosphere is absolutely transformative in its effect and whole systems in its scope. The global warming and climate change we experience today, as well as the social chaos and hazards of war are all the compound result of human thought in the form of machines, conflicting ideologies and the cycle of industrial energy consumption. For the past 200 years, this highly accelerating disorder has been changing the geology of the planet. This behavior is unprecedented for any species in the history of the biosphere.

From this perspective the global mega crisis is simply the dissipative function of shifting into a new geological era. What we are undergoing is the biosphere-noosphere transition. In this process the technosphere is the intermediate term effecting the transformation of the biosphere into the noosphere.

The technosphere is the aggregate of human thought projected through the machine and the consequent mechanized way of life as a geological force reshaping Earth’s living environment, the biosphere. Global civilization – the sum mechanism of the technosphere – is the causative factor bringing about global climate change, depletion of natural resources, social and environmental chaos, etc. With the failing economic order, we are witnessing the limits of the technosphere. From an evolutionary point of view the technosphere is the cocoon in which the noosphere, the planetary sphere of mind, is taking its new and wondrously unexpected manifestation.

In its final critical phase the technosphere has spawned an invisible network of communications– the cybersphere – by which anyone can be connected with anyone else anywhere on the planet. This network – the worldwide web – is also the means by which virtually all of the information accumulated in human history is made available to all and everybody.

The effect of the cybersphere is also without precedent. It is breaking down mental barriers and social boundaries as well. This is the prelude to the manifestation of the noosphere, which is dependent on these two factors: technospheric breakdown and a worldwide electronic communications network. How we respond to the global crisis and at the same time utilize and learn from the cybersphere is of the greatest importance. To meet the challenge requires an effort of the human mind and will that is virtually super mental in nature.

The time could not be more perfect for the First Noosphere World Forum .

II. Campaign for the Noosphere – Strategies for Conscious Evolution

The Galaxy is to the evolution of matter, what the noosphere is to the evolution of life as a planetary phenomenon. Just as galaxies then aggregate into clusters and super clusters, so planets with noosphere evolve into ever-greater federations of consciously inspired life.

In the view of cosmic evolution, the noosphere is the inevitable result of a planetary crisis of life and consciousness. Understanding that, we have a context for comprehending and dealing with the present global crisis. Once we grasp the new perspective we can envision action models to get us from the old to the new.

The purpose of the First Noosphere World Forum is to provide the most up-to-date cyberspheric means to create a virtual noosphere, a vast planetary round table or complex of round tables to discuss and prepare for the inevitable event. The date 21 December 2012 is viewed as the climax – WorldShift – of the transition from the biosphere to the noosphere. All of the dialogues, partnerships and networking have this dead line both to prepare for, and to also use as a pivot point for envisioning the best possible scenarios for the post-2012 world.

It is to be kept in mind that the Noosphere Forum in its principle methods is a function of the cybersphere. However useful, it is a virtual forum, not an actual congress of committed delegates. We can make it feel like a Congress – from which the Forum (click First Noosphere World Congress) took its name, program and platform – but to make it effective, participants are encouraged to use and understand the Forum as simply the means of communication, information sharing and dialogue. The real work is in the world, in actually inspiring existing or creating new communities and communal realities attuned to the noosphere with the thoughts, principles and practices that form the substance of the First Noosphere World Forum.

In this regard the purpose of the First Noosphere World Forum is to inspire a Campaign for the Noosphere. While the Forum will set forth areas of concern and consideration, the purpose of participating in the Forum will be to gather and synthesize the creative input of the on-line “delegates”. To this end the Forum wishes to promote and elicit dialogue in the following areas:

1. Whole system analysis of the crisis and the way out of it – what to anticipate and how to prepare; envisioning necessary action modes to diminish or minimize the nature of the crisis. Being able to identify root causes to the problems created by the technosphere, we can easily define the solutions. More important, we can begin to educate and mobilize communities for creative problem solving and thinking about the future in a positive and constructive way.

2. Paths of action to take us to new models of behavior within a post-technospheric reality – the noosphere; envisioning the solutions to the problems facing us and the means for implementing them – drawing a road map to get us from the old paradigm of time is money to the new one of time is art : From each area of human endeavor now in crisis we can create a path to a transformed vision of that field of human behavior – we can advance a common perspective of how to create sustainable, decentralized, bioregionally organized, artistically motivated communities.

3. Communicating the meaning of the noosphere to humanity at large – pathways to the noosphere. To be truly effective we must find the most creative means possible to communicate the noosphere to the great mass of humanity. The Campaign for the Noosphere not only utilizes the best of what the cybersphere and modern media technology has to offer, but expands from virtual reality into real time events: Lectures and seminars, live music, community based theater and art, that all work toward creating a unified path that takes us into the noosphere– envisioning Earth as a work of art.

4. The new time and synchronization with a positive future. The new time is represented by the new calendar of 13 moons-28 days. The Noosphere Forum is programmed by the new time. Our gathering together on the Noosphere Forum bonds us to the new time. We can feel the synchronicity and the telepathic surges that accompany it. We encourage everybody using this Forum to become acquainted with the new time through our sister web site

5. New community models and the new reality. Many new communities are already underway that strive to demonstrate the integration of sustainable values and the telepathic technologies inherent in synchronicity and the meaning of time as universal synchronization. In addition to putting energy and effort into these new community models of telepathic communication, we need to establish a network of experimental communities whose central effort is the development of the techniques and methods for a globally unifying system of telepathy. (See CREST13)

Eight Round Tables for Envisioning Earth as a Work of Art

In order to make practical what is suggested by these program themes Forum participants are encouraged to self-organize into eight round tables. Instructions for participation will be forthcoming.

(The listing of the Round Tables for the original First Noosphere Congress)

Campaign for the Noosphere – What must we do?

In launching our campaign beyond being on the virtual Forum we need to:

a) Inform the world about what is actually going on from the perspective of the analysis of the crisis of the technosphere –and the coming of the noosphere. Every effort should be made to prepare to transit to a new system based on a fundamental value change, from time is money to time is art; and

b) Communicate a vision and encourage a discussion of the actual steps to take that could shift the present industrialized labor force into a new post-industrial employment that stresses the regeneration of the Earth, the flourishing of art and culture in everyday life, and the cultivation of community based organic self-sustaining garden life-styles and non-polluting energy models.

As a backdrop to this educational info-media campaign, noosphere preparation teams must be studying and developing plans to utilize the existing system of wealth to:

a) Create proper food distribution and soil regeneration – explore and revitalize indigenous and traditional medicines – create new alternative energy networks – explore current research and put in effect modalities of telepathic communications (CREST13 as model project) – revitalize traditional art forms and develop programs for new creative community art ventures – envision transition from present social forms to new ones based on the time is art value – envision new post-monetary economic models.

b) Establish Noospheric research teams to explore the possibilities of a new science based on the expansion of our mental powers synchronized with the solar-terrestrial electromagnetic fields, including preparation for two way communication with ETI (Extra-terrestrial intelligence).

c) Create education programs both for how to deal with the crisis in light of the noosphere, and how to begin to prepare for a new time (return to natural time) as a new organizing order of society. These programs should incorporate the role of a Noosphere Assembly (already in preparation), and a Noosphere Constitution (see Articles page) to create a mass awareness of the meaning of cosmic – akashic – consciousness and its effects on all existing human institutions.

A principle goal of the Forum will be the establishment of Noosphere Action Teams based on the foregoing program and development of action steps and 2012 time tables for transformation, inclusive of the change to the new time via the 13 Moon/28 day calendar.

I am one with the Earth. The Earth and Myself are 0ne mind.

Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan, Coordinator, First Noosphere World Congress


2 thoughts on “First Noosphere World Forum

  1. Frank,
    I agree with your “bones” that things are a-changin’. Bob Monroe said it in his books and in conversation when I did Gateway in the early 90’s; Seth said it in numerous (ponderous) ways in talking to Jane and Rob; even don Juan said it in his teachings for Carlos Castaneda.

    What few seem to recognize is we (humanity) have done this before. It’s probably happened many times; Seth said there were three human civilizations before us; he cryptically adds that two didn’t make it, whatever that means.

    But the last great world change I’m familiar with is the Renaissance/Reformation/expansion to the Western Hemisphere. I see what’s coming as paralleling that change:
    – A LOT of social, political, and religious ferment
    – the most adventurous and/or oppressed leaving
    – those who stay slowly rebuilding a ‘stable’ but vastly changed world.

    One thing I miss in conceptual discussions like that of the WorldShift and the Noosphere is the lack of thought and feeling for individuals. The inclusion of such personal advice and suggestions from ‘the guys upstairs’ in “The Cosmic Internet” are big indicators of its realness and value.

    My feeling is that each of us and/or our descendants (in the next one or two generations) will be making decisions similar to those facing the 16th century Europeans:
    – how best to protect myself and family from the upheavals?
    – should I stay here or go ‘elsewhere’?
    – where could/should I go?
    – if I stay, how could I help rebuild?

    Perhaps TGU would comment on the ‘WorldShift’ and possible effects on our personal lives?

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