Conversations May 16, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

8:45 AM. Okay, Papa, I am ready to chat, but I don’t have a topic offhand. Perhaps you do?

Oh yes. The prompting yesterday about Reynolds should serve to reassure you that whatever is happening here isn’t just your making it up in one part of your mind, and disclosing it to another — but, I know it won’t, and here’s why. None of this can ever be proved either way. And neither can you tell where any of your ideas come from, or your dreams or daydreams, or the text of your improvised speech. Nor, for that matter, the raw material of your writing, or even where the sure intuition comes from that lets you edit what you have written, choosing this, changing that, discarding the other.

I’ve had that thought — maybe I should say, I’ve received that thought — before.

Yes. Well, think it through to its conclusion. If you don’t know where anything comes from that goes through your mind, how can you raise distinctions between what is “yours” and “not yours”? Not just you as an individual, you understand — how can anybody?

The short answer is, you can’t. Any distinctions are arbitrary. Even sequential, logical thinking, which is very much tied to external cues, at some point is tied to something nonphysical. Neither intuiting nor thinking nor feeling is physical.

Gotten away from Hemingway here, it feels like.

Yes, one thing following another. Shall we not proceed?


When you realize that feelings and thinking and intuition are more like each other than like physical-sensation-oriented things like pain or hearing or touch, you realize a little more that you are nonphysical beings functioning in bodies, and therefore are in the middle. You receive sensory stimulation, or, we might say, are subject to sensory limitations, but you are also receiving direct feed from the nonphysical which — because you are used to it — you take for granted as part of physical life.

It is part of physical life, but only because physical life would be impossible without it. There is, and could be, no physical life without direct connection to the nonphysical realm that sustains it; from which it was created; for which it exists.

In your time you need a new way of conceptualizing your position as beings in the world. We are providing it. Once we give you the Rosetta Stone, however, it is for you to use it to unlock the hidden or let us say indecipherable meaning of the world’s scriptures. All we propose to do — all we need to do — is give you the same wisdom in more modern analogies that you will better relate to.

I always say, give us an excuse to believe what we already know.


— Papa, Christel asks which is the point of Indian Camp? That Uncle George was the father of the baby and so the Indian killed himself, or that the Indian couldn’t stand her pain, and so he killed himself?

Neither. When you read my stories, look at every element in them. You may not know why, but every element is there for a reason. And, remember, you are to get an emotion from it. Look at the last line.

Nick knew that he would never die.

Continue this later, but you have the clues you need, in what we’ve said so far.

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