Reprogramming your robots — a workshop

As a result of the efficient organizational work of my friend Joanne DiMaggio, I have recently put on a series of three-hour workshops. Here’s her announcement for the latest in line.

Reprogramming Your Robots

With Frank DeMarco

Friday, September 24, 2010

6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Earlysville, VA

$25 per person

When our reactions leave us helplessly in the grip of anger, or fear, or other crippling emotions, clearly we are not in control. But if we aren’t — who is? And, how did they get control? And what can we do about it? This three-hour workshop explains what happens at such times, and why it happens, and teaches how to overcome it.

In certain circumstances we are controlled by automatic reactions that may be considered to be “robots.” These automatic mechanisms are doing exactly what we programmed them to do! But they are unconscious, and do not know when our situation has changed, or our intent has changed, or if they misinterpreted their instructions in the first place. The process of reprogramming robots, which can be quickly learned, disables unproductive behavior and enables us to program new, constructive, behavior. In other words, in one and the same operation, we turn a liability into an asset, with positive results that will have to be experienced to be believed.

Frank has been developing and improving his communication with the other side for more than 20 years. Years of experience, alone and with others, demonstrated to him that such communication is not only easy, but is an inherent human ability and function. “Reprogramming your robots” is one of a series of workshops built on that experience.

Frank, co-founder of Hampton Roads Publishing Company and Chief Editor for 16 years, is also the author of three non-fiction books about his personal psychic experiences: The Sphere and the Hologram: Explanations from the Other Side (2009), Chasing Smallwood: Talking With the Other Side (2009), and Muddy Tracks: Exploring an Unsuspected Reality (2001).

Seating is limited. Pre-registration is required.

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