Tapping into the Cosmic Internet

A friend sent me the following URL with the comment, “This is part of an advertisement for Silva Mind Control, but it reminded me so much of you I had to send it to you.” Having watched it, I had to agree. I am not in a position to  endorse Silva Mind Control because I have not experienced it. But this was a very interesting video.


4 thoughts on “Tapping into the Cosmic Internet

  1. Enjoyed your appearance on Coast To Coast, good interview.

    So, I got the new book and it did clarify things about “crystallizing” personalities better.

    But, some things in this new work don’t click with what I’ve read for years and years, from OB explorers from Monroe, Seth books, Cayce, and any rational grounded works I could find from real life explorers. Not arguing with you but what TGU’s statement that the life we are living it IT, then we’re done here….hmmmmm.

    Why I have a problem with this is the results of that idea would be that Earth would pretty much just be a massive “misery mill,” turning out personalities that have never existed before with just a few short years to get it together. Reality is that pretty much all of us are going to die with regrets, unfulfilled desires etc. Then TGU says we can’t develop past what we’ve gained here in the fraction of a second we were alive and that we can only further develop by being a “strand” in someone else’s life, if we are “lucky.” So, after we die all we will have is this personality that maybe had a real bad time here and we’re stuck with those regrets for eternity. It begins to sound like a bad sci-fi plot, or a definition of hell ;-(

    I agree that there has to be positive and negative in all reality, but this again means those of us who were born to be on the negative side of things, murderers etc. will depart this life only to live in eternal regrets and misery at the damage done by serving the negative pole of the universe. An eternity of suffering, how is this fair or make any sense at all, it would seem that the physical plane would just keep generating more and more suffering and regretful souls until all of reality would just deadlock in darkness.

    I also read Whitley Strieber’s THE KEY about a paranormal visit he had from some strange man, who seems to suggest that’s exactly how things work, even so far as stating that Earth is a “fallen world” and that “God is angry with us, the fallen ones.” He also talked about crystallizing souls and recommended meditation to strength the energy body for that purpose.

    Seth never painted a picture like TGU or Strieber’s visitor, saying that we all have many many lives that all exist at once and that we are currently “focused” in our present life. This gives us the opportunity to experience lives of light and lives of darkness, and experience everything physical life consists of. He said we come from soul groups that we are always in touch with and that we go to “school” between incarnations etc. If you read JOURNEY OF SOULS by Michael Newton, he was a hypnotist who accidentally tapped into people’s soul histories and actually had people’s guides channel through the person he was working with. He had no belief system about any of this before he stumbled into it, so his work is as untainted as it should be. Again his subjects tell of between lives going to school, choosing life scenarios to be born into, even practing those lives in 3D simulations, choosing situations where talents could be developed, obstacles met etc. Its a fascinating read and confirms what I read in the Seth books. The picture he got from his many patients is of souls being birthed, gaining experience of dark and light, and GROWING towards other levels, not stuck with the shoddy remains of only living one physical life.

    The kid who remembered being a fighter pilot was on TV last week, and he remembered “choosing his parents,” how could this happen if TGU were just putting together some traits and attaching them to a newborn physical body?

    I realize that as humans we have limited ability to understand the big picture and personally I don’t feel I know it all or ever will and no one COULD, but I think TGU’s ideas don’t make sense on this subject, there is too much evidence, for me anyway, for a more broad and loving idea of us each as particles of All That Is, that grow and evolve to gather massive amounts of experience without LIMITS. I wonder if TGU presented that idea of “you got 40 minutes of Earth time to figure it all out, and live with your mistakes forever” to scare the hell out of us so we wake up more 😉

    The best things in the book were the idea “there are NO outside enfluences” and the exercises in the end of the book, I liked those alot.

    Anway, I had to get this off my chest as its been bothering to do. Thanks,

  2. I replied to your email, hope you got it, yes do what you want with it. Tell your publisher to get their books on Kindle, widen your audience 😉

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